Top Tips for Your Dog's Well Being & Sleep

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Top Tips for Your Dog's Well Being & Sleep

Importance of sleep is very well known to all of us. However, good sleep is not just essential to human beings but it holds the same importance for our pets as well. To ensure good health and well being, it’s vital to analyse the amount of sleep our pets need, as well as the things for them we can do to support a good sleep. 

Sleep Needs Depend on Various Factors 

Including the longer stretch of sleep and short naps, the adult dogs need about 12-15 hours of sleep. However, the puppies need about 18 hours of sleep and sleep training can help them fix their sleep routine. Working out on the number of hours a dog needs to sleep is also dependent on their breed and size. For instance, since the larger breeds need to work harder to move around, they also need time to rest because that’s crucial for their bodies to recover. A plethora of ways have been explored through the ''Be a Doggy-Do-Little'' campaign that can help your pup snooze more soundly. There are so many practical tips that have been suggested, and are worth reading. 

Selecting the Right Bed 

It’s important to provide a comfortable pet bed for the pup to rest. There are different types of dog beds that are available in the market, from a traditional style dog bed to other styles such as a crate. However, the most essential thing to consider when choosing a bed is to keep in mind the size of the dog, and to ensure it’s cosy and well cushioned with a bumper or a soft padding. Moreover, a drop-down cover on the outside can also be added for extra privacy. An ideal sleep space should be quiet and warm, and somewhere that gives them privacy to unwind and enjoy their slumber. 

Sleep Routine for Pets

An effective bedtime routine can work wonders and this includes timing their last meal of the day just before bedtime so they sleep more soundly with a full tummy. Some pups need more time to digest their meals, so it’s important to adjust their meal times accordingly. Providing a calm environment with dim lights can also help the pooch to get ready to drift off. 

Develop Good Bedtime Habits 

Adopting good bedtime habits can go a long way, and this includes things like a quick bathroom break before bedtime, so they don’t have to wake up during the night. Moreover, it’s also suggested to sleep in separate sleeping quarters rather than snuggling with the pet on the same bed. 

Choosing the Right Diet 

Some dogs may struggle to sleep due to some factors including diet. If a pup’s diet is extremely energy rich, they’ll not be able to drift off easily and that’s because certain additives, proteins and nutritional components can have a lot of impact on sleep and the overall behaviour of the pet. It is therefore, essential to choose the correct diet based on their breed and age because that will have a lot of impact on their sleeping routine. A bedtime biscuit or a natural sleep supplement, such as melatonin can also help in sleep. However, it's recommended to first discuss with the vet to work out on the safest and most effective type of supplement for your four-legged friend.

How do you make sure your pooch sleeps well every night? 
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