Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

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 Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

Bringing resilience into your child’s world is part of allowing them to grow up and build on their personal development. It’s part of how children learn to be honest, respectful and courteous in front of others. 

Posing challenges for children can be done through problem solving exercises, modelling resilience in our own lives and improving their self-esteem - of which are explained in this guide from a boys school in Surrey

Practice problem solving exercises

Bring out a number of tools that can get children practicing how to solve problems. These can board games, activities with siblings or puzzles within toys - all of which challenge children in different ways. A lot of homework they have will be designed to allow children to work on problems, such as equations, times tables, sums and comprehension work, so there are a lot of different ways children can be tested.

Be patient

Children should be able to effectively be able to handle problems by themselves as they get used to what’s thrown at them. A lot of them will be more manageable as time goes by, such as homework, difficult sums in class or a subject they really dislike. But also don’t expect your child to be a talented problem solver overnight - give them time to work things out by themselves and be patient with the process. 

Model resilience in your life

Children look to their parents for a lot of their direction. Give them the space to be able to follow how you do things and what you’ve found to be successful. Remind yourself of when you were young and how you had to handle problems for yourself - are there any life lessons you can pass down to your child? Offer them the chance to learn from you and you’ll see a lot of what you’ve guided them through in their future - and they’ll be prepared.

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