What to do if Your Child is Performing Poorly at School

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Lots of children can have a dip in motivation at times which can lead to some unexpectedly low exam results or meetings with the teachers. If spotted early this can be turned around support can be given to ensure their enthusiasm and hard work improves. We all want our children to do their very best at school and reach their full potential so it is a good idea to stay in the loop when it comes to their performance in the classroom and the quality of their work. Banstead Prep, a Prep School in Surrey has provided us with the following advice on what to do if your child is performing poorly at school. 

First things first you need to have some kind of indication to how your child is getting on academically; here are some tips to help you tell whether your child is under performing at school. 

Read the school reports 
Meet with your children’s teachers 
Speak to other parents 
Get involved with their homework 
Ask your children how they feel 

So how can I help?

Have a conversation

The first step to help you child improve their performance is to have an open conversation with them to give them a chance to discuss how they feel and check whether there is any particular reason that their grades are beginning to dip. 

Speak to the teachers

They may have also noticed that your child is having difficulties and you will be able to work together to help them. If a learning disability is suspected they will be able to provide guidance and support and may even be able to offer an assessment to identify the issue.

Introduce revision sessions

As well as setting aside time for homework you should also introduce regular revision and study sessions. This will help establish a routine and encourage your child to spend more time on the subjects that they are struggling with. 

Think about a tutor

Once you have established where the strengths and weaknesses lie you could think about hiring a tutor to help with the subjects your child is finding a struggle. 


Be sure to praise your child’s efforts and try not to be too hard on them if they do not achieve the grades you expected as long as they are working hard and putting their all into school that is all that matters.

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