The Importance of Arts In Schools

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Art subjects don’t just cover the different areas of fine art and graphic design. They also incorporate performing arts, musical theatre and their many sub-genres. The beauty of the arts is that they’re open to interpretation and can include many elements that schools aim to cover in their curriculum. 

We take a look through the importance of the arts in a school curriculum from a stage school in North London and why they’re just as important for a child’s development.

The arts educate children in new and inviting ways

Your child may be taking part in a theatre production that touches on wartime history; your child could be in an orchestra taking on the works of Mozart or Beethoven; or your child has developed an interest in Picasso or Monet in their art classes. They’re not just learning about the artists and the composers, but about the environment they worked in and the passion behind their projects and what made them famous. The arts allow students to discover a lot about history and the impact of change through different art forms.

The arts tackle different learning styles

There’s no right or wrong way to learn and study, but for some students they find progress through learning with a hands-on approach. Drama lessons for instance rely heavily on a child’s ability to speak loudly and clearly, as well as getting animated on the stage. A lesson in fine art will give a child the chance to paint and draw in their own space and develop practicing reflective writing. 

Arts lessons tend to be ideal for kinaesthetic or interactive learners who like to get practical and try things physically for themselves.

Arts are often overlooked by people, but it is a key way of expressing oneself in varying ways that allow a child to develop their social skills, team building and their confidence.

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