Explore London Bridge on a Budget this Fall!

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Explore London Bridge on a Budget

London is our favourite family travel destination but some of the places including the Mayfair, Kensington, Soho and of course, the London Bridge, are our absolute favourites. Being not too far from the capital, we often plan day trips to the city, but sometimes we also end up planning  a staycation. If you'd like to explore the London Bridge, I would definitely recommend you to stay at a London Bridge Hotel to make the most of your trip.

Exploring the London Bridge on a budget isn't difficult as there are lots of nearby attractions, places and restaurants within a mile's walking radius from the London Bridge that are not just easy for you to explore with your girlfriends but also with family and kids. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Walk London Bridge to Tower Bridge & The Shard 

Wander along the Thames from the London Bridge to the Tower Bridge and you'll be able to spot lots of iconic buildings such as The Shard. Stop to take a few pictures and you can also enter The Shard to enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. It is not necessary for your meal to cost you an arm or a leg when visiting the building. However, you can also just enjoy a coffee or a drink, which should be within your budget. I would highly recommend booking your place instead of walking in randomly. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Borough Market

Just 6 minutes by walk from the London Bridge is the Borough Market, known as the oldest and the largest market in Southwark and it sells specialty foods such as varieties of fresh juices, baked goodies, cheeses & meats. The market only opens from Monday to Saturday (8:00 am - 5:00 pm), and is closed on Sundays. However, if you visit the market near to the closing time, you'll definitely be able to bag some amazing deals and offers. (Postcode: SE11TL)

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Southwark Cathedral 

If you walk another 3 minutes ahead of the Borough Market, you'll easily be able to spot the Southwark Cathedral. The cathedral opens daily between 8:30 am & 5:30 am and does not require any entry tickets. However, if you wish to take any pictures, you'll have to pay a donation of £1 for permission. The Southwark Cathedral is both family and disabled friendly, and has a small gift shop for visitors to purchase souvenirs. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Golden Hind

Just a minute from the Southwark Cathedral, you'll be able to spot the Golden Hind, a ship that used to be captained by Sir Francis Drake. Originally known as the Pelican, the ship was renamed in 1587 in honour of Sir Christopher Hatton whose crest was a golden hind. Visitors can still see the original pieces of the galleon, and there is no charge to see it from the outside, or even read about it's history. However, the entry to the ship is £5 per person & £15 for a family of four, which is also a great price! 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Winchester Palace Ruins

This used to be an ancient 12th century palace that served as the London townhouse of the Bishops of Winchester. Located on the South bank of River Thames on the Clink Street, near the Southwark Cathedral, the visitors can still see the remains of the demolished palace where past is recorded in stone.

Millennium Mile

Stretching along the Thames between the Westminster Bridge and London Bridge lies the Millennium Mile where visitors can see many attractions as they walk past the area. You won't just get to enjoy the views, but you can also stop for a snack and coffee while appreciating the surroundings.  If you have some money to spare, make sure to ride a ferry as the sunsets and admire the beauty around you! Tickets are available for purchase from the booth at the pier. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Southbank neighbourhood & Bankside Mix 

If you'd like to explore one of the most vibrant leisure and retails destinations in London, you have to make sure to take a stroll around the Southbank neighbourhood. Also, the Bankside Mix offers an array of shops and restaurants as well as lots of open spaces for the little ones to run around. I would say, this place is ideal for lunch or dinner. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Shakespeare's Globe

The Shakespeare's Globe is dedicated to exploring the work of Shakespeare and was founded by Sam Wanamaker. The playhouse hosts lots of different plays written by Shakespeare for visitors to enjoy the performances. However, if you do not wish to spend money on the play tickets, or you're short of time, then you're free to enter and explore the Globe and to purchase souvenirs from the gift shop. It is recommended to book tickets prior to the visit as they sell out really quickly. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Tate Modern

Free to enter, the gallery showcases  international modern and contemporary art. You can check out their website to learn about the exhibitions running at the time of your visit. Also, make sure to check the opening and closing timing to ensure you don't have to miss going there. 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

Bankside Gallery

The Bankside gallery opens daily between 11:00 am till 6:00 pm and is free to enter. Visitors are welcome to admire the work of the artists and purchase paintings and artwork. 

St. George the Martyr 

This Grade II listed building has been named after Saint George who is strongly associated with Charles Dickens. His father was imprisoned for debt and the wall of the prison currently surviving adjoins the north side of the churchyard. Dickens used to live nearby during this time, and lots if scenes from one of his novels, 'Little Dorrit' were set in and round the church. Also, East window of the St. George the Martyr church also represents the novel of this great writer! 

Explore London Bridge on a Budget

All of this can be covered within 2 days and easily on foot, so you won't have to spend any money on transportation. Moreover, since these attractions are near one another, it isn't even feasible to drive to or park near these places. 

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