Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Homework

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Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Homework

When it comes to homework it can be an ordeal for children to manage if they don’t have the right support in place at home. And it can be really easy to help your child with their homework while they learn at the same time. Here are some top tips from an Independent School in the West Midlands to help your child when they’re struggling.

Break down complicated questions into chunks

A good habit to get into is looking at the question and what it’s asking of you, whether it’s history homework or a science question, and break it down into chunks. Define what the question is looking for before going into heavy detail, to save your child writing masses about the wrong subject or question.

If your child is stuck, motivate them to move onto the next question

Being stuck on one question can waste time and cause a lot more stress focusing on one question. Push on to the next question and then come back to the questions that you can both work on together. Even if you feel like you’re both reaching a dead end with the questions, at least your child can say to their teacher that they’ve completed the majority of the work and would like help in specific areas.

Speak to your child’s teachers about what they’re looking for

What could be helpful is having a conversation with your child’s teachers and understanding from them what you can do to help your child at home. Are there any specific areas they’re learning about in school at the moment? Using the support around you to help your child with their homework can put your child in the right direction towards gaining appropriate support.

Guide your child, but don’t get too involved in the process. Let your child work and offer support for when they really need it. And rely on others if you yourself are unsure of what the teachers are asking.

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