Kitchen Decor: Where to Spend and Where to Save?

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With BBQ and garden party season well and truly here, your kitchen is bound to be a hub of activity, so you might be looking to give it a bit of a makeover for your dear guests. Re-decorating can be expensive, but before you break the bank, here are some handy tips for where you should save your pennies and where you should splurge on your decor. 

The Walls

The walls are usually the first thing any guests will see, so it’s definitely somewhere you should splash out. If you have a big kitchen, why not stand out from the crowd and create a statement wall with some colourful kitchen wallpaper? Or, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, make it look bigger with a neutral lick of paint. That said, once you have your base, you can work some crafty, Pinterest-worthy magic to decorate them even further without spending a lot of money. Photo frames are a cheap way of adding some personal touches - fill them with family photographs, or even pretty postcards that fit the colour scheme of the room. I've got lots of magnets and photos on my fridge, you can see where I got my photo fridge magnets from, here. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, buy a black canvas and some poster paints and see what you can conjure up yourself or ask kids to help! It’ll definitely be a talking point for your guests!

The Floor

Usually, whether you have wooden, tied or carpeted flooring, all you really need is to give it a bit of TLC - which can be done for a relatively low cost. Buy some products that give a ‘deep clean’ to carpets, or perhaps hire an industrial style polisher if your tiles are looking worse for wear. If you’re blessed with a big area, think about adding a rug to give the room a new look - while these can be expensive, there are also plenty of second hand ones to be found that are looking for a new home! I have a big kitchen, and the rug really adds a nice touch to it. 

The Furniture 

If you’re likely to have a large amount of guests during BBQ season, it might be worth thinking about investing in some new seating arrangements. Whether you spend or save, however, is really up to you. If you’re looking for furniture that will stand the test of time, it’s worth spending some money on a new dining room set. But if you’re just looking for something for your guests to sit down on, folding camping chairs or garden sets will work just fine! Also, if you have any old pieces of furniture hanging around your house, why not up-cycle them with a lick of paint or some new upholstery to give your kitchen a new look for very little money! Up-cycling furniture is a fantastic, yet a pretty economical idea and it really adds life to it. Locals stores sell paints at reasonable rates, so it's definitely worth considering. 

The Accessories 

Accessories are definitely an area where you can save some pennies - which is good news if you’ve spent a little too much on the other elements of the decor. Furnishings such as cushions curtains can give a room a homely feel without a huge price tag. Local fabric shops are great for low-cost material that will fit with your exact colour scheme, and making cushion covers is a great activity to do with the kids if you’re looking for a little bit of help! You can also use any leftover fabric you have to create a throw for your bed or sofa - which will create an expensive-looking set of accessories without the need to splurge! I've got a nice sized kitchen so I've placed a breakfast table and two stools which give a really chic look. 

Do you have any tips for decorating your kitchen? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. We're just about to start renovating our entire house so these tips are perfect! Thanks for sharing

  2. These sound like some great tips, we have just had a new kitchen put in but as we rent I have no idea on the costings though we did get a say in what was put in which was really nice.

  3. Great tips! I definitely agree that you can save some pennies on accessories! You can get some pretty cheap, but beautiful pieces for next to nothing!

  4. I wish my kitchen was bigger as we have the smallest space with little room for work top space let alone walls to hang pictures. Once we own our own home I'm hoping to have the biggest kitchen with space everywhere. I love the tips about the walls and colours x

  5. My husband and I have remodeled a number of kitchens over the years. We've found that a little bit of paint sure goes a long way toward making something look updated. Also, countertops, new flooring and appliances are things we've invested in. Great food for thought!

  6. We've just re-done our kitchen and picked the nicest, boldest wall paper for one wall.

  7. I miss having a garden so much now that I live in a city so we can't have barbeques any more. This possibly means that the kitchen is even more important when we entertain though and so perhaps I should look at sprucing it up a little again. Great tips!!!

  8. Thank you for your tips. I want to redo our entire kitchen this year. We have recently moved in and it's not our cup of tea. Our tiles aren't too bad to be honest but our floor and all the units will definately need changing!

  9. I love those floral canvases in the third picture! I definitely agree that accessories is a great place to make some savings :)

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