4 Advantages to Being a Motor Trader

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4 Advantages to Being a Motor Trader

More and more within the motor trade are becoming classified as motor traders. This means that they are making, repairing, or selling vehicles, or a combination of all. It is a special type of insurance required, but one easily obtainable from visiting the website https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trader-insurance

So, let us think about just what the advantages are of being a motor trader.

Opportunity to Repair and Sell Vehicles

Many motor traders will not only repair vehicles but also sell them to customers. This will not necessarily mean that the same person is performing both functions. That would make them extremely busy people. Instead, a motor trader business can exist essentially as two complexes on one site, employing different staff on each. That is the showroom part with cars behind and in front of windows, and then a garage and workshop section where all the repairs take place.

Motor traders can tax vehicles being sold on behalf of customers but do not need to tax those that are only temporarily passing through their hands as repairs. Motor traders will also be able to take care of the road transportation of customer vehicles because, apart from having special motor trader insurance, they also use what is known in the business as “trade plates”.

MOT Service

With a garage repair facility can also come an MOT Centre. This is the part of the business that will identify problems with vehicles and so provide repair work that might not otherwise have come that garage’s way. This is another service that can be offered by a motor trader. So, there is no limit to the earning potential when you can be involved in this other aspect of making vehicles fit for the road. 

Low Capital

It is possible to start as a motor trader with very little capital. This will be if you only intend on selling vehicles and use a neighbouring garage for any repairs. It is those looking to have a garage that will need to invest in the equipment to keep up-to-date with repairing cars that are becoming more advanced in their technology. This is, in a way, good for garages because there is little someone can do to repair their car these days, as they have simply become too technical for the average person on the street.

An extension to this potentially low capital outlay is the fact that many motor traders do work as a one-person business. They can perform all the functions of their business themselves. This will include, in the main, repairing cars, and then selling the odd one that they have bought from a customer or part-exchanged with another.

Working From Home

As a mechanic, you can work as a mobile one, and therefore from home. You can have a van that contains the equipment you need to help carry out many on-the-spot repairs. Many customers will find it convenient to have their mechanic visit their home rather than having to travel to a garage or be without their car for very long. Courtesy cars can be used but they are likely to be an unfamiliar drive for those not used to that make and model of vehicle. It is not everyone that can just get into a vehicle and drive it as well as their own.

So, it is motor trader insurance that allows a motor trader to do all the above. The advantage of their occupation is that they can both repair and sell vehicles for more earning potential. Another way of earning extra money as a motor trader is also to offer an MOT service. This is where much business will come from with a motor trader and can save money in advertising to seek out those repairs. It is an advantage that a motor trader does not necessarily have to offer all the services and so a motor trader can start up on relatively little capital. Then, they can consider expanding from mobile repairs or just sales to the full service and MOTs, as the business grows and ends up with a high proportion of loyal customers.

Working from home is how many a motor trader might start, after learning their trade working for a garage on an apprenticeship scheme. Then, once fully qualified, a motor trader has many advantages as a career.

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