Halal Restaurants in Kent, UK

Halal restaurants in Kent UK

Chom Chom Buffet | Indian Chinese Thai | Canterbury, Kent 
Gourmet Burger Kitchen | Burgers | Canterbury [Selected Halal Options]
A La Turka | Turkish | Mid-Range | Canterbury
Azouma Buffet | Turkish | Canterbury, Kent 
Tulip Restaurant | Turkish | Canterbury, Kent
Chicken Cottage | Burgers & Chicken | Canterbury (dining)
Olive Grove | Turkish | Canterbury

Beano Cafe | Burgers, Pizza, Chicken | Broadstairs (Takeaway only)
Sanchos | Burgers, Pizza, Chicken | Broadstairs (Takeaway only)
St. Peters Fish & Kebab | Burgers, Fish, Kebab| Broadstairs (Takeaway & few seats)
Cardak Meze & Grill| Turkish | Broadstairs


Thanet Kebab | Turkish | Ramsgate - Turkish (Takeaway, few seats)
The Ramsgate Tandoori | Indian | Ramsgate
La Chooza | Burgers & Chicken | Ramsgate
Pedro's Peri Peri | Peri Peri Burgers, Pizza & Chicken | Ramsgate
Ramsgate Fried Chicken | Peri Peri Burgers & Chicken | Ramsgate (Takeaway)
A La Turka | Turkish | Mid-Range | Ramsgate (Opening Soon)


Pasha's | Lebanese| Margate
Texas Pizza | Pizza, Lasagna & Burgers| Margate (Takeaway & few seats)

A La Turka | Turkish | Mid-Range | Herne Bay

Lahore Kerhai House | Pakistani | Gillingham
Taze Meze Mangal | Turkish | Chatham
Roosters Piri Piri | Burgers & Chicken |Chatham
Chicken Cottage | Burgers & Chicken | Chatham
Popadum | Indian | Chatham
Seven Streets | Burgers & Chicken | Chatham

Grill 91 | Burgers & Chicken | Maidstone
Gem of Kent | Turkish | Maidstone
Gourmet Burger Kitchen | Burgers | Lockmeadow Maidstone [Selected Halal Options]

Cinnamon Island | Indian| Dover

Comptoir Libanais | Lebanese | Bluewater Mall
Shawa | Indian | Bluewater Mall (food court) 
Indigo| Indian | Bluewater Mall (food court) 
Zizzi | Pizza| Bluewater Mall (food court, chicken pizza Halal only) 
Pizza Express | Pizza| Bluewater Mall (food court, chicken pizza Halal only)
Gourmet Burger Kitchen | Burgers | Bluewater Mall [Selected Halal Options]


Sultan | Turkish | Gravesend

Alim-et | Turkish | East Malling

Shish Mangal | Turkish | Dartford

Limehouse Thai | Thai | Rochester

Vegetarian Options:
The Ambrette | Indian Fusion | Fine Dining | Canterbury & Margate [Meat Not Halal]

P.S. Please note that the Halal status has been verified, but sometimes due to change of ownership of restaurants, this might change. It's always advised to confirm with the restaurant before eating at any place. 

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Leesa Mattress Review #SponsoredPost

Leesa Mattress
(This content has been created in collaboration with Leesa)

From the very first step of ordering online my Leesa mattress to setting it up on my bed, the entire process was extremely smooth and simple. Leesa offers mattresses in the usual dimensions as they go in the market. Yet nothing to be much confused about, as with every type they’ve also mentioned the exact measurements so in case you’re unsure, just measure the size of your bed and choose the right option. It hardly took time for me to have a look around on their website, choose my desired mattress and place the order. 
Leesa Mattress

Immediately after placing the order, I received a confirmation email that stated the order number and other details (order summary) along with a suggested time frame in which the brand delivers the orders. 4-7 working days is what it said, but I received mine within just 3 days, delivered straight to my doorstep...in a box. I thought it might require some man power to unbox my brand new Leesa mattress, so I decided to wait for husband to return home and lend a hand. Meanwhile, BabyN’ was extremely excited and he couldn’t wait for daddy to arrive so he could help him too.
Leesa Mattress

Although the box has instructions clearly mentioned on the top, we didn’t require a lot to consult. A simple unboxing and there it was; rolled up and neatly packed in a plastic sheet. Having removed  all the packaging we easily slipped it onto the bed to let it roll out and take its shape on the bed. I read somewhere that it might take up to 24 hours to settle down and spring up to its original dimensions, but I could actually enjoy a good sleep just on the very first night of welcoming our new Leesa mattress. 

Leesa Mattress

For my husband and myself, our Leesa mattress is exactly what we wanted, as its neither too firm nor too bouncy making it a perfect essential for a good night's sleep. Our previous one had worn out quite a bit and this was such a pleasant replacement. BabyN’ too had a verdict, ‘it’s so comfy, I love it!’. He has his own bed in our bedroom, but since Leesa has come he simply wouldn't settle for anything else until he's dozed off and I slip him to his own bed, though it's not unusual to find him back on it in the morning. Also, he loves jumping on the bed and that hasn’t had an affect on the bed so far and it’s going strong! Having a little one in the house it’s quite difficult to restrict their use of the bed which can come with all sorts of pounding, coloring and spills! Leesa mattress has a removable cover but an additional mattress protector would help reduce the effort and keep the inner foam clean for a long time. Just in case if you experience any unwanted spillage on the mattress, it's recommended to spot treat the area and to use the top cleaning method for your Leesa mattress. Removing small stains or unwanted spots is really easy using any carpet or upholstery sprays widely available at the stores, just ensure to gently blot and dab instead of scrubbing. 

Leesa Mattress

3 foam layers

Since it’s summer nowadays, and Leesa is a foam mattress, I was a little concerned about it overheating, but to my surprise it didn’t seem to have added any heat at all. Designed with three foam layers, Leesa mattress adjusts to the body to provide the best support as well as comfort. The top foam layer consist of Cooling Avena Foam for airflow and bounce while the pressure relieving memory foam has been added for pressure relief and to ensure that the mattress adjusts for the body well enabling in body contouring.  The dense core from the base foam layer has been added to support the mattress users with added strength. Moreover, Leesa mattresses are developed with the latest technologies making them better than the foam mattress that our parents have been using previously, as they are now more durable and do not result in long-lasting dips with the usage and time.
Leesa Mattress

100 Night risk-free trial period

Investing in a good mattress is obviously an important decision for any individual. Leesa mattress has lots of 5 star reviews from the users all over the world, but having a mattress delivered to your home in a box without getting to try it first might be a hurdle in your decision making process. To this Leesa offers a 100 night risk-free trial offer to all buyers. Hence the worry of not finding a liking to the product is always covered with an option of a return which I doubt could be the case given the quality i'm enjoying myself. Still if it is so, the mattress will be collected from the user and is then donated through a charitable organisation. 
Leesa Mattress

Leesa - A Socially Responsible Brand 

Going back to the days when I was studying business and marketing, I can clearly remember Michael Porter insisting on corporate social responsibility in the books he has published. With the earth's resources depleting so fast, it's high time we all show a concern and contribute to the best of our ability in conserving our planet. I was really impressed to know about Leesa's active social and environmental focus by partnering up with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant a tree for each mattress sold. Additionally, for every 10 they sell, one mattress goes towards a donation. In my opinion, this is a fantastic initiative by Leesa and we as responsible consumers should support their cause in giving back to the society. 

Leesa Mattress

£100 offer code & Final Verdict

I’d highly recommend Leesa mattress and I’d love to share a discount code for you all to use if you would like to purchase a Leesa mattress for yourself. With the code at the checkout, you can claim £100 off on your mattress. 

Website: Leesa Mattress

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Disclaimer:  This post has been created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Mattress for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Restaurant Review: Smoky Boys - Watford, London

Smoky Boys highlights the idea of ‘great meat and big flavours.’ The tagline is pretty much what the restaurant has to offer to its diners and to ensure & fulfil this promise, Smoky Boys use the best British lamb, chicken and premium cuts of beef to gourmet grills. The kitchen uses simple ingredients to curate the perfect dish so well that the flavors become a fond memory and you just want to come back for more again and again! 

Despite the fact that we visited Smoky Boys at the start of the week, we were easily able to locate a free parking spot on a street behind the restaurant. We had our table booked for 6:00 pm, but we reached Watford earlier to conveniently park and freshen up a bit before heading to the restaurant. It was a really warm day, and the sun had been shining bright which I’m not a massive fan of, as it can cause a headache if i'm facing it for too long. Thankfully the weather improved by the time we reached our destination and we were all set to enjoy a nice meal.

Starting off with drinks to cool down, I choose a Smoky Colada (£4.5) for myself while the husband opted for Amigos Punch (£5).  Obviously, BabyN’ has to try all drinks so we offered both to him and he preferred the latter which was prepared with passion fruit, mango & pineapple juice as well as grenadine. Since he’s not too fond of milk, I grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the Smoky Colada all by myself. This one was prepared with pineapple, coconut and Greek yoghurt, topped with roasted coconut. The drinks had a nice mix of flavors and presentation whilst being refreshing to sip on.

For the starters, we tried Smoky Beef Brisket which was served with home-made coleslaw. The brisket was cooked to perfection, topped with caramelized onions and truly flavorsome. We also tried the Char Grilled Shrimps, and the grilled Halloumi Skewers. Again a great smoky aroma from both with a superb combination of spices and distinct flavors.  

Also, we tried a chicken wings taster platter. It had 6 wings, each with a different flavor ranging from mild to hot. I do enjoy my spices, but we’ve cut down the level quite a lot, ever since BabyN’ started eating solids. Sauces on offer include lemon and thyme, smoky BBQ, Peri Jerk, Dynamite, Smoky Boys Sauce and Bad Boy Suicide. From among these, the lemon and thyme was mild with the lowest level of spice although still definitely not for little kids. All the others had a fair bit of spice and when served hot are sure to tingle the taste buds. Always a good idea to check with the staff about the heat level, but rest assured these were one of the best on offer. 

For the mains, we tried 3 different burgers - Smoky Bacon, Smoky BBQ and Moroccan Lamb. The Smoky BBQ (see below) was served with rosemary salt on skin on fries. The burger had a very generous filling of a beef patty that was further topped with a slow cooked beef brisket. Also, it included a bit of coleslaw, dill pickles, caramelized onions and a BBQ sauce and was served in a brioche bun. The photo might not accurately represent the burger size, but to give an idea we actually decided to cut it into half to be able to handle it better rather than struggle with the fillings dripping out. Every Bite of this was a wonderful mix of flavors and the sour, sweet, crunchy combo was a delight to the finish.   

The second burger was Moroccan Lamb - which included a lamb patty, baby gem lettuce, red peppers, grilled halloumi cheese, tzatziki and coky chilli harissa in a brioche bun. Like the Smoky BBQ, this one also brings in a burst of flavors. The burger patty actually hints towards flavors of a Golla Kebab which is a popular meat item served especially in South Asian weddings. The burger came with sweet potato fries on the side and I simply loved them! They were crispy and had been cooked just up to my liking. 

We had our third burger the Smoky Bacon on our table as well, but unfortunately weren't able to try it at the restaurant as the other 2 were so good and filling that we needed a breather especially for the upcoming dessert that the manager insisted on to have. However, my husband and I tried this burger the next afternoon. The burger had a beef patty, along with maple glazed oak smoky turkey bacon, grilled onions, cheese and Smoky Boys sauce served in a brioche bun. I quite like burgers with such fillings and so I really enjoyed it just from the first bite. It would for sure come up as a high recommendation for all burger lovers. 

From among the three, the Smoky Bacon was my favourite while Smoky BBQ won the most points for the husband.

After the mains were down, we had to go for another round of drinks and this time I opted for a tropical fruit punch. Its a mocktail on their special menu made from banana, mango, pineapple and coconut, blended with vanilla ice cream. When the drink arrived, it was cold and I could feel the crunchiness of crushed ice. BabyN' had been demanding for a lemonade, so husband opted for Old Fashioned Lemonade which was served with lots of fresh mint and Demerara sugar. 

Smoky Boys has a unique offering for their customers allowing them to create their own burgers so that they can start by choosing a base, type of cheese, garnish, toppings and sauce. Besides that, the Watford branch also has on its menu some steaks, ribs and hot dogs. Their hygiene rating is 5, which is as fantastic as it can get!

We were totally full by the time we got half done with the burgers so decided to get them packed but the manager insisted us to try their Homemade chocolate brownie and because it was husband’s birthday we agreed. Despite having already cut 2 cakes the day before, we wanted him to do it yet again. We had a candle lit up on and BabyN’ was all excited to sing a birthday song for daddy. The brownie was chocolate rich and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (vava is what my little one calls it & it’s his favorite flavor). All three of us shared the dessert because it wouldn’t have been possible to get separate ones after such a filling meal. 

Smoky Boys is the "fastest growing quality Halal burger chain in the UK". It has restaurants not just in Watford, but in Hounslow (opens till 4:00 am), Stevenhenge and Amersham too, and aside from these four current restaurant sites, it has four more in various stages of pre-opening: Park Royal, Wembley, Hemel Hempstead and an undisclosed site in central London.. All restaurants operating currently have a different menu and their timings are different. Some restaurants offer more options and might be better for family friendly dining, Warford being one. 

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Options: Everything is Halal
Child-Friendly: Yes, sitting is child friendly but there aren't any toilets
Alcohol Available: Yes (2 for 1 on cocktails, Sun - Thurs)
Location: 274a Saint Albans Road, Watford, WD24 6PE
Contact: 01923 252 968

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Disclaimer: Collaborative Post

Tips for Brides and Grooms to Create a Dream Wedding

Tips for Brides and Grooms to Create a Dream Wedding

Having a dream wedding is every bride and groom's fantasy and to make it real, they invest a lot of money and time to make everything perfect! When I got married, my family and I spent a lot of money on the different wedding functions to ensure that everything goes well. In Asian households like mine, we have lots of wedding celebrations starting from Mayon and Mehndi to Barat, Valima and some people even extend it to Chauthi (the post wedding function). For every event, we have to choose a venue, and although for the initial celebrations, the guest list is small and includes just the relatives and close friends making the guest list range from between 150-300 people, the main wedding functions have a much larger guest lists ranging from 500-1000 people. 

Talking about my own wedding, it was pretty lavish and the main function was held at a known 5 star hotel in the country, making it definitely a dream and ideal wedding for us. However, things will be pretty different when it comes to my son getting married, as we'll have to ask the family to fly from thousands of miles to come and attend his wedding in the UK, some 2 decades later. I would definitely like to hire a spectacular country house as a wedding venue that would be perfect for family and close friends to stay. Although we have lots of exclusive wedding venues in the UK, I've just recently come across the Silchester House, a stunning house with the option of a stylish luxury indoor ceremony. To cater to the Muslim community, they also provide Halal options and other leisure facilities, which can definitely make it a versatile wedding celebration as one won't have to rely on the vegetarian options or on sea-food. 

wedding bangles

I also want to share some tips for brides and grooms not only to create their dream wedding, but these will also help in saving money.

DIY - This option has helped us save a lot of money during some of our functions. Both my sisters and my sister-in-law are very creative, so they took the lead for the decor and planning of the functions held at home. All the decor was done by them, and they spent very wisely on the materials used to doll up the house.

Cook at home - For the functions planned for lesser number of people (100-150 people), we decided to get some food from a catering company and some was prepared at home. In this way, we could increase the number of dishes, and could stick to the budget. It's normal in my household to prepare food for these numbers as we hold functions regularly, but maybe some people might not be comfortable in cooking for these numbers. In that case, it's best to take a few quotes from the catering companies, and then finalise the best option instead of finalizing the deal with the first choice available. 

Pakistani mehndi dress

Wedding Cake - In our tradition, we generally don't have a wedding cake or you can say that it's not a must. Our wedding cake was provided complimentary by the 5 star hotel where our main wedding function was held. You can liaise with your wedding venue provider to arrange for it, if it's an essential for you, and you never know they might just agree!

Do not waste money on Henna services - Bridal henna and mehendi services are quite pricey  nowadays, and I saved lots of money by not opting for a bridal design. I kept the design normal and it looked pretty decent on me as a bride. 

Pakistani wedding favours

Look for packages for Bridal makeup - I had to get my makeup done from a salon on 2 main events, but one known salon in the city offered me a package and provided a free party makeup which I availed on my Mehndi function. The day I went there for my wedding makeup, I also spotted a very popular actress of the country sitting right next to me, getting ready for a modelling shoot. 

Do not hire professional photographer for all functions - Professional photographers charge too much money, so we just hired them only for the main wedding events. In total, we had 5 events and 3 were covered by the professional photographer while the other 2 were covered by my sister who photographs very well.

If you have any tips for brides or grooms to create a dream wedding or to save money, then please share them in comments below.

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Bakerdays personalised Eid cake

Just last week, an email from bakerdays popped in my inbox advertising about the variety and designs of personalised Eid cakes they’ve introduced this year. I was quite happy that the cake brand is now catering to the Muslim community in the UK, and they’ve not just introduced cakes for Eid, but personalised cupcakes too. 

The bakerdays website has a a few designs for the cakes as well as the cupcakes that can be personalised up to your liking with your preferred text or you can even add a photo on it. I’ve always love personalised presents, and I can clearly remember as a child, that my father used to buy cakes for neighbours, family or friends when we visited them on Eid. It was compulsory for us to visit all the relatives and friends to wish them on Eid, so prior to the occasion we used to prepare lots of money wallets for all the children that my parents gave to them. For the adults, we either took ‘Mithai’ (local sweet treats) from a halwai (sweet maker/confectionist). At that time, I remember we were the only the ones who used to get cakes and it was a nice change for those receiving them because everyone used to have lots of boxes of sweets such as gulab jamun and cham cham already! However, this is a 20 year old story, we didn’t have any personalised Eid cakes at that time except that ‘Eid Mubarak’ was written on them. The trend is now changing, and even though the sweet treats are still very popular, no one minds receiving a delicious cake instead. 

Bakerdays personalised Eid cake

I’ve previously tried a bakerdays personalised Ferrari themed cake in vanilla, which I got for my husband’s birthday, and I’m hoping to host an Eid party this year, I thought of adding their cakes on my dessert table too. This lemon drizzle cake with Eid Mubarak written on it had an option for personalised text to be included too, but since it wasn’t for one person, I decided not to add anything else and to keep it simple. 

Bakerdays personalised Eid cake

The bakerdays ‘Eid Mubarak’ cake arrived in a white thick cardboard box and the cake is further secured in a nice tin box to ensure the personalised 5'' letterbox cake reaches you in good condition. The package contains a small card for the occasion, information with the date of order and delivery, expiry date of the cake and the ingredients used to prepare it. Moreover, you can also avail a 15% discount on the next purchase when sharing your #bakerdaysmoment on social media.

Bakerdays personalised Eid cake

bakerdays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist, providing quality personalised cakes for all occasions. The delicious range of recipes and sizes are available for delivery. The Letterbox Cake is the baby of the bakerdays family. Being just 5” in diameter, it fits perfectly through the Letterbox allowing you to surprise anyone with the most delicious personalised gift. You can check out the bakerdays website for more Eid cake designsIn collaboration with the cake specialists, I’m offering one of my readers a personalised Bakerdays cake and all you have to do is to enter the Rafflecopter to win (Terms & Conditions apply).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

WINNER: Laura Z Banks

I wish Muslims all over the world celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr, a very blessed one full of happiness and love!

Bakerdays personalised Eid cake

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Disclaimer:  This is a collaborative post and the competition prize is sponsored by Bakerdays. All responsibility for the competition in terms of the prize is on them. The prize is a  letterbox cake. Giveaway is open to UK residents only & ends on June 14th, 2018.