How to Improve Your Relationship with a Teenager

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How to Improve Your Relationship with a Teenager

Parents of teenagers will know how challenging it can be at times. Teens often become withdrawn and start to explore their independence, which can be tough for mums and dads. Hormones are raging, school work becomes tough and the mood in the house just doesn’t feel the same. There are lots of ways to combat the challenges that come with having a teenage son or daughter and ensure your relationship with them doesn’t suffer, as discussed below by a senior school in London.

Teens often feel like they’re being criticised all the time, which is what can lead to a lot of the tension within a family unit. Try to recognise your teen’s strengths and praise them often, rather than constantly pointing out their flaws. Adolescents need recognition and reassurance just as much as younger children, especially during a time when confidence is hugely important. 

As well as praising your teen, it’s also important to show that you trust them and the decisions they make. Whilst they were young, you probably put a lot of effort into teaching them how to be independent, so don’t be surprised now that they want to explore their freedom. If they feel like you don’t trust and respect their privacy, they are more likely to rebel against you and your relationship will suffer. For example, if you tell them they can’t be friends with one of their unruly classmates for fear they will be influenced, then they will feel more inclined to befriend that person.

If you feel like your relationship with your teen is a little rocky, try and find something you both enjoy doing and do it together. Sharing similar interests is a great way to not only spend some quality time together but also build a stronger bond. Some examples could be playing a sport together, going for a dog walk, or just watching a movie you both like. Sharing the simplest activities together, like eating dinner as a family, can truly help you all connect and learn about each other. 

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  1. it becomes harder to find those moments. We have to be intentional and selective in the ways we build our relationships with them and also make sure that we really talk with them, rather than lecture.

    Helen |


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