Should I Encourage My Child to Go to University?

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Should I Encourage My Child to Go to University?

Parenting is tough; none of us truly know if we’re doing the right thing by our children, we just try our best to muddle through. One example of this is university and understanding whether or not it’s the best option for your son or daughter. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to university, as discussed by a Sixth Form in Hertfordshire, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Every student has a different reason for going to university; the experience is unique for everyone. The main reason, of course, is for young people to explore their favourite subject and progress in their education, so that they can pursue a career in that particular field. Others go to university for the social side and to experience living away from home. 

You should only encourage your child to go to university if you think they will benefit from it in some way. For example, if they want to become a doctor they will most certainly need a medical degree. If you think they have some growing up to do, university will help them learn to budget, cook, do laundry and generally look after themselves without your supervision.

At university, students will need to be able to motivate themselves because they are responsible for their own learning experience. With that in mind, your child might be better suited to a vocational qualification or apprenticeship, where they get hands-on experience in a chosen career.

Don’t let the tuition put you off encouraging your child to attend university, as there are loans in place to help. Do lots of research about university and weigh up all of the pros and cons. The better your education about the benefits of university, the easier it will be to help you and your child come to a conclusion.

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