5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

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5 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor

A child who is struggling academically may feel a mixture of emotions. Worry, anxiety, sadness and insecurity are common. Most children have an inbuilt desire to do well at school, a need to please and to succeed. So, when a child faces a struggle with one or more subjects, it can be very distressing for them. 

Parents worry too – concerns range from exam results, university decisions and career choices. But it’s very important that as a parent, you don’t let your child see your concern. Nagging or punishing a child for poor results at school is not an effective way to deal with the situation. 

What does make a difference is positive action – finding them the support that they need to succeed. Support can come in many shapes. It could be extra time to complete homework, or a support teacher in class. Or it could be that your child needs a tutor. 

Not all children need a tutor due to poor results at school though. Some might need that extra help in order to ensure that they reach their true potential for school entrance examinations or GCSEs. 

Here are 5 signs that your child would benefit from a tutor. 

1 - Uneven progress at school 

Your child’s reports might be very varied. They’re doing great at the subjects they enjoy but there’s ‘room for improvement’ at those they’re not naturally good at. You know your child has ability – but they’re not able to focus in certain areas. 

2 - Lack of focus for homework 

Your child may start avoiding their homework if they’re struggling with the subject or even if they just don’t like the subject. 

Constant reminders make no difference – some children will simply try to avoid the tasks at hand. A tutor can often bring a different energy to the subject and a really good one can even awaken a new-found interest or passion for a subject which your child previously didn’t enjoy. 

3 - Avoiding school 

If your child is regularly saying they’re sick when you suspect they are not, it could be due to bullying or simply down to academic struggles. A tutor can fill in those gaps so that the issue doesn’t continue and become worse. 

4 - Disorganisation 

If your child is generally disorganised, a tutor can offer a great way to link home with school and ensure that your child doesn’t drop the ball with homework and preparation. 

Tutors will need to know what your child is studying, what homework is due and in which areas your child is struggling. 

They can assist with homework which of course means that things get turned in on time and the correct books are brought home and returned on time. 

5 - Concealing test results 

Or indeed, a failure to let you know anything at all about what they are studying at school. This is a sign that your child is having a hard time and isn’t feeling proud of their performance. A tutor could be just the thing to bring them out of their negative cycle. 

Working with your child’s school 

Your child’s teachers will have noticed if they’re struggling and a good school, like this private school in Ireland will also be in a position to advise you regarding tutors. 

Information about where to engage the very best tutors, how much tutoring your child needs and other ways to help your child improve academically will all be on offer. 

Not all children sail through education – many need assistance and it’s a good thing that there’s so much well-designed help available today. 

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