Top 5 things to See in Paris

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Eiffel tower paris

The Eiffel Tower

I was lucky enough to see this most popular tourist attraction of Paris twice, both during day time and at night! At both times, there were lots of tourists gathered around the place and it felt great. The tourists can also take a tour of The Eiffel Tower, but for that they need to purchase tickets. I would advise using a Hop-On Hop-Off bus to see the tourist attractions around the city, because that's more convenient but Paris does have a strong public transport network as well, which you can use if you want to save money. There is a train station very near to The Eiffel Tower, so immediately after you walk out of the train station, you can spot the tower right in front of your eyes! 

Galeries Lafayette

If you love shopping for luxury brands, then Galeries Lafayette in Paris should definitely be a stop during your visit to the capital of France. The place attracts both men and women and has a beautiful interior - you would be sure to indulge in some shopping on your visit! You can also find Galeries Lafayette in Dubai inside The Dubai Mall, so if you're visiting the city of sand dunes, then you'll have the chance for some more shopping from this popular French store as well. 


Now this is another popular tourist attraction of Paris which is full of tourists most of the time. It is an avenue, 1.9 km long and 70 m wide and is known for luxury stores, cafes and theatres. I did check out different luxury brands across the avenue, and even went to see Louis Vuitton. You may be a bit surprised to know that there was a queue outside the store and the tourists actually had to wait for their turn to get in the store. I also waited, but luckily the wait wasn't long as I had to get back to the hotel to catch my flight for the Netherlands. Earlier, the previous day I had my lunch at a popular restaurant on the street and then went for a sweet treat at Haagen Dazs. Every restaurant, cafe and other eateries I passed were full of people so you will have to be a bit patient to wait to get seated, especially if you want to eat at a popular spot. 

Arc De Triomphe & Historic Monuments

One of the most famous landmarks in Paris is Arc De Triomphe and that's also easily accessible if you're planning to use a train as it's right in front as you walk out of the train station. Mostly, there are lots of tourists seen in the area photographing the monument itself and taking selfies. Paris also has lots of other historic monuments and buildings all over the city and the architecture of those buildings is amazing!

The Louvre

The Louvre is the largest museum in the world, has a very historic value in Paris and is also a central landmark that exhibits more than 35,000 objects because of which it is the second most visited museum in the world, after the Palace Museum in China. Millions of tourists visit The Louvre each year so if you're in Paris and love history, then make sure to visit.

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If you've been to Paris, then what's your favourite tourist spot in the French city? 

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  1. I really want to see the Louvre as I am a big fan of culture and history so that is one of the main reasons I would like to visit Paris. I hope I can go one day x

  2. was in Paris a few years ago with my husband and I really enjoyed it. my favourite attraction was the Louvre. I loved the glass dome and the way it compliments the older style building.

  3. My husband and I have a trip planned to Paris this fall. It's our first time going .. and we can't wait. I'm going to bookmark your post so we can checkout some of the other sites (besides the Eiffle Tower)!

  4. Paris is wonderful!Thanks for the visual tour ��❤

  5. Gosh, what I love about European architecture is the age itself. Most are still maintained and standing. I really like if a city is mixed with old buildings. I find cities that are way too urban-like quite boring.

  6. This is a lovely list. These are all definitely must-see places in Paris. They were all on my list when I visited and i managed to visit them all AH :)

  7. Love this! The buildings reminded me of our recent trip to Quebec City which i also posted about on my blog. Brought back the mini vacation feeling. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed. :)

  8. The architecture in Paris is soo beautiful 💗 I'd love to visit but I'd be worried about the anti - hijab/niqab that really deters me from going.

    1. I was worried about it as well but I wore the hijab throughout my stay in Paris. Infact, most of the tourists on Champs-Élysées were Muslim Arabs and all of them were wearing hijabs and abaya!

  9. Hope you had tons of fun out there....thank you for taking me on a virtual is always refreshing to soak in the spirit of new country and enjoy the surroundings....

  10. I've been to Paris too it was great there! My favorite part were the crapes =)

  11. Paris is beautiful. .Nice pics..

  12. Paris is a dream destination. It is on my bucket list. Hope to visit there soon!

  13. I'm not one of those girls super obsessed with Paris lol but I would love to go because I love to travel. Insha-Allah oneday lol I think my French teacher would die cause I forgot 99% of my French though. Thank you for sharing! ( and

  14. I have only been to Paris once and it was 11 years ago. It was a school trip and I think we did many of these things. The Louvre was amazing I remember.


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