5 Quick Meal Ideas with Najma Foods

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chicken and prawn Manchurian

Nowadays, in the world where every individual is often caught up with various priorities of life, cooking sometimes get in the way of some other important stuff and especially when one is out of steam, the motivation for preparing a meal is almost negligible. In my house, fresh meals are cooked on a daily basis, but also having the feelings of a normal human being, I sometimes cringe my fists when it comes to household work. I really don't mind cooking, but the cleaning up afterwards is what I least enjoy. Also, being a mom the daily schedule is sometimes eventful and that further adds to the joy! 

halal ready meals uk

The UK based, Najma Foods has launched a range of convenient Halal products that are great for all occasions. The idea behind the brand is to develop a range of Halal snack food as well as meat staples to ensure convenience of the customers. These are especially handy for busy Muslims who are unlikely to spend much time cooking in the kitchen and this is the reason why ready-to-eat or ready-to- cook Halal product line has been developed by Najma Foods. I've used some of the products from the Najma Foods range to prepare quick and easy meals for myself and my family, that we enjoyed together. Below are the products currently available at selected supermarkets in the UK. 

Chicken chunks
BBQ chicken chunks 
Wafer thin turkey with or without herbs
Spanish Chorizo (stick and sliced)
Sliced smoked turkey rashers
Pancetta styled diced turkey
Smooth chicken pate
Sliced chicken - Tikka/Habanero style 

halal chicken manchurian london

Chicken & Prawn Manchurian with Egg Fried Rice

I think many of you know how fond my husband is, of Chinese food. It generally takes between one to two hours for me to prepare the whole meal but I got the opportunity to cut the kitchen time short with the help of the Chicken Chunks from Najma FoodsFor the rice, I simply boiled them and added pieces of fried egg to it. Generally, I add other things such as prawns, shredded boiled chicken and shredded carrots as well but I was a bit out of the steam and wanted to finish off quickly. However, there's no harm in keeping it simple. I was going to write the recipe for the Manchurian here in this post, but thought it will become really long so I'm going to do write another post for the recipe which I will link up for you guys here. 

halal chicken pizza london

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I generally get my cheese pizzas from Tesco and add my own toppings. They're sold in both thin and thick crusts, but I prefer the thick crust pizzas and change toppings according to my mood. This time, I added peppers, tomatoes, black olives, Najma Foods BBQ chicken chunks, onion and sprinkled some salt. When I have to make my own chicken topping, I marinate my chicken cubes with the chicken tikka spice mix and cook before adding it on the pizza. However, this time since the chicken chunks were already cooked, I didn't have to spend my time doing the chicken tikka topping. Trust me, it saved a lot of my time and the pizza topping was ready within 5 minutes. For an extra spice, you can also add the red chili flakes or have your pizza with a fiery sauce. Ah, and besides chicken you can also add turkey or Spanish chorizo if you prefer that on your pizza, Najma Foods has got you covered. 

halal chicken pizza london

halal chicken pizza london

Toasted 3 Meat Cheese Sandwich 

This sandwich was a complete whopper and full of calories. It hardly took 5 minutes to prepare this and what I did was simply toasted the thick bread sliced, layered a slice of turkey, some chicken chunks and Spanish chorizo. Add just a couple of slices of chorizo because it has a very strong taste and I didn't want to overwhelm it's taste on the other meats that had been added. The next step was to drizzle some Chili mayonnaise sauce and top it up with a slice of full-fat cheese. To melt the cheese, just microwave the sandwich for 15 seconds. 

halal chicken sandwich london

BBQ Chicken Burger 

Who doesn't enjoy eating burgers? You can try out this 5 minute recipe by adding some lettuce, BBQ chicken chunks, black olives, chili mayonnaise sauce and ketchup. Just make sure to heat it up for half a minute for an extra kick. 
halal BBQ chicken burger
halal BBQ chicken burger

Chicken & Pasta Salad

Prepared this salad as a side, for a BBQ party I had at my place. All you need to do is boil the pasta and peas, both in separate pans. Meanwhile, slice an apple and cut in small pieces. Once the pasta and peas are boiled, drain them, wash with cold water and drain again. In a pasta bowl, add the apple, pasta, peas, sliced pineapple, a pinch of salt and pepper, mayonnaise as needed and mix well. I prefer the full-fat mayonnaise because it tastes better that the low-fat ones, but if you want, you can add the lighter one too. In the end, I added the Najma Foods chicken chunks and mixed it gently. You can also add Najma Foods Pancetta styled diced turkey if you want. 

halal chicken pasta salad

halal chicken pasta salad

I just feel it's a really good initiative by Najma Foods, as having access to Halal ready or ready to cook meals save lots of time and effort. Personally, I being a mother would definitely recommend their products as there are lots of options to choose from, and to use these meat products. They're not just perfect for snacking, but also for main meals and for kids' or even adult meal and lunch boxes. 

If you have any suggestions to help me use the Najma Foods product range, then let me know in comments below. 

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  1. I love how they have developed this kind of meat in halal version as these are the kinds of things I miss from my non-muslim days. I'm definitely going to check it out. Sounds perfect for a picnic! #MuslimahBloggers

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  4. All of these look so easy and delicious! The pictures are mouth watering. Would definitely want to try them out!

  5. That pasta salad is droolsome...Sometimes ready to cook meals come very handy and Najma Foods sounds like a good range....thank you for sharing about it...will share this to my cousin who stays in UK...it will be useful for her....

  6. Food blogs should be banned. Loved this article, jut not happy there wasn't a taster! ;)

  7. These are SUCH amazing ideas!!!!!! You got a 7month pregnant woman craving chicken manchurian now and a burger and a pasta salad! LOL Thanks though saving this as I am trying to meal plan so I would like to plan ahead :D

  8. The *salad* looks too good.. Especially for a pasta lover

    . Najma food has introduced something remarkable. I especially like the range of options available to choose form

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