Restaurant Review: The Famous Flames - Camden, London

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Located opposite the entrance of the Camden Town underground station, The Famous Flames is a burger joint that sells fast food such as burgers and sandwiches, wings, sides and drinks. It's located outside the congestion zone of London and parking is easily available nearby. Although it's paid in the mornings but it's free 6:30 pm onward. The restaurant has recently updated their menu and is now serving burgers with the Martin Potato roll buns. The Famous Flames in Camden is a venture of Bea Vo, also the founder of Stax Diner and Boondocks

As mentioned earlier, the menu includes fast-food and the restaurant specializes in flame grilled burgers and so that's what I sampled there. I ordered the Famous Flames cheese burger (£7.5) & Honey Habanero Chicken sandwich (£6.5) along with the waffle fries and cheesy waffle fries. The Famous Flames burger had a grilled beef patty on a Martin’s Potato Roll bun and some lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and American cheese. The chicken sandwich tasted good too, and the sauce inside was what actually kicked off the flavour. Also tried General Tso's chicken wings (£5.5 for 6 wings), those were great and actually had a Chinese touch in them. The idea of introducing waffle fries is great but the cheese on the cheesy waffle fries didn't compliment very well according to  my taste. 

The restaurant is great if you're looking to grab an 'on-the-go' meal or even if you want to stop by for a quick-bite. They have placed high tables with stools to accommodate those who want to sit inside and eat. 

Rating: 7/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Everything is Halal
Child-Friendly: No
Alcohol Available: No

Contact The Famous Flames: 
Telephone: 0203 468 0403
Location: 11 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NH
Which burger joint is your favourite & which burger do you like the most? 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this was a wonderful review of the restaurant.

  2. Sounds like an interesting place. Maybe someday InshaAllah. Thanks for the review

  3. These burgers look delious, I must try this restaurant next time I am in Camdan

  4. Oh my goodness! This looks like a place my husband and I would've gone to! We both love tasting new burgers, there are lots here in California of course...only a few are very good. I hope we'll get the chance to visit abroad and eat here!

  5. Mmmm that burger photo looks mouthwatering! Il have to check this place out maybe after Ramadan!

    I love Zinger Burger but mostly I don't eat burgers I don't know why but if I have to then I eat Zinger Burger but this one looks so good that I want to eat it right now ❤

  7. Lovely review the burger picture had me drooling lol!!! ( and


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