Helping Your Child Develop Their Vocabulary

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Helping Your Child Develop Their Vocabulary

Vocabulary is important – there’s no getting away from the fact that articulate, well-spoken people have more opportunities in life than those who struggle.

It’s a good idea to double-down on your child’s vocabulary from an early age. 

Here are some top tips to help your child develop an advanced vocabulary that will not only help them express themselves but also help them to feel more confident in day-to-day life.

Reading to your child daily – it’s often mentioned that reading regularly is vital for children’s development but did you know that by the time a child is ready for nursery school, those who have been read to on a daily basis have heard a million more words than those who have not been read to regularly. That million-word gap is what sets your child on the right path from the start. It’s hearing words which enables a child to learn to use and understand them in the right context. 

Chatting – and not just about childish subjects (though of course those are important too!) but also about more complex matters. Don’t be afraid to use more sophisticated language when talking to your child. Use more challenging words and explain their meanings. Help your child to think about things more deeply by asking them to talk about their opinions and thoughts on different subjects. 

Word games – there are so many fun word games out there that it’s not a chore to instigate a routine of wordy fun with your child! 

Singing – Teach your child a variety of different age appropriate rhymes and have fun with them. In this way,  your child will retain the information in a more effective way. Make your own wordings and challenge your child to come up with their own too. 

Rhyming - rhyming is fun and it doesn’t need to be part of poetry. If you’re on a long walk, play the rhyme game. One person calls out something they’ve spotted and then both take turns to think of words that rhyme with it. 

Always encourage your child to express themselves and take time to listen when they do speak.

As they get older, you can consider letting them participate in recitation classes, drama classes and even debating. These public speaking opportunities will really help to develop both their vocabulary and their confidence.

Many schools offer extra-curricular clubs like this and you should encourage your child to participate. This prep school in London provides many opportunities for children to develop their speaking skills and students tend to excel when it comes to verbal challenges in examinations. 

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