Obsessions - Luxury Hair Salon (Ramsgate, Kent)

I've recently had a proper haircut after almost 18 months. Previously, I've always opted for layers because I have long hair and I believe that there are just a handful of options for those with long hair. My previous cut was inspired by the haircut Dakota Johnson had in 50 shades of Grey but this time I opted for full layers throughout the hair and got the length of my hair a bit shorter. 

Obsessions Salon in Ramsgate (Kent) is the town's leading hair dresser for men and women, an expert colour specialist and not to forget, a Paul Mitchell signature salon. Besides hair, they also do nails and their collection of nail paints is amazing! Depending on the stylist you choose, the price for the cut ranges from £38-£58.

My super hair transformation day started off with a quick warm welcome followed by a short hair consultation session during which Jennifer, the owner of the salon discussed about my hair goals and concerns. Having a look at the texture of my hair, she made a few suggestions and immediately after that, I was guided towards the place where magic happened to my hair. 

Although I had already shampooed my hair the same morning, (you can say, less than 2 hours ago), I was suggested to get it washed to remove the layer of silicon the shampoo had left on my hair so they could be ready for the cut. I agreed and that was the best decision because I totally loved the experience. Obsessions hair salon has the BEST massaging chairs! It was not just super relaxing but an amazing experience. 

While my hair were being shampooed with Paul Mitchell's mint and lavender hair shampoo, I was also given a head massage. Closing my eyes and living in the moment was more than amazing especially during one of those days on which I badly needed to relax. A total treat for a momma! Right after the hair was washed with warm water, the tips of my hair were conditioned. Read ahead to know how to do it the right way.

Hair Tip: Conditioners are really hard. Never use them on the roots but only on the hair tips and comb your hair a couple of times before washing.  

Right. The next step was the haircut itself. After getting onto a gown, I started enjoying my caramel latte which was served with a caramel biscuit. A total luxury experience! 

Once the haircut was complete, a hair serum was applied before my hair were blow dried. I was totally in love with my hair at this stage as they were so soft and silky. A heat resistant hair spray was then sprayed before the GHD straightening iron was used to curl my hair. This was the first time ever, I had gotten my hair curled and I was really happy with the result. 

Paul Mitchell's new hair straightener has now been launched and it's completely made of titanium which is best for the hair because of stable temperatures and is heat controlled because of which it conducts heat better than ceramic. Also, titanium is a light weight and corrosion resistant metal that helps in making the hair shiny without you having to put in much effort.

Oh, and Obsessions hair salon has free WiFi in case you want to check-in and make your girlfriends jealous? I totally loved my experience and would highly recommend it to you guys as well. Both boys and girls, YESSS! For me, the experience was like a mini hair training in which I did not only get a fantastic haircut, but also got to know hair tips, the right way of using products on my hair and about the products I need to use. 

That was not all, I also received a loyalty card with a star which I can use every time and avail 50% on my 7th visit for cut and style. A few days later, I also received a link to complete a survey with regards to my experience after which I was sent a £5 voucher to be used on my next visit. Obsessions really have their customer retention strategy in place! 

Obsessions Salon Location: 16 York Street, Ramsgate CT11 9DS 

What is your current haircut and what are your hair goals?

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary haircut but as always, this is an honest review and all the opinions are my own.

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

I have never been very keen on taking care of myself or my skin. I really don't know why! Maybe because my skin doesn't require much attention or maybe because I was too lazy or maybe because nobody explained me about the beauty and skincare related products and things. Enough of my maybes'. 

Previously, the only two things that I have been using were my face wash and a moisturiser. That's all. It's in the recent few weeks that I have really started taking some interest in skin care and makeup after watching a gazillion videos of the beauty bloggers and make up artists on YouTube. I have now starting to feel that I should also own at least 5% of the beauty products available in the market. 

I am nowadays trying out some skincare products so you'll get to read some reviews and beauty and skincare tips I have learnt, in the coming weeks. 

Chambers & Co. has been kind enough to send some of the products from their range which I have personally tried and the best thing about these products is that they are all developed with natural ingredients. This means that they are not harmful to the skin so you must give it a try! 

I'm sure you must have heard of Argan which is a very popular term in the beauty world nowadays. This Argan and Squalane face and neck cream (£14) is unscented and contains aloe vera so it can be used to keep your face moisturised all day. The cream has a smooth texture, is light weight and doesn't make the face or neck sticky because it quickly absorbs through the skin without any irritation. I personally prefer pump bottles that dispense the product compared to those that have lids. That's because it keeps the rest of the product free from germs. Squalane prevents moisture loss and argan softens and hydrates the skin, keeping my skin moisturized all day without making it feel or look sticky. 

 I feel it's very nice to keep the skin healthy and away from dryness. 

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

I also tried the Chambers & Co. balm for active hands and feet (£8 each). I was really interested in this one because being a mom, I need to be active all day and I also have this habit of washing my hands a lot! The water in my area is very hard and we do not yet have a filter that covers the entire house so it sometimes makes my hands dry especially after cleaning the kitchen using the strong dirt and limescale cleaning agents. 

Again, these two products also contain natural ingredients. The hand balm smells of lemon and the feet balm smells of turmeric to me. Aloe vera has always been considered a very effective ingredient for the skin because it works wonders and the hand balm has that ingredient too. 

Now since the winter is approaching, it may also result in increased dryness so these two products would be really handy for me during those days too. Since these are balms, I would recommend using only a little as that would be enough to cater to the need and won't leave the hands and feet feel sticky.

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

The Arnica Comfrey Calendula soothing balm (£8) contains peppermint, eucalyptus and essential oils that are meant to work well for muscles and joints. Use it after any kind of physical exertion 3-4 times a day. It is an oil-based balm but absorbs quickly on the skin. Arnica is known as a popular remedy used in the traditional days for the purpose of relieving bruises, sprains, swelling or pain in back or joints. 

The balm to me, smells like mint toffees, and not at all like any medicine. YUM! 

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

Almost every house nowadays has leather furniture or products and even clothing. Chambers & Co. also has a range of leather cleaning products. The leather balsam (£12) has been developed to polish and protect the leather and it's nice vanilla smelling so it leaves the sofa (in my case) smelling lovely while the foaming cleaner (£10) is perfect for cleaning any kind of dirt or stains on the leather products. 

I have personally tried these two leather cleaning products on my sofa and they worked really well. Took me an hour to thoroughly clean the sofa but the results were amazing. After vacuuming it thoroughly, I cleaned every inch of it with the Chamber's foaming cleaner using a sponge. Once it was all clean, I polished it with the balsam which further enhanced the look of my sofa, making it look as good as new, left a lovely shine on it and smelled of mild vanilla. These two products work just like a shampoo and conditioner that we use on our hair and I am sure my sofa must be feeling the same like I feel when I use those hair products. Also, the foaming cleaner is not harsh like the other cleaning products are, and it didn't make my hands rough, unlike the feel I get, every time I clean my kitchen with the strong sprays. 

Besides these products, they also have a pet care range, you might be interested in, in case you have a dog. You can check out the product range of Chambers & Co. here

Chambers & Co. - Skincare Products

Would love to hear from you about your favourite skincare products!

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Disclaimer: The products were sent for sampling but this is an honest review and all the opinions are my own.

Please note that every individual has a different skin and products that suit me, may not suit you. 

Aquatiere Shower Filter Review + Giveaway

Aquatiere Shower Filter Review
If you've read my last blog, you would know how picky I am about things and how much research I conduct before actually swiping my credit card to make the purchase. Decisions.  Decisions! That's indeed very time consuming and sometimes gets frustrating as well but it's totally worth if you don't want to end up with a crappy product that brings nothing but disappointment. 

When I moved from the North East to Kent in the South East, I felt a major difference in the quality of tap water. It was clearly apparent from some of the factors that the water was really hard and this was also supported by the website that confirmed about the quality of water in my area. I got know all the details about the hardness of tap water that comes to my home, from this website. Unfortunately, you will only be able to check out the results for yourself if you’re a customer of Southern Water but I would advise you to check your local water provider’s website as they may offer the same service too.

Depending on the amount of the minerals such as magnesium and calcium that occur naturally in the water, the hardness of the water is determined. Something had to be done about it and the best solution I could see was to get a water filter for the house. It was really challenging to choose from the endless options available in the market so I happily accepted the product when I was offered by Aquatiere. 
Aquatiere Shower Filter Review
The company offers a range of filters for your entire house that vary in prices. I opted for a shower filter because that was SUPER easy to fix and sounded effective. When the product arrived, it hardly took a minute to install the new filter that came along with the shower head. It was that simple! Also, I’d say BEST for a rented property as you can easily take it along when you move. They do have a range that can be permanently fitted but that requires a qualified plumber to do the job until and unless you're really a pro at DIY. Enough said. 

Aquatiere Shower Filter Review

I would now move on to my own shower filter that I have now been using since 2 weeks. My Spring Shower Head with Ergonomic Handle Including Filter (£22) is actually a new design that comes along with a time-ring which will let you know about when it needs to be replaced.
The shower water filter aims to provide chlorine free water and helps those with eczema or skin problems. Besides that, it has been developed to reduce scale, enhance pH balance, save water while you shower and is suitable for most of the shower fixtures. Comes with a life span of up to a year, after which you can easily replace it with a new cartridge that costs £18.

I really like the way the water sprays out of the shower. The pressure and the flow of the water is really smooth and there's nothing like a warm shower for a mum who's on her toes all day. I'm beginning to feel the smoothness and softness in my hair without having to expose them with a conditioner every time I wash them.

Aquatiere has been kind enough to offer a shower filter to one of my lovely readers and the best part is that the giveaway is INTERNATIONAL. YESS! You can simply enter to be in a chance of winning your very own filter with shower head.

Ends 31/10/16
Spring Shower Filter Giveaway

How hard is the tap water in the area you're living?

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Disclaimer: The product was sent for review but all the opinions are honest, and my own. This is a collaborative post and the competition is run and supplied by Aquatiere. All responsibility for the competition in terms of choosing the winner & the prize is on them as this competition is solely being run by them. The prize is a spring shower filter. Giveaway is open internationally!

Bidvine Review - My First Step towards Personal Training & Nutrition


Being the kind of person who always likes to have the best in terms of everything, I feel it requires a lot of research and my valuable time to get what I’m really looking for. Researching for things can sometimes be very painstaking especially when you’re urgently meaning to find something but are unable to, due to any reason. Often happens with me! I need to work on things according to BabyN’s mood and demands so I am mostly short of time.

When I heard of Bidvine, I really had no idea about the easiness and efficiency of the service until I myself used their website that I feel is extremely user-friendly! Just with a few clicks, that hardly takes 2 minutes, I was able to request for a quote for my desired service. All I had to do, to get my quotes was to mention on their website about my desired service along with my postcode, which at this point was personal training. The category was further divided into various sub-categories from which I opted for nutrition after which I was directed to a page with questions to ensure my tailored requirements are met.

BiDvine personal training nutrition

Personal training also had many other options such as weight loss, which I believe is very popular, and the others included endurance training, body building, aerobics fitness, toning and firming and so on. I had opted for nutrition because I want to focus more on my diet and perhaps would also like to gain a few pounds.

On selecting the service, I was directed towards a few more question such as “Where would you like to train? How often would you like to work out with the trainer? How often would you like to work out with the trainer? What days are best for you?”

I was really impressed with the way they’ve prepared these forms to ensure that the users get the BEST experience! The next step was to create an account by entering name and password and that’s it. Now I just had to sit back and wait to start receiving quotes. This actually depends on your area, of course, the more popular and populated areas always have more service providers available and so the quotes are also quicker.  

Immediately after putting up the request, I had received an email in my inbox stating that I would receive the quotes on a said date. However, meanwhile, there’s also an option to edit or cancel the request in case you change your mind, or to manage the projects and the credentials of the service providers can be viewed so you won’t have to worry about anything.

BiDvine personal training nutrition

Bidvine is the UK’s fastest growing online marketplace for local services that connects customers with professionals and offers around 500 services across the UK, making it a one-stop shop for getting things quickly. For me, it worked like a personal assistant and made my search process appear seamless. They also have an app for iPhone users, which of course be more convenient for you to use, if you own an iPhone.  

I totally endorse Bidvine’s mission and appreciate the fact that they’re supporting the local talent whilst ensuring professional services in an extremely simple way and helping us save loads of our valuable time and would highly recommend you guys to check it out. Make your lives easy, and remember it’s totally FREE to get quotes!

So what are you looking for anything? Bidvine offers everything - you name it, you get it! 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

My Favourite TV Shows

favourite tv shows panasonic

Not an avid watcher of the television shows but there are some that I religiously follow, or perhaps try to follow. That’s because doing anything being a mom and having a toddler around sometimes makes it difficult, I should rather say impossible to spend the day like you want. I am sure all the mothers reading this can relate.

One of my most favourite TV shows is the Great British Bake Off that is aired on BBC One. More popularly known as GGBO or Bake Off, this award-winning British television baking competition airs a series in which the bakers participating in the show are assigned different tasks in every episode. In the end, a contestant is chosen as an amateur baker and he or she wins. GBBO is judged by Mary Berry, a cookery write and Paul Hollywood, who is a professional baker. Just looking at the food presented beautifully makes my mouth water and I just feel like grabbing the delicious bakes from my 4K TV Panasonic.     

I am a huge fan of bakery items and those of you following me on my Instagram would know as I often share photos of cakes, muffins and other bakes.

Besides this, I also enjoy watching Come Dine with Me, which is aired on Channel 4, also a cooking show in which complete strangers take turns and host a dinner party. The hosts are judged by the guests who give them points and the host with the most points wins a cash prize at the end of the competition. The TV show is narrated by Dave Lamb, which makes it even more entertaining. It’s nice drinking my self-created Bacumor smoothie while watching my favourite TV show and knowing about different cultures and the type of food people from different background eat. 

Would love to hear from you about your favourite TV shows.

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