Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

A comfortable mattress is highly important because last time's experience of purchasing a mattress for my bedroom has not been much favourable. My husband and I decided on buying a sprung mattress from a known brand but it was terrible because the sprung serves the job of the thorns pretty well. Since we had invested an amount on the mattress already, we were in no mood to waste more money so we have stuck with the same sprung mattress. So, if you guys have any such problem as well, try adding a thick duvet on the top of the mattress and then cover it with your fitted sheet. This trick worked pretty well for us. However, just make sure to keep adjusting the duvet by removing and then placing again because duvet sinks inside after a few days, making this trick useless. I have heard lots of people facing this issue with the sprung mattress so that's why I have mentioned here as well. 

Plush pillows are also really important. We've tried the basic pillows from a local superstore. They worked well initially but soon, they flattened and so we had to add another pillow to make the pillow look like it. Those pillows were unduly economical, but are only congenial if you're an international student and need them for a very short time. The second time, we opted for a set of pillows from a known pillow brand, categorized under their hotel collection and so far, they're commendable. Also, they were on half-price so it was a bargain. You can always wait for prices to go down, normally happens after Christmas. There's a lot of variety in stores which makes it difficult to decide but once you start checking on the quality of the options available, it won't be difficult to sort them out. 

Pillow sprays are really popular nowadays and of course, a nice smelling pillow would encourage you to sleep by creating a pleasant environment. If given a choice, I would prefer lavender or vanilla for myself. 

Selection of duvets depends on the temperatures. Personally, I like light weight duvets because the heavy ones with a higher tog feel a bit suffocating to me.   

Mindfulness always works for me when I am exhausted or I'm trying to sleep but not being able to. It's really relaxing and listening to it doesn't take long to kill the tiredness, and to put one to sleep. Works well for me, you can try it out too! 

Sleeping posture is imperative and if you have any medical conditions or are looking for relaxation, then try the adjustamatic beds can help solve your dilemma.  Watch this video to know more about sleep posture and about the healthiest way to sleep.

Would you like to share any of your tips for a good night's sleep?

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Tips to create an Inspirational Dining Room

Different properties in the UK have different layouts and while some have a kitchen diner together, some have a completely separate dining room. So depending on the layout of the property I live in, I work on my interior and decor. Also, since there are a few types of themes, that can be chosen, it sometimes gets difficult to decide on one thing. I've created a list of few tips that I would like to share with you guys to create an inspirational dining room.

Placing the dining table near or next to the window gives an alluring and contemporary feel when the sun rays spill inside the room. It is true that sun does not shine at all times and just during the day, but at least that would be congenial for you to start a welcoming day. Also, placing the dining table in a corner rather than in the center makes the room look spacious. The classy dining set that has been featured below is by Fishpools.

Right selection of cutlery depending on the occasion can turn the tables and make your game stronger as first impressions always matter. For formal dinner parties, a touch of gold always looks ritzy and posh as the opulence of the colour makes it look ostentatious. Besides this, the quality and the design of the cutlery speaks for itself. At home, I have a few sets of cutlery, dinner sets and accessories meant for different occasions. I do not use the fancy ones regularly because that would have an impact on the shine and sheen, due to depreciation. 

Lamp shades and mirrors are my personal favourites when doing any room, especially for creating an inspirational dining room. I always hang a classy mirror on the main wall of my dining room because it makes the place look capacious and roomy. The lamp shades hanging on the wall right above the dining table look really cool but becomes a dilemma in rented properties as I don't prefer spending money out of my pocket to get the lighting fixed. Therefore, I place a standing lamp near the table because more or less, it creates the same vibes when switched on. 

Fresh flowers and candles are something I really like to add in my dining room. Flowers can be purchased from any store, either a reasonably priced one or a high-end store, and although it is noticeable if the flowers are expensive or the normal ones, placing them in an expensive looking vase would work perfectly well. Similarly, you also don't need to buy expensive candles as even the reasonably priced ones work pretty well. I use a wax warmer in my dining room and have got some lovely smelling wax-melts that are lovely to set the scene and the room smells gorgeous! Both these give an amiable and exquisite feel in the dining room.

If given a choice to redo your dining room, which theme would you like to select?

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Bohemian Classy Living Room In 4 Steps

Every individual has their unique sense of style and their home decor ideas differ because that's what makes their abode perfect to be called a 'home!' Nowadays, the Bohemian style is the 'in' thing when it comes to home decor. It gives a warm feeling and creates an attractive and powerful aura. Bohemian styled homes are meant to be casual but still create elegance and give the oh-so-creative look. I've come up with 4 most basic steps to attain a Bohemian classy home in style. 

Add Different Textures

I'll start off with cushions here. You guys must have seen cushions selling in stores with peculiar patterns and designs and in different materials ranging from linen, velvet, satin or silk. Add contrasting cushions, mix and match, and use varying colours. Remember not to make it too much kaleidoscopic, otherwise it will seem too intense but it should be adequate enough to add depth and beauty to the entire look of the living room. 

Stripes & Geometrics

The Bohemian style is ruled by the stripes and geometrics rather than flowery or floral textures that were popular earlier. These can be added to the living room in the form of throws, or again striped cushions. Add a pop of colour by using shades of 'reds' and 'pinks' but ensure that the entire look isn't too feminine or masculine, yet glamorous. 
Layer Patterned Rugs

Rugs really give a charismatic look to the living area and precisely they're an important part of any room. Layering rugs in unexpected ways not just adds warmth but also gives a laid-back look to the place. To make it Bohemian, look for a patterned rug and select shades depending on the hue of the entire space. For instance, something luminous would be lovely for white or neutral walls but if they're already colorful or accessorized, adding a rug with a neutral colour sounds much better. 

Add Texture to Walls 

Every living room must have a focal point and depending on the entire colour scheme, choose the wall hangings or tapestries accordingly.

Bohemian look is still trending and going strong because Boho interiors are being done with much precision due to which they've gained so much popularity. The designs and products shown here can be purchased from Eyes of India, a company founded in 2008, by an American couple. Their product line is inspired by the Indian arts, crafts and culture and includes tapestries, decorative embroidered pillows, patchwork floor cushions, kantha quilts as well as knobs and hooks. 

If given a choice to redo your home, which theme would you select?

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Images: Eyes of India
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Product Review: Penclic Wireless Mouse

It's been a while since I last used a desk monitor and PC. Ever since I've left work after giving birth to BabyN', I have just been using a laptop for work, and although my laptop has a built-in mouse already, I prefer the other one. I've been using a wired mouse since the last few months because I had a spare one and the previous wireless mouse had stopped working so I thought of trying this new wireless pen mouse launched by Penclic.

The Penclic wireless mouse weighs 41 grams and is a faster mouse with a sleek design, aiming to take the mouse to the next level with it's Swedish design and cutting-edge technology. The idea behind this invention is to provide an innovative pen grip to the user in order to create a natural working position and is especially aimed to combat issues such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and can be used by both everyday users as well as professionals. Penclic wireless mouse comes in a really smart packaging so it's lovely for gifting purpose as well, and the techy guys especially, would love this new product. To open, you simply need to turn the casing, and then unlock the mouse from inside.  However, it does not contain a battery so it's not ready to use yet. 

There is another compartment in the casing that contains a small booklet of instructions of use, and a pouch that contains a battery and a charger. All that needs to be done is to insert the battery inside the mouse and charge it on your laptop. Opening the battery cover was slightly difficult for me, so I used a hair pin for assistance. The mouse has two buttons behind, the on/off button needs to be checked before using the product as the button needs to be turned on. To charge, I just had to insert the charger in the laptop and also inserted the wireless USB dongle after which the green light started blinking. Once, the light stops blinking, it means that the wireless mouse is fully charged and you're ready to use it! It can also be used while charging but if you want the wireless option, then it is necessary for it to be charged properly.

When I started using it, it took a while to get adjusted to this new gadget and I had to learn which buttons to use when, but that was really quick. The only thing that took time was due to a slight change in the way it needs to be used than compared to a normal mouse. The best part is that it operates on almost all kinds of surfaces and the wireless reach is up to 5 meters. Available for £59.99, the Penclic wireless mouse can be purchased from their website or from Amazon. If you guys have and query, please feel free to leave comments below.

Have you ever heard of a pencil mouse or this brand in particular?

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Restaurant Review: MyLahore: British Asian Kitchen - Bradford, UK

mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine

I came across myLahore on the social media and was really fascinated by the name. I've been to Lahore several times and the thing that's on the top-of-mind when it comes to Lahore is that the people there are extremely generous and they love to feed their guests. It was actually in the plan to dine at myLahore when I was in Birmingham few months back, but it didn't work out due to our strict schedule. This time, I was adamant and was lucky because they have their branch in Bradford, besides Birmingham and Manchester too. 

We parked the car right in front of the restaurant door, so we just had to take a few steps to get inside. Our table was already reserved, and so we were guided towards it. BabyN' was asleep at the time we entered the restaurant, and they were kind enough to give us a sofa seating so he could carry on with his sleep comfortably. The restaurant's PRO, Mr. Mughal even bought a cushion for him, so he could have a proper sleep. I must say, he's definitely got the right position and his performance appraisal would earn him full points. Even the rest of the staff including Mr. Rehmat and Adeeb were very efficient, and got us the right order in a timely manner. 

mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine

As we had already decided on the meal prior to the visit, it didn't take long for us to order the food. Meanwhile, BabyN' woke up and was a bit cranky initially but calmed down after he was handed in the colouring book and a box of wax crayons.
mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine
beef steak mylahore
mango milkshake and virgin mojito

It didn't take long for the food to arrive - a beef mince lasagna (£6.45) for me, and a char-grilled beef steak (£14.95) for the husband. My drink was a Mango Mantra (£3.45), a mango ice cream milkshake that was thick and heavy and the sweetness was just like I wanted, and husband ordered the refreshing Virgin Mojito (£3.75). The lasagna came with fries, they do have options, I opted for Piri Piri just for some extra spice but asked them to keep some of them plain for BabyN', and although the lasagna platter was generous, I managed to finish it all.

beef mince lasagna

The lasagna was good, it wasn't much on the Italian side really, but was baked in a 'desi' Asian style and by that, I am referring to the filling and the spices used in it. The 8 oz sirloin steak was served along with a potato mash, fried rice, salad and a peppercorn sauce. I just tried a small piece of the steak and the bite that I had, tasted good. For the price of the platter, it was decent enough.  For the desserts, we opted for a Rose Falooda (£3.45) and a rice pudding or kheer (£1.75). We both were too full already especially because of the heavy Indian meal we had enjoyed the night before. I am assuming the Falooda was Lahori styled, and I think the restaurant can play around and make it a bit more exiting.  The kheer was good but a little less sweet for my taste, but for the husband, the sweetness was perfect. I prefer my desserts a bit more sweeter. 

falooda and kheer

In the end, we decided to buy some food for takeaway for the next day and agreed upon ordering a prawn biryani and chicken tikka masala. We had developed the taste for the chicken tikka masala in Dubai and just liked to have it from one particular restaurant which was near my work place. Really liked the chicken tikka masala which we later had with store bought naan breads and some lemonade the next afternoon. The prawn biryani, however, wasn't quite a biryani but I can say that it was like spicy prawn fried rice. It had peas in it too, which further made me label it as fried rice instead of a biryani!

The overall dining experience at myLahore (Bradford) was fabulous. The food is reasonably priced, it's a child-friendly place, great for a family get together. The seating was comfortable and I loved the Turkish lamps hanging on the roof of the staircase. You can check out their menu, here

Rating: 7/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes 
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: No 

Contact MyLahore (Bradford)

Telephone: 01274 308 508
Location: 348 Great Horton Road, BD7 1QJ


Have you ever heard of, or been to the MyLahore restaurant? 

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