Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes Review + Giveaway

Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes

Cupcakes anyone? Yes, you heard it right! I'm asking - rather offering - if you 'd be interested in having some. A total treat on me, for you! YESS! You must be aware by now that it's the blog's birthday month so I want to send a treat to you. There would be just one lucky person and the giveaway really is fab! 

I've teamed up with Caketoppers to make one of you lucky boys and girls the winner of a beautifully packed box of 9 cupcakes. Who would say NO to cupcakes?

We have had cakes before and we have cakes now...but current times bring a beautiful twist to the equation - personalisation! Won't you be in a total state of awe if a loved one or a friend surprises you with all those treats that are yummy and totally self designed?

I love anything that is personalised. It is such a beautiful feeling!

Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes

Caketoppers provide personalised cakes in all sizes and for all kinds of occasions. They even do personalised cupcakes so now you know that you won't have to order a big party cake if you're planning an intimate dinner just with any of your loved one or your partner. This is actually perfect for me because I have a small family and the 10'' cakes are too big for us.

Regarding the personalisation of your cakes, you can personalise anything from the design to text. I mean, just choose anything you like. 

Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes

How Are They Delivered?

The cakes or cupcakes, whatever you order are delivered by Royal Mail. Yes, my personalised cupcakes were delivered in the post. Now you might be thinking how could a cake arrive in the post. Caketoppers cupcakes I received were well packaged, fresh and in perfect condition when I received them at my doorstep.

Availability of Flavours: 

There is classic sponge that comes in a silver foil and while the other one is chocolate that comes in a golden foil. Both are topped with the personalised icing which you design for yourself. It would perhaps be good to choose the design, picture, text and color wisely, just to get that right combo for.
My personalised Caketoppers cupcakes not just looked lovely, but tasted equally good. They were soft and fluffy, something I least expected from the cakes delivered right to the doorstep. Even the icing tasted fantastic and was very neat. The personalisation was done with real icing and not rice paper. 

Besides personalised or plain cupcakes, they also do logo and photo cupcakes and cakes, personalised celebration cakes and character cakes. You can check out their website, here

Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes

I have personally gone through all the ingredients in details and they are suitable for vegetarians. However, they may use alcohol for decorating purpose but if you don't want that, you can always request the Caketoppers team not to use alcohol in your order. 

Convinced enough? Coming to the more exciting part now!

You can WIN your very own box of 9 assorted flower cupcakes. Enter the Rafflecopter below and please do make sure to follow on social media so you can get updates of future giveaways too. 

Caketoppers Personalised Cupcakes

a Rafflecopter giveaway Who would you share the Caketoppers cupcakes with, if you win the prize?

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This is a collaborative post and the competition is run and supplied by Caketoppers. All responsibility for the competition in terms of the prize is on them. The prize is a box of 9 flower cupcakes.
Giveaway is open to UK residents only.

Indian Restaurant Review: Chakra - Kensington, London

chakra halal indian restaurant london

Chakra, located on Holland Street in London is an Indian fusion restaurant, perfect for fine dining, especially to celebrate the weekend. It is located on the suburbs of Chelsea and is quite near to Harrods.


Chakra was hardly 20 seconds of walk from our parking spot. Initially, I thought we would have to walk a little more because I wasn't aware of how far the exact location would be from our parking but it being close by, was a blessing and a pleasant surprise. It was a chilly and rainy evening and I was in no mood of getting my clothes wet. 
Prior to leaving for the restaurant, I did check with the husband whether he had carried coins for the parking, which he did, but luckily, the parking at the time we reached was free. The parking close to Chakra is free 6:30 pm onward on Saturdays. 

Seating & Interior: 

Chakra has a welcoming interior and a relaxed ambience, and there is both a sofa seating and the option of comfortable chairs where the diners can sit and enjoy their meal. The dim lighting inside the restaurant makes it a warm and cosy place. 

They do have outdoor seating as well, which is always lovely on a warm summer day, but because of rain, we had to sit inside. I also observed the charging stations inside the restaurant, which are always very handy when the batteries of our electrical devices run out.  

The Dining Experience:

Soon after we were handed over the menu card, we were served some Poppadums with tamarind chutney (sauce) in a small cute dish , which you can see in the photo above. 

For the drinks, we opted for Mango Lassi, Nimbo Pani and a Passion fruit mocktail. I am quite a fan of mangoes so I enjoyed my lassi and the mocktail was quite different from the other mocktails I've tried. It was really refreshing and something I would definitely order next time as well. The Nimbo Pani was good but it could have been even better with some sugar, that's how I personally prefer, but it was actually meant to be without sugar. 

chakra halal indian restaurant london

The summer menu at Chakra was interesting and innovative with decent options and it didn't take long for us to decide our orders. For the starters, we opted for Dill Crusted Tiger Shrimps that were served on Beetroot Ketchup (£19.50) and Faux Chicken Tartar (£10.75). Now these shrimps were really big and had been marinated so well that all the flavours were coming through perfectly! 

chakra halal indian restaurant london

Similarly, even Faux Chicken Tartar was equally tasty and enjoyable and I could even get the taste of chicken tikka in those small chunks of chicken. 

chakra halal indian restaurant london

I also ordered a tropical Pomegranate, Mango, Papaya, Coriander, Spring Onion, Red Amaranth Salad (£10.50), which was actually quite refreshing to eat and it had some of my favourite ingredients in it, mango being number one!

For the mains, we opted for Grilled Chicken Breast that was served in a tomato & cream masala and was garnished with coriander (£12.95). On ordering, we thought it would be good to accompany it with steamed basmati rice (£3.95) but I had mine with the butter paratha. This dish was more or less like a butter chicken curry, and was extremely scrumptious.

The other main we wanted to order was unfortunately not available, so we we opted for Tandoori Sea Bream which was served with Saffron Tartar (£17.50). It was indulgent and tasted fantastic. The whole fish is cooked and served so it also has bones so make sure to separate them carefully before you take a bite. 
The second side was a plain butter Paratha (£2.95) which complimented the the chicken curry well and we decided to eat the fish just on it's own.

My mum has been feeding me parathas since I was a child so I am quite a huge fan of those buttery flatbreads.

chakra halal indian restaurant london

The fish tasted similar like a chicken curry called Green Chicken, that I cook at home, probably because the same marinade had been used. It was just that the meat here was fish and not chicken but it tasted quite good in fish as well. The major ingredient of the marinade was coriander, parsley and green chillies. So, if you want, maybe I can share the recipe of my chicken dish some time later.

chakra halal indian restaurant london

For the pudding, we opted for Gulab Jamun Caviar that was served with caviar pistachio toast and cardamom creme (£5.75) and Mango Kulfi that was served with very small pieces of fresh mango and mango sauce (£5.75).

Now these two were a fantastic modern twist to the way these desserts are served originally at Indian restaurants. 

There were three shots of mango sauce on the platter, that each had a chunk of mango kulfi. These shots were to be taken before having the mango kulfi, one by one, of course. What an experience it was! Although I do think that mango kulfi could have been more, quantity wise, but keeping the fact that we also had another dessert to enjoy, and yes, mangoes in that bowl, I quickly changed my sad face. 

chakra halal indian restaurant london

The gulab jamuns, the perfect replica of caviar were served in a tiny cute tin box. The box looked so adorable that I even wanted to take it home but I thought of forgoing my wish after I got no response from my husband, although he did agree that the tin box was cute. 

The right way of eating as advised by the staff was to put the gulab jamuns on the cardamon toast and top it with creme. Although the gulab jamuns were too cute to eat, I couldn't resist and I am glad I didn't because the combination complimented extremely well!

chakra halal indian restaurant london

End Notes: 

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and the staff was friendly and efficient. I really enjoyed dining at Chakra and the modern twists to the basic Indian dishes made the whole experience even more delightful. If you're a fan of Indian food but are looking for something different, then Chakra is definitely the place to be. 

The restaurant serves Halal food. You can check out the menu of Chakra, here

Rating: 8/10

What would be your choice if you were asked to name an Indian dish that could be served to you right now? 

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Disclaimer: I was invited to sample the menu at Chakra but this is an honest review and all the opinions are my own.

10 Birthday Freebies You Should Avail If In UK

Birthday Freebies UK

Who doesn't like freebies? I'm sure everyone does. I mean, who wouldn't like to enjoy things that are coming to them for free! I had been wanting to write this post ever since my birthday but a few other posts had to be written first and this one got delayed. You must have read about my birthday month earlier. 

If you haven't, then you can read it here and hereYes! That's when I came across some freebies that brands offer to you birthday boys and girls out there and since it's the blog's birthday month, I've compiled this very precious list of birthday freebies for you. 

Ed's Easy Diner

Ed's offers a free milkshake voucher on your birthday. All you need to do to get that voucher is to make sure you're subscribed to their mailing list. I received my voucher a few days before my birthday and it had a validity date on it. Make sure you get yours before the date expires. I think it's valid up to a month. 

The best part about this voucher was that you don't need to buy anything to get the free milkshake. I loved my treat and I'm sure, you would too! They also have some offer on burgers but I don't enjoy vegetarian burgers so I didn't avail that because the meat they use isn't Halal. 

Eds easy diner milkshake


I was also surprised to receive a £5 voucher from the popular Swedish brand. No purchase is necessary! You can just buy anything that costs £5 or pay the access amount in case the price is higher. 

I went there to avail the voucher but ended up doing a lot more shopping and my mother-in-law was staying with us during that time so she was a major support and motivator for me to buy things. 

Krispy Kreme

If you're subscribed to their mailing list, they send a voucher for a double glazed doughnut.  All you need to do is to download their application. I do not have a Krispy Kreme outlet nearby so I couldn't avail it and when I travelled to the mall that was by 1 hour 15 minutes drive, I totally forgot to avail the offer. Yes, I am a mum!

I am not sad about that because I'm not a huge fan of glazed donuts. For me it's too plain and too less calories! But wait! Even if your birthday is far, you can still get a FREE Krispy Kreme doughnut. Read here, to know how.
Krispy kreme free doughnut

Kaspas Desserts 

You just need to go to their cafe on the day of your birthday along with a proof of your birthday to get a free regular milkshake. The photo ID that confirms your date of birth should be valid. I didn't go because I had other important things to do and I do think they should be generous enough to increase the validity than letting us avail the offer on the actual date of the birthday. You can see their offer, here

Potbelly UK 

Okay, this one's only for the Londoners to enjoy because it's just in London at the moment. Located in Westfield Stratford shopping mall at the moment, but they are planning to open more shops. You never know, one might open near you!

Again, if you're subscribed to their mailing list, you will get the voucher in your inbox. I didn't know about it earlier so I wasn't subscribed and I couldn't avail it. 

P.S. I really like their milkshakes and Mocha is my favourite. Check out my restaurant review on Potbelly UK, here

potbelly westfield stratford milkshake

Frankie's & Bennys

This is not totally free! It's free just for the birthday boy or girl when you order another main meal. I think I received their voucher in my email a month earlier. However, I didn't avail it but maybe next time, I certainly will. 

JRC Buffet - London

Again, only for Londoners. Only valid on the exact date of your birthday but you need to make a booking prior to your birthday date, at least 24 hours before the day. You also need to take a a guest with you who should be a full paying customer and make sure to take your valid photo ID and your reservation number along to enjoy your free birthday meal. You can check out their Free Birthday Meal offer here, and my restaurant review, here

I was not in town when I had my birthday but I went to JRC a week later so unfortunately, I couldn't avail a free meal. 

JRC buffet london

Jimmy's World Buffet 

To avail their offer, you need to take along at least 6 guests and you can enjoy a free meal and a cocktail. Make sure to call and check with them prior to your visit. You can check out my restaurant review, here

Millies Cookies

For that, again, you need to be subscribed to their mailing list where you'll receive your voucher and you can collect your birthday treat from any of their stall. I also didn't avail this because I wasn't aware of if earlier. 

The Body Shop 

I love this one and I wish I had known about it earlier. The Body Shop gives £5 voucher on your birthday. For that, you simply need to be a part of their Card Club and you will be sent the voucher in your email. The voucher needs to be used within a month and the best part is that no purchase is necessary. How is that? 

I just joined their club today but will have to wait till next year now to avail my birthday freebie from The Body Shop. 

TIP: Always mention about your birthday to restaurant and bar staff where you're planning to dine. You might be in for an extra treat! 

From all of these, I was just able to avail the first two but it's the blog's anniversary coming up next month. Are there any treats for me coming up then? I would love some! 

P.S. There would be some giveaways coming up on the blog as well, so make sure to follow on social media.

Pots. & Co desserts

Pots & Co. has already helped me begin the celebration and they were kind enough to send two pots of their desserts which I tried recently. I'd say they do make fabulous summer desserts. Also, perfect for posh picnics! 

Prepared by Michelin star chefs, the desserts come in ceramic pots that can be later re-used for anything you fancy. These desserts are ready to eat, are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free. Took me a while to check their ingredients to ensure the ingredients are good for me consume and in the process, I learnt about a few gelling agents used in their dessert range. 

These dessert pots can be purchased from Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose, Harrods, Selfridges to name a few retailers, and costs £2 for each pot. So, why don't you treat yourself and your birthday party guests with a Pots & Co. dessert? You can check out their range of desserts, here.

Have you every availed a Birthday Freebie? Share with me so I can avail it on my next birthday! 

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A Muslims Mini Gratitude Journal by Ayiena #AlhamdulillahForSeries

alhamdulillah for series by ayeina
The very first time I came across one of the illustrations from the Alhamdulillah for Series was on Instagram. I still clearly remember the post. It said "Alhamdulilah for Halal burgers" and I was so glad to read that. I actually felt so happy because it was so true and I could totally relate to it.

That's because initially when I was in North East England, it was really difficult to find Halal eating options so we had to travel for long distances just for dining out. Ayeina has been kind enough to give the Alhamdulillah for Halal Beef Burgers illustration as a freebie exclusively to you all!  So, why don't you download it, print it and frame it on your kitchen wall. What a fabulous reminder it would be for you to be grateful to Allah! 

Alhamdulilah for series by Ayeina

I really like the concept of Alhamdulilah For Series initiated by Ayiena. It makes me realize that there's so SO much to be thankful for. I know we can't ever thank Allah enough for the blessings He has showered upon us. It often happens that we take things for granted or even forget to thank our Lord for everything.

Ayeina came into existence, thanks to the collaboration between 2 sisters who wanted to create awareness of all kinds of blessings He bestows upon us. The every day blessings that may seem common in our eyes are actually what we should be thankful for.

Ayenia believes, "A believer is the believer’s mirror." 

The idea behind the Alhamdulilah For Series is to make us aware and acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah (God) and to spread gratitude towards Him. Alhamdulilah is an Arabic word that means ‘Praise to be Allah (God)’

The Alhamdolilah For Series began with a series of drawings, however, with creative artwork and captions coming from all over the world, the duo took it further and turned it into a fabulous book. It has become so popular now, that it is also being translated to German and Arabic but they are further aiming to translate it into other languages such as Urdu, French, Swahili and Hindi too.

The illustrations in the book are not only delightful but they can easily catch the attention of any individual of the family, either young or an adult. To focus on their idea of gratitude, Ayeina has opened and closed the book with Quranic verses. 

Alhamdulilah for series by Ayeina
The book has been divided into 4 categories, #Alhamdulillah for Basic Necessities, #Alhamdulillah for Islam, #AlhamdulillahFor TiesThatBind (relationships) and #Alhamdulillah for everything (in general). I also noticed a few pages that can be used to fill our own details and these I believe, make a perfect fun activity for children. 

You must be aware of the very popular "Happiness is... Series" so according to Ayeina, #AlhamdulillahForSeries is the Muslim version of it. 

I'd say this book is perfect to gift to the loved ones especially for teaching gratitude to children. The handmade water colour illustrations make it attractive and can easily help them learn and focus on gratitude and in staying positive. Also, there is a section where they can write about one thing they are grateful for, each day! There are 4 blank pages with numbering and as stated earlier, that's where the child can write one Alhamdulilah a day. 

Alhamdulilah for series by Ayeina
The Muslims Mini Gratitude Journal is available in both digital ($7) and printed ($10-$25) form, it can be purchased from Amazon and shipping charges depend on your location. Besides PayPal, they also accept payments through other methods, which you can check with them.

You can check out more amazing artworks and details on Ayeina's website, here.
Below is the beautiful artwork by Ayeina that I own and it came along in my Halal Goodies luxury beauty subscription box. 

Alhamdulilah for series by Ayeina

What are you thankful for today? 

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Ayeina sent a digital copy for the purpose of book review, it is an honest review and all the views are my own. 

My New JORD Frankie Wood Watch + Giveaway

It was sometime last year when I first heard about the JORD wood watches and was quite impressed straightaway with some unique designs they had on offer. 'Wood Watch' was a first for me since it was all strap, chain or bracelet all this time - and this was unique enough for me to get hands on my very own JORD wood watch. 

My Frankie Purple Heart and Plum wood watch is a skeleton watch that means that it is a mechanical watch with moving parts. It comes in a gorgeous colour and you can also check out the other ladies watches in their Frankie series. JORD also has some watches for women that would even be a unique gift for your grandmother.

My watch features a sapphire crystal glass and a deployment buckle with push buttons. It has been hand finished and is splash proof. However, it shouldn't be submerged in water (3 ATM).

The best place to store the time piece is a cool dry place and it is better to avoid a place with extreme temperatures or excessively dry or humid environments.

Nowadays, although the people are more prone to use their gadgets and electronic devices, I always wear my wrist watch and have even observed many other people who prefer wearing it rather than using their phones to see the time. I always find it a quicker way of getting to know the time rather than searching my bag to find my phone.

I also like the fact that these designs do not really make it look like a watch but are lovely to wear and accessorise any outfit for any occasion, formal or otherwise.

JORD makes one-of-a-kind wooden watches that are indeed a unique addition to that never-ending collection of you girls out there! You can check out the link to my Frankie Purple Heart and Plum wood watch here, and the women's watches here

The concept of these luxury women's watches not only make them cool gifts but unusual gifts too. Also, they are best watches for men so if you're looking for a wrist watch for your beloved husband, partner or even your dad or brother, there is a range of cool watches for men too. 

Also, if you're looking for men's designer watches, I'd say, you must definitely check out their range too. 

I can totally relate to the fact that how difficult it is to find a perfect and unique gift for a loved one. I normally spend hours on the Internet looking for creative gifts and the unique gift ideas when there is a special occasion for someone in the family or friends coming up. 

Yes, I really do, and that's because I want to make sure I get the perfect gift and it makes them happy but I also try if I can get something in promotion or at a good price which can save my pounds. 

It comes in a lovely packaging so you also don't have to worry about thinking how to pack it. 

JORD wood watches come with a self-winding automatic mechanism which is actually based on movement and it requires you to either keeping wearing it or to wind it in case you do not use it for more than 36 hours. The best part is that it does not require battery, so you won't have to incur any other cost which happens with other watches that need battery to work. 

JORD wood watches does not charge any shipping cost for it's UK customers but you do need to confirm about the customs charge in case it applies with your order.

I have even collaborated with JORD wood watches and they have agreed for a giveaway.

Here, everyone is a winner! The lucky participant will receive $75 coupon code and the rest of the entrants will receive $20 coupon code to buy a watch of your choice from their website. All you need to do is enter below by leaving your name and email. How good does that sound?

Giveaway ends 29th August. 


The giveaway was a huge success. Thanks for all the entries. Here is the WINNER! Congratulations to Sarah. Well done!

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JORD Wood Watches sent me a watch for product review, it is an honest review and all the views are my own. This is a collaborative post and the competition is run and supplied by JORD. All responsibility for the competition in terms of the prize is on them. The winner's $75 coupon code will expire on 9/29 and the $20 coupon code will expire 12/29. Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on Aug 29th.

JORD Wooden Watches