Back to School Checklist for Senior School

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Back to School Checklist for Senior School

September is quickly approaching and so is the first day back to school! Although your children like to think that they are independent they could always benefit with some extra help when getting prepared for Senior School. An Independent School in Twickenham has pulled together a helpful checklist for all you parents with children going back to senior school in a few weeks. 

Most schools will send home letters and newsletters to update parents on all of the essential information that you need to know and equipment you need to get ready for the new term. Another place you could check is your schools website or social media channels. 

School Uniform 

Children are forever growing or staining their clothes so it is important to have a uniform check before the term starts. If you need to stock up on any school uniform try to do it as early as possible to make sure you can get the sizes and styles that you need. 


Pens, pencils, calculators and rulers are all on the usual stationary list for most schools. Chances are most of your child’s stationary from last year has been lost, broken or borrowed throughout the year so now is a good time to restock. Often you will find special deals and discounts in the summer holidays to help you stick to your budget. 

School Projects & Study

As important as it is to ensure your children are prepared with all of the physical things they need to go back to school it’s also essential that they have been studying throughout the summer holidays and are up to date with any homework or school projects that they may have been set. Try setting regular study periods throughout the six weeks holidays and encourage any additional reading or learning as much as you can. 

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