How to Raise an Optimistic Child

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Some people are naturally more optimistic than others, and some people have good days and bad days. It’s perfectly normal for adults and children alike to doubt themselves from time to time, but its also important for parents to help their kids overcome these hesitant emotions so that they can tackle life’s obstacles with a smile on their faces. A private school near London have prepared the following advice for parents on how to raise an optimistic child. 

Help your child see the positive aspects of life as much as possible. Talk to them regularly about what they are grateful for and what they are looking forward to, so that they learn not to dwell on the bad stuff. Lead by example by sharing some of your own little wins each day, like a lovely colleague making you a cup of tea or a delicious meal you have planned for that evening. 

Give your child lots of encouragement as much as you can, but especially when they’re having down days. If they have an argument with a friend, let them know that it’s a normal part of life to have disagreements with people but they normally always work themselves out in the end. Perhaps share an example of when this happened to you. If they accidentally break something in the house, let them know that you are proud of them for owning up to it rather than telling them off for breaking it in the first place. The trick is to put a positive spin on things where possible.

The same applies if your child fails a test or gets a bad grade on their homework. Rather than punishing them for not performing well, praise them for how hard they tried and remind them that we all face setbacks sometimes, the trick is to learn from them for next time. This will help them develop a growth mindset, rather than giving up before they’ve even begun.

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