How Does Moving Schools Affect Your Child?

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Lots of children are faced with the challenge of a new school. Perhaps their parents have to relocate due to work commitments or separation. Regardless of the reason, moving schools can sometimes have a detrimental impact on the child and lots of additional support will be needed. I have teamed up with a prep school in Bristol to offer some advice for parents to help their children deal with this transition effectively.

When starting at a new school, there are so many things your child will have to get used to: a new building, new rules, new uniform, new classmates, new teachers. All this uncertainty will become normal eventually, but for the first few weeks or even months, it will take some time for your child to settle. They might feel anxious and on edge, so they will need lots of encouragement and a positive home life to help them get through it. Talk about the change using positive terminology, remind them how great it will be to make new friends and join new clubs. 

Help them build new friendships by arranging a playdate with other parents at the new school, if possible. This will allow your child to interact with their new peers in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable, rather than lost and confused. This will allow them to be more themselves and friendships should form more easily. It may also help to allow your child to keep in touch with their old friends. If you don’t live near anymore, perhaps you could arrange a video chat.

Be patient with your child when it comes to their education during this time, as it may take some time for them to adapt to the new teaching style and possibly different curriculum. Perhaps consider hiring a private tutor to help your child get up to speed with the rest of the class and generally just find the confidence they might have lost as a result of all of the changes. Keep in touch with their teachers in the early days for regular updates on their progress. 

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