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halal steaks london

If you're in the look out for new Halal steakhouses and burger joints, then you must definitely read till the end. Meat & Shake, a restaurant having three branches across the city (Warford, Tooting, Ealing) serves Halal steaks and burgers in London. The interior has been designed to give the place a casual look with brick walls, yet it gives a welcoming touch. 

Paid parking is available on the nearby streets for £2.60 per hour and is free 6:30 pm onward. Meat & Shake (Tooting branch) has a brilliant location, and by that I mean that you won't have to go around streets looking for it, rather it can be spotted easily. 
halal steaks london

It was lunch time when my husband and I arrived at Meat & Shake and after parking the car in the nearby street, walked towards the restaurant. We started off with the spicy beef and lamb Hot Link Sausages (£4.50) served with pickles and mustard. Initially, we were thinking what to order but I left it on my husband to take the decision and although, I personally don't enjoy sausages much, these were great! When the platter arrived, it wasn't what I had in my mind as the aromatic sausages had been sliced. They were well spiced but dipping them in the mustard and sauces available on the table were perfect for adding an extra hot taste to it. 
halal steaks london

I wanted to try the mocktails, however the Tooting branch doesn't do them anymore so I am hoping to try them next time in one of the other branches of Meat & Shake in London. As the name mentions the word 'shake' itself, we had to try one of their shakes and opted for the small Coconut and Mango shake (£4.50). The milkshake had desiccated coconut in it, the thickness was perfect and it tasted good too! So that was the only milkshake we tried (husband and I actually shared) because we wouldn't have been able to finish the food otherwise. 
mango milkshake

Our side was Dirty Fries (£7.8) that had chili corn carne and was topped with jalapeƱos mustard, sour cream and cheese. The chili corn carne is actually a spicy stew containing meat, beans and peppers and is seasoned with other spices. I've had Dirty Fries at a restaurant before, but these ones tasted different. They were hot but enjoyable - I actually LOVED them! 
dirty fries

halal steak london

Our mains were steaks - the Sirloin steak (£19.90) and the Rib Eye steak (£21.90), both 300 grams. Another name for the Sirloin is Porterhead steak. Both steaks had been marbled generously, were served with green salad and already had some sauce on it. Meat & Shake does have a few options to choose from, if you prefer another sauce and we tried Peppercorn and gravy. However, it wasn't really needed if you're happy with the BBQ flavoured sauce already drizzled on the steak. I found peppercorn a bit mild in taste if compared to the gravy or maybe it was because I had tried the latter first, and it quite a strong taste. There is also blue cheese on the menu, if anyone prefers that with steak. Moreover, they do have a variety of sides, but they aren't included in the price of the steak, so have to be ordered separately.
halal steak london

fresh green salad

halal steak london

halal steak london

Smoking bandit (£10.90) was our choice for the burger which included chipotle mayo, cheddar, turkey bacon and leaves, all smokey! I really liked Meat & Shake's innovative concept of serving it. They dish out the burger and then fill smoke inside, through a pipe and keep it covered so the smoke stays inside. If I was just going to eat a smoking bandit for lunch, I would have easily eaten two of them especially when I'm too hungry. The burger was recommended to us when placing the order as it's the most popular burgers served at Meat and Shake, had it not been recommended, it would have really been a challenging task to make the choice from the list on the menu card.

halal burger london

Mississippi Mud pie

For the dessert, it was the chocolaty Mississippi Mud pie (£6.5) served with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce drizzled on it - perfect to end a Saturday lunch!

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Everything is Halal
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: No

Contact Meat & Steak: 
Telephone: 020 8355 4496
Location: 47 Upper Tooting Road, SW17 7TR


What's your favourite steak cut and combination of sauce to go with it? 

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  1. One of my favourite restaurants! Love the burgers here...not had steak or pudding yet though...

  2. Those picture made ny mouth water. As great as it seems, the prices seem a little steep, but that may just be because I am unfamiliar with London prices.

  3. I am not much of a meat fan but I love laoded fries, milkshakes, mocktails and eveything of that sort. This food looks amazing and that mud die for!

  4. MEAT IS LIFE! This place sounds amazing! If I'm ever in London, I'll be stopping by!

  5. Oh that looks fab! Another one to add to the list to visit!

  6. Really beautiful pictures. :)
    Great photography skills you''ve got there.

  7. Lovely pictures and great review , to bad it's so far from here . I haven't found any good halal restaurants in my area yet

  8. I have heard so much about meat and shake! do they serve chicken? because I am not a huge meat fan at all! the dirty fries do look tempting though!

    1. They do serve chicken burgers and steaks, both. However, the dirty fries have mince (red) meat.


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