Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

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Teaching Your Child to Resist Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that we all come across from time to time, even as adults. Sometimes, we’re the ones doing the pressuring, without even realising it. It’s important for parents to teach their children about peer pressure so that they understand how to spot it and therefore how to avoid it. They need to know that there’s nothing wrong with saying no. Here are some tips form an independent school in West Sussex.

Start by chatting to your child about what peer pressure actually is. You could even try and find some videos online to show them, so they can get an even better understanding. Ask them if they can think of any examples of when this might have happened to them or if they witnessed it happening to someone else and share some examples of your own. Your child will learn from the example that you set, so talk to them about times when you overcame peer pressure so they can follow your lead. 

Sometimes, it’s not that we are unable to spot peer pressure, it’s that we don’t have the courage to say no. Let your child know that if something makes them uncomfortable, they shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for themselves. Often, the consequences of going along with the crowd are far worse than just saying no in the first place. Help your child find the confidence to say no should they need to by boosting their self-esteem with praise, compliments, and encouragement. 

If you’re worried that your child might be friendly with some children at school who could be a bad influence on them, don’t let them know. By saying things like “that kid will get you into trouble” just sets them up for failure and will make them think you don’t have any faith in them. Instead, get in touch with your child’s teachers to voice your concerns. They will be able to keep an eye on your child and perhaps come up with a plan, like a new seating arrangement, to encourage your child to make new friends. 

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