Why Businesses Should Use Multifunctional Printers

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Why Businesses Should Use Multifunctional Printers

A multifunctional printer brings together all of the benefits of multiple machines into one smart device. A photo copier, scanner printer and sometimes even a fax machine are all combined into one MFP saving space, electricity, time and much more! If you are still not convinced as to why you should invest in a MFP for your business a print management software company in London have pulled together some more information and all of the benefits below. 

Cost Efficient

Choosing a multi-functional printer for your office will save you the initial outlay of buying three or four separate machines and separate supplies. It will also help to reduce your ongoing monthly costs as energy efficient MFPs not only help to reduce your carbon foot print but also offer a very low cost per page rate as well as features such as power saving mode and double sided printing. 

Get Connected 

Most MFPs have the functionality to allow staff members to connect to them wirelessly meaning they can print from wherever they are in the building or even when they are out of the office in meetings or working from home. 

Space Saving

One of the obvious benefits is the physical space an MFP could save in your office, instead of making room for three or four separate machines you can have it all in one. They come in different sizes and shapes so you can chose one that fits into the space you have available. 

Improves Security 

Multifunctional printers have extra security measures in place to put your mind at ease and ensure that all of your documents are safe. You can also set passwords or scan a badge to make sure that no one else can retrieve the documents that you send to the printer.

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