Halal Goodies: Luxury Subscription Box for Muslim Women in UK

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

I had heard of various subscription boxes ranging from food to beauty and DIY. Also read a lot on different beauty boxes that bloggers used to try and review but never felt much fascinated about them. 

Few months ago when I came across Halal Goodies, I was intrigued and really wanted to know more about it. Really! But I had to wait because all good things (well, most of them) come to you only after showing some patience. 

At that point, I just knew that there was this first EVER subscription box being launched in the UK that was meant for the Muslim women. This! Yeah, this is what made me curious to know more about it. I initially thought it would be just like any other box but then I thought why the name Halal Goodies. What's so special about this box?

It was a Wednesday afternoon when I finally received my very first Halal Goodies luxury box in the post. The intercom bell rang, and I quickly held BabyN' to receive the parcel. Otherwise he would have ran outside the door. He just loves to! 

I was expecting a delivery but still wasn't sure who the box was from. It looked BIG and slightly heavy to hold with one hand but I managed with BabyN' hanging on my left arm.

There was excitement in the house and I was all smiley! Even BabyN' seemed eager to open it and started using his tiny fingers to open it through a small hole in the plastic wrap at the back of the box.

The Halal Goodies subscription box was delivered by myHermes and it arrived as you can see below! YES, that's the one! 
Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

I had already started loving my first Halal Goodies box. Won't just any woman fall for it? You would know 'why' once you scroll down further.

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box contains premium Halal organic beauty and fashion products to pamper and delight Muslimahs in the UK

The box is so pretty and well-designed, I am thinking of keeping it forever! 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Now be prepared, girls! I am going to show you the VERY first Halal Goodies luxury box. I am sure none of you must have seen it before. 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

On opening the box, it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by a pastel pink thank you note. And it smelled ah-may-zing! I really like personalized notes or things as they are very close to my heart. Even at home, I have several personalized things because it adds a super sweet touch. 

OKAY. Now get ready for a further sneak-peak. 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Further to that, there was a card paper stating 'A peek inside the box' and it had the names of the contents of the box along with their descriptions. I really like the pastel colour scheme of the box and stationery inside it. 

Islamic Art by Ayeina - This was another surprise to see. This printed card has a Quranic verse written on it which I am going to frame to make one of my walls look more beautiful. What a daily motivation and a reminder it would be! FAB! 

Also, I loved THIS written under it's description.
With society fitting you into a single standard of beauty, we want you to feel loved no matter how you're created, because you're a creation of the Perfect One. You're worth so much more than what meets the eye. You're a flower that blooms. You're a beauty that progresses through nurturing. You're you and that is what's beautiful about you, and our art is a reflection of that.

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Sisters Magazine - A complete lifestyle monthly magazine to help you be the best Muslimah. I am going to share some of my favourite things from the magazine on my social media, so make sure you are following there (Facebook, Twitter, IG). 

And then came THIS! 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

A closer look of my Halal Goodies box! 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Wild Hearts Organics Aromatherapy Candle - I still haven't lit it up but it's a strong scented candle and a very pleasing fragrance of Jasmine Chamomile Rosewood. Probably the 20 in it essential oils are also doing the trick. I love candles especially the ones that are meant for calming and de-stressing like this one. They give such a nice and relaxing feel. If by any chance you get to ask my husband, he can tell that I can often be seen standing next to candle shelves every time I go for shopping. 

Amelia Rope Pale Rose Chocolate - Now this was a surprise again, because I wasn't expecting it. Who wouldn't be happy on seeing a chocolate bar? It's an Ecuadorian milk chocolate with rose oil and tastes delicious. 

SoapNSkin Soap - A luxury honey and oat hand and body soap infused with Manuka Essential Oil. Smells SO good! 

Organic Surge - Deep cleansing face mask containing essential oils, chamomile and ginkgo biloba to give your face an instant boost, brighten and rebalance it leaving it revitalised. I was actually looking to buy one for myself but I wasn't sure which brand to go for. I am so glad this came along, in the box. 

PHB Ethical Beauty - A brightening cream for tissue regeneration. Contains Argan oil and skin stimulating oranges to give you a hydrated and vibrant skin. Besides this, there are also some samples of the products from their range. They had provided anti-ageing moistursier, a soap, an olive hand soap and apricot shampoo to try on. 

Fair Squared Shea Green Tea Body Butter - I am a huge fan of body butter because they give such a soft feel and leaves the skin smell lovely. Also, green tea has great health properties and it is very popular in Chinese medicine. This body butter smells just like lemon green tea so if you are a fan of green tea, you would definitely love to wear this body butter too. 

Akamuti Ruby Fruits Lip Butter - Now the lip balm that I am currently using is less than half so it will finish soon. Lip butter is an essential beauty product in the UK and it ensures that your beautiful lips do not get chapped. This lip butter contains creamy organic cocoa butter and red palm oil, organic beeswax and olive oil to protect the lips naturally. I am not a huge fan of fruity products but this one seems just right! I am definitely not going to remind anyone of a fruit cart even when I apply it. 

All Natural Soap Co Rose Geranium - The soap has a timeless floral fragrance and contains essential oils to help regulate and balance the hormones and nervous system. 

Halal Goodies luxury subscription box for UK Muslim women

Who is the Halal Goodies box for?

This luxury beauty subscription box is for the Muslim women in the UK. It is something you can subscribe for yourself or give it as a present to someone you love. It would be the BEST present ever. Trust me! 

How to get your Halal Goodies box? 

Simply visit the Halal Goodies website and click SUBSCRIBE. You will easily be able to find it on the top menu bar. Here, you will get the option to choose from month to month box that costs £55 or you can opt for 3 month pre-pay option and that will give you 3 boxes for £150. You are going to save £15! 

If you are still not very sure to subscribe for the box, why not try their Mini Sampler Boxes (ranging £19 - £29) or one-time products. Simply click SHOP on the top menu bar. There you will get a range of different products to choose from. Simple enough?

So what do you think about it? I can feel someone getting excited to get their hands on the Halal Goodies luxury subscription box. Right?

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Birthday Weekend!

birthday weekend

If you are following me on Instagram, you guys would already be knowing that I was going to travel to the North East England during the last long weekend we had. If you are not following me on IG then what are you waiting for? Please do, here!  :)

Also, I have written a post on my pre-birthday celebration meal, if you want, you can read it, here

the ambrette canterbury


I had already done all the packing a day before our travel date but the last thing still left was to pack the edible stuff for munching during the 6 hour road trip. And that was SO important.

My husband and I decided to leave by 4:00 in the morning so BabyN' would not be disturbed. BUT. He woke up. AND slept after at least one hour. It wasn't that bad. He wasn't grumpy. So happy baby, happy mummy.

As mentioned before, it took us 6 full hours without a single break to reach Sunderland by car. We actually had to go there to meet a relative and had initially planned to stay for one night but then there were all sad faces so we stopped by for another night.

It was a long road trip. YES! And I was already dreading the way back thinking how would BabyN' behave.

So after some rest, we left for Newcastle. Yes, another road journey but this time it took around 40 minutes only (thanks to the traffic). We were actually heading for a get together at a community hall in Newcastle where we were invited & I was SO excited for it. It's always so pleasant meeting old friends and some like-minded people. After dinner was served, there came a yummy looking double chocolate cake and I was still wondering about it as I hadn't told anyone about my birthday but then I was offered to cut it. Ah, what a sweet gesture. I was on cloud # nine! 

happy birthday
You must be wondering if this looks like a chocolate cake to me? Haha. But this is my last year's birthday cake. 
That was all for the evening.

That night we had decided to sleep early and the husband slept but BabyN' had some other plans. He slept 3 hours after the time I was supposed to sleep. So I had to entertain him all this time.


The next morning after having a filling breakfast (yes, a desi one with all the parathas, egg burghi, cream, chai/tea and juice), we left for some sightseeing

We had already explored every inch of the region but it was for a guest who was visiting us. We showed around Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham. Made me feel extremely nostalgic seeing the area where I used to live before. Sigh!

durham castle

I'v already done a post on sightseeing in Durham, you can read it, here.

Our next stop was the Asian shop in South Shields in Newcastle. I was longing to go there because there was something I really wanted to buy but unfortunately couldn't find it (which made me sad) as I cannot still find it anywhere in the South of England. Still, I managed to cheer myself up after buying some other kitchen items. I found the Shan biryani masalas there, which I immediately grabbed (3 boxes at least) because they are cheaper in the North than in the South. YES! Cheaper by 40 cents for each box. What a difference! Huge! But I still wonder why. 

Also did some shopping at the Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Mall in Durham. They offer up to 50% off the best brands. NEXT and Marks & Spencer are my favourite brands there so it was a must for me to do some shopping. Bought some clothes for BabyN' and some, a big vase and an artificial plant. 

Tip: They also have a play area for kids, which is FREE so if you live in the area or are planning to go there, just tell the husband to look after the kids while you shop but since it's an open mall, make sure the kids dress accordingly. Dalton Park Shopping mall durham

I was already hungry by this time and really wanted to go to Aneesas for a buffet meal but when you are with elders, you can't just blurt out what's in your mind. Read my old post on Aneesas Buffet Restaurant if you are in Newcastle, here. One of my personal favourite places to eat in the North East (minus their red meat items especially lamb chops). I don't know why but I feel the red meat in the North is extremely smelly. Makes me sick. Has anyone of you experienced it? Well, I guess you won't if you are eating that since birth.

Our next stop was the Little Haven Hotel, again in South Shields. It was decided that we are going for an afternoon tea. I love afternoon teas, no doubt, but not because of the tea but because of the yummy goodies that come along. Well, if you are a reader from Karachi, then you must definitely check this out for tea snacks. 

Little Haven Hotel was like a mini retreat. We got to see some beautiful views while having our coffee. The weather was amazing and so were the scones! I had ordered a mocha for myself, which was good but I couldn't find any traces of chocolate. Thanks to BabyN', I had forgotten to stir it and realized only when I was sipping the last few drops. 

Little Haven Hotel

Little Haven Hotel
Four coffees (cappuccino, mochaccino and 2 lattes) and 2 scones cost us £15, if you want to know the price. 
Although the coffee we all were served were cold, not like how it should be, but the scones were delicious and the BEST part was the views outside.

After quickly finishing eating and drinking, we all went outside to enjoy the evening even more. Ah, the amazing weather and the sea breeze. 

Little Haven Hotel

That was all.

We headed back home, had home cooked dinner and slept. The next afternoon we left for home. I was prepared that BabyN' would drive me wild because it wasn't his time to sleep. He did sleep for an hour though but for the rest, he was annoyed and grumpy for not getting place to run around.

It was a lovely birthday weekend that ended with a dinner at a Pizza Hut restaurant near my home. 


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A Note to Mum On My Birthday!

So it's my birthday today. YASS! The 30th of April on the English calendar was the day I was born more than two decades ago. AND I just realized that I share the same birthday month with the Queen.

She turned 90 this year and I still have to calculate my age. HA - but thank God I know I still didn't move out of the 20's!

Further to that, did I ever mention that I celebrate two birthdays every year? Well! Don't know who really started that but it's someone from the family, of course. The other birthday I celebrate is according to the Islamic calendar which is in the month of Ramadan, which will just be after a month i.e. in June.

If you are curious or you want to send me a birthday present, it's the 1st of Ramadan (Ninth month of the Islamic calendar in which the Muslims fast during the daylight hours from dawn till dusk).

. . . . . 

On this birthday, I would like to thank my parents for everything they have done for me in all those years that I spent with them and after my marriage, for all the prayers and everything else! I just want to say everything because I don't want to name things and miss out anything. Playing safe. So clever of me, right?

Children don't often realize the comfort they get from the parents. I don't think they really do or understand the true meaning before having their own child.

I am sure you all know about BabyN' by now. New readers can click here to know more. 😊

He is the apple of my eye and I do everything to keep him happy. He has made me realize how hard parenting is. Although I am at the very initial stage, I have definitely gotten an idea what raising kids is like. Don't want to start a story here so I will just stop.

Mum- Back to you! 

Thank you for giving me space in your tummy for all those months. I know I know - those sleepless nights, those good and bad feelings and the pains of labour. VERY PAINFUL, I know.

Thank you for feeding me timely, sacrificing your sleep, energy and health.

Thank you for cleaning me, washing me, bathing me and keeping me clean.

Thank you for all the care and affection you showered when I was sick, for tolerating when I threw up, for cleaning my mess and for having the patience to tolerate my tantrums while giving the medications.

Thank you for teaching me, and for having all that patience of explaining things.

Thank you for always giving me hot food and for cooking my favourite meals.

Thank you for making me what I am today!

Daddy dear, a million thank yous' to you for now. Maybe I can write a detailed post for you on Part II of my birthday? Your grandson says hi, with a big cheeky smile on his face! Don't miss us too much, we will visit you soon! 

Guys, read about my pre-birthday celebration meal, here. Also, I have a £100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway on the blog, don't forget to enter here for a chance to win. 

May God give a long and healthy life to my parents.  Amen

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Restaurant Review: The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Looking for some fine dining in Kent or Sussex? The Ambrette is definitely the place to be visited. Located in Canterbury and Margate in Kent and Rye in East Sussex, it offers Indian cuisine served using high quality exotic ingredients.

The Ambrette:

My husband and I were at The Ambrette in Canterbury last Thursday evening to sample their tasting menu and it turned out to be a fantastic pre-birthday celebration meal. 

I had already seen the online menu on their website so I had a bit of idea that the food would be excellent. We could easily locate it and I was glad it was slightly away from the hustle bustle of the town centre. 

Dev Biswal launched The Ambrette in 2010 in Margate (Kent) before branching out to Rye and Canterbury. Ambrette is an Indian flower known for its culinary properties, and this is where the name has been derived from. 

It offers seasonal  menu and the dishes are served using local and exotic ingredients. Influenced by Indian cooking, Dev seemed to be very artistic in creating dishes and so other global cuisines can be seen reflected on the menu as well. 

Biswal was awarded ‘Chef of the Year’ by The Kent Life and Kent on Sunday Food and Drink Awards 2015.

Dev's birthplace was Orissa in Eastern India. He has a vast experience of working at various establishments in India and at Sheraton, Dubai. Later, he moved to London and then to Kent.

It was great meeting him and learning about his journey to the launch of The Ambrette. 

Location & Parking:

The Ambrette (Canterbury) restaurant is located on the street very near to the Walton car park that charges £1.75 per hour and is less than a minute by walk from the bay. 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Seating & Interior:

As I entered the restaurant, I was delighted to see the grandeur of the place which is not very common at the restaurants I have been to in Canterbury. We were greeted by a very polite staff member who even held the door for us to bring in BabyN's pushchair. The entrance was was wide, the seating area well spread out and the ceiling higher than usual, all to give the place an overall great spacious look and feel.

They have a candle lit on each table that gives a romantic feel. They have both chairs and sofa setting available at the restaurant. 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The Dining Experience

Once we got comfortably seated, Dev himself came to greet us, which was a pleasant surprise.  He was already aware of our dietary requirements, but he reconfirmed it again ensuring a memorable experience for us.

We had opted for the sea-food and vegetarian option so he carefully prepared our menu, which was perfect!

I loved the fact that Dev has carefully designed the menu with all the details of the ingredients used which gave me a feeling that I was eating healthy! 

Our welcome mocktail was the first to arrive. The drink already made the impression that the rest to follow would be super too! The mocktail had apple juice, chocolate, refreshing mint leaves and a slice of lemon and tasted great. Next to follow was Mushroom and Potato Dumpling coated with 22 carat gold and a North Indian styled samosa. The starter had  subtle flavours and was served with a swirl of warm chutney and sat on a squish of mango sauce - A perfect combo! 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Then came Dosai which was a dish having gently spiced potatoes, mustard, onions and was served on a bed of coconut, pineapple and green pea chutney. I have had Dosa several times before as well, but that was always non-veg. This time we had opted for a vegetarian one, yet the dish was delicious.
The flavours were just up to our preference, neither too strong nor bland. I do not prefer much coconut in my food but the dish was done so well, I enjoyed the whole combination a lot. Further, the sev (crunchy noodles) on the dosai gave a crunchy texture which was super enjoyable.

Sev is an Indian snack that comes under the category of Nimco or Bombay Mix. If you want, you can buy it from various Asian sweet shops across the UK.

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Kent forged salad with home cured salmon came with a selection of wild herbs and succulents such as sea-weeds hand picked from woods around Kent. This came with some sea-salt drizzled on the salad. In the first bite I found it a bit salty than my usual taste but my husband suggested me to mix it before eating after which it blended well and I could enjoy this salad. 

The best thing I liked about The Ambrette was that they used local produce which is carefully selected, thus making the flavours so amazing. 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Our next dish was Red Mullet & spiced fish cake topped with a slice of pickled star fruit and right after this was served, BabyN' also decided to wake up. I think he knew it was there and wanted to have a bite too.

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

I like eating fish especially if it does not have any bones. I remember my first bite, it was so flavoursome and so soft, it just melted in my mouth. I even gave very small portions to BabyN' and he seemed to enjoy having it. I am not a huge fan of fish cakes especially those sold by the frozen brand but this one was fresh and so it also tasted good.

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Okay so by now we both, my husband and I, were quiet full, but there was still lots more to follow. We were served soft shell crab that came along with a beetroot cake and home-made crab raita. I personally wouldn't prefer ordering or cooking a beetroot cake at home, I just make a dry dish of beetroot with lamb occasionally but the beetroot cake had a crunchy texture from the outside and that made the overall taste good.

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

The lentil soup in an espresso cup was another between-course treat that was nice and the cup was perfect for BabyN' - He loved holding the tiny cup in his little hands. 
The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

I am a huge fan of mocktails and variety of drinks. I was not expecting another drink but to my surprise, we were served this mocktail. It tasted more like a mango juice and came with caviar and had a bubbly effect in the mouth. I remembering having it last at a high end restaurant at the Atlantis in Dubai. 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

Our next course was Aubergine steak that came along with garlic flavoured aubergine mash and Kents goat cheese. At this point, I was extremely full, but did manage to clean my plate. As you can see below, the dish was served with lentils, aubergine pakora, cauliflower, kale and two chutneys. 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

After having all this, a palate cleanser was a must! I felt a bit overwhelmed when we were served Popping Candy Grentia. It reminded me of my childhood days when I used to have popping candy that popped when it landed on my tongue. 
Okay so the last and final course was The Ambrette Chocolate Platter that came along with white chocolate silk and a chocolate tart. I had eaten a lot but who says no to the pudding, I don't. It tasted gorgeous too! 

The Ambrette, Canterbury - UK

End Note:

The cost of the Tasting Menu we tried is £59.95 per person but they do have other meal options. You can see their website here. Please check with them for any dietary requirements and they will be happy to accommodate you. I am extremely glad and thankful to Dev for having us and for such a lovely dining experience. 

Rating: 9/10

Have you dined at The Ambrette Restaurant at any of their restaurants in the UK? If not, then I would love to know about your best fine dining experience?

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£100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway - DC Super Hero Girls

As a child I wasn't much of a TV girl - but I remember watching the TV, more specifically morning cartoons just after getting dressed for school. At the time, among the few channels aired STN broadcast a variety of these short cartoon programs, and I believe Pink Panther was the most popular. I guess, a few of you, especially those from my home country, might be able to relate? 

Right now I am sitting on the comfy sofa in my living area, next to my husband and he says he used to enjoy watching DC super heroes cartoons in his school days. They were more boys-oriented, but even I enjoyed them, Superman being the favourite.

The super hero cartoons are for EVERYONE, right? Not just for the boys.
£100 VISA Gift Card Giveaway - DC Super Hero Girls

I just came across DC Super Hero Girls series! YAS! You read it right... Now the girls can watch DC Super Hero Girls cartoons that have been provided by DC Entertainment. It is an animated series that features a group of Super Heroes on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. The characters are strong and fearless. I know everyone has one character that is their most favourite. So there is a character for everyone! Also, the cartoons are action-packed showing lots of girl power. 

Nowadays, YouTube has gained a lot of popularity. Even I just play cartoons for BabyN' on YouTube. He just watches them online. I prefer that rather than downloading series in the iPad as I feel it is more convenient. 

DC Super Hero Girls Series 2 will start soon so you can sign up to their YouTube channel here
Also, its easier for kids to watch their favourite characters, on-demand, and from any device.

If you want any more updates regarding DC Super Hero Girls Series, just visit their website and learn more about the characters. Also, the kids can play games, download free printables activities and do lots of other things on their website. 

I guess, I was successful in giving you an update of a new series of cartoons cause my boy gets bored of watching one and he always wants me to play something new on YouTube. 

But this is not over yet. I have a fantastic giveaway for those reading my post. DC Super Hero Girls are running a giveaway of £100 VISA Gift Card. All you need to do is simply enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*This is a collaborative post and the competition is run and supplied by a 3rd party. All responsibility for the competition in terms of the prize is on them. Open only to UK residents over 18 years of age.

I would love to know about your favourite cartoons & the ones you used to enjoy watching when you were a child - OR - If you still watch them, which ones do you like the most? _____________________________________________

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