Top 5 Adventurer Gifts & Toys for Girls and Boys

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Top 5 Adventurer Gifts & Toys for Girls and Boys

Purchasing presents for children on a special occasion such as something as important as their birthday, or festive season can be quite challenging at times. Depending on the age, gender and the interests of the child, the options can be narrowed down but browsing different toy stores can be a bit painstaking and time consuming especially for those entangled in a busy schedule. The popularity of online shopping and the launch of exciting websites such as Wicked Uncle has provided easy access to people for purchasing presents and cool jokes perfect for any occasion including adventurer gifts and toys for girls and boys.

With BabyN's birthday fast approaching, I thought of brainstorming a few ideas of what to get for him. Obviously, being a mother I actually know what he wants and I'm also fully aware of his birthday wish-list but it isn't possible to check all of it. While browsing for birthday gifts for boys online, I came across various choices when I realised how simple and easy the entire process has been made by Wicked Uncle as they've categorised the toys and gifts for girls and boys and for different age groups (0 - 12+) on the basis of popularity and new arrivals. Some of the categories available for purchase on the website include outdoor, role play, fashion and style, sensory toys, books and games to name a few! 
Below I've complied a list of top 5 adventurer gifts and toys brilliant for both girls and boys. 

Full HD Action Camera - Discovery Adventures 

Since there was choice, and obviously I couldn't pick everything, I ended up choosing a full  high quality HD action camera (£34.95), complete with waterproof case and WiFi to watch live on your smartphone. Made by German company Bresser and approved by the Discovery Channel, this 1080p digital camera is perfect for the little adventurers who love engaging themselves in outdoor activities such as biking, skating or swimming. Live streaming on the smartphone through WiFi is another added advantage, besides the fact that the 6cm x 4cm tall camera can go up to 30m underwater as well. Additionally, purchasing a MicroSD memory card that can be added in the memory card slot can enable kids to save snaps for later. 

Full HD Action Camera for kids by wicked uncle

Full HD Action Camera for kids by wicked uncle

Revolving Globe - Around the Globe in 14 seconds! 

This desktop sized globes spins and finishes the rotation in only 14 seconds, and has a 30 day spinning life on just one AA battery. The 14 cm tall globe (£16.95) is a perfect addition to a desk, and the plastic high-gloss finish is a perfect present for little travellers who love to explore the world and to discover new places across the globe. 
Revolving Globe by Wicked Uncle

Metal Detector - Search for Buried Treasure

The colourful detector (£16.95) not just lights up, but also sounds when metal is found, thus making it really interactive for the children. The product has been designed for little ones, and its sturdy 30cm long metal detector lights up and flashes when metal is detected, which makes it perfect for exploratory trips. The easy to use pivoting head also glows when treasure is found either in a sand pit, at a beach or in the garden. 
Metal Detector by Wicked Uncle

Walkie Talkies - National Geographic 

These lightweight walkie talkies (£39.95) made by Bresser in Germany are brilliant for some outdoor fun. They're easy to use, have a clear reception and their range is up to 6 km in the open. The 12cm long handset with antenna has a built-in flashlight and a microphone jack along with call alert and press-to-talk buttons, volume control and 8 different channels with an LED display. The handy belt clip is perfect for children to use when they need both their hands for some adventurous fun such as climbing or exploring missions.

Walkie Talkies - National Geographic  by Wicked Uncle

Spy X - Night Mission Goggles

These light up night mission goggles (£19.95) are great for night time adventures and the tinted blue lenses have been added to enable a better night vision. The full mode enables the user to get directional beams of the bright blue LED light, leaving both hands free for the little explorer. Since the stretchy elastic straps are adjustable, it can fit heads of all sizes and the retractable scope and 2x magnifying lens can be used to pot targets from greater distances. These night mission goggles are brilliant for fun spying escapades and make a perfect present. 

Spy X - Night Mission Goggles by Wicked Uncle
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  1. Jack would love the revolving globe and metal detector! These look like they would all be fab gifts for Christmas.

  2. I always used to love the idea of having a metal detector and going out and getting to find different treasures. So that definitely would be on my list.

  3. My daughter would love the metal detector, in fact she asked for one just today!

  4. I love the look of the metal detecter. I feel like we might find our fortune one day! haha

  5. Wow there are some really cool products here. The metal detector and revolving globe look like fun xx

  6. These are great ideas, I love something a little different from the norm. The metal detector looks great fun.

  7. Great selection of gifts and toys for adventure loving kids. My boys would love the metal detector and spy goggles.

  8. My son would go absolutely crazy for the Metal detector.


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