Horoscope tells how tidy you are!

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I couldn't believe how true every word was, when I first read my horoscope about how tidy and organised I am. Reading it actually cracked me up and I was literally laughing while BabyN' was balancing himself on my back. I'm a Taurian and it said that organisation runs through my veins. Absolutely true! My grandfather was really organised and used to keep every single thing in place, neat and clean, and even my dad is the same so I think I've really got it in my veins. In my home, I always keep everything in place because having things here and there and looking at clutter makes me feel restless. 

From filing cabinet to wardrobe, your zodiac can tell everything about you as an individual and can define your level of tidiness. Some people make 'being organised' a part of their new year resolution but are unable to keep it. Don't worry, just blame your zodiac sign for that and laugh around. 

Some of you may really find reading horoscopes interesting and may also believe in it. I remember, as a teenager I always used to read my daily horoscope when I read the newspaper. Although, I didn't really believe in it or planned things according to that, it was so much fun reading it. Nowadays, I often come across different kinds of applications on social media platforms that reveal so many things just by telling the zodiac sign. Again, it's a fun pastime and sometimes, a few things might be true as well. The most recent thing I came across was knowing about how tidy I am, through my horoscope.

Well, I know how tidy I am but not prone to obsessive compulsive disorder - thank God! I love to keep my things in place and keep them updated, clean and organized. It gets really difficult for me to stay in a place which is messy or cluttered and I just feel like sorting out the mess even if I'm at someone else's place. I'm so glad that BabyN' has also picked up those habits from me and keeps things tidy too, most of time! He refuses to eat even if there's a tiny morsel of food on the table, or on the floor or on his clothes or mouth. He is a sweetheart and I'm so glad to be his mum! 

My husband goes to work and it's very rare when he works from home and before having BabyN', I used to formally sit on my work desk and do my work so we still have a work desk at home with very neat office filing cabinets next to it, where all the important things have been neatly stacked in place. We have allocated different shelves for each one of us, one for BabyN's documents such as his Red book we got from the NHS and everything else, including party decor items and gift bags in a small box. 

On my shelf, I've kept some note books, journals, wax melts and also some truffles, which are handy when I need a break while working on my blog. Husband of course, has his important course books and documents on his shelf, along with some stationary in his Ferrari mug he got from the Ferrari store in Italy. He loves that brand, so I had planned a Ferrari themed birthday for him last year. You can read about it, here.

What would you say about yourself about how tidy you are? 
Have a look at the infographic above, and let me know if it's correct for you!

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  1. For the longest time I wasn't very. That all changed after reading the book "Tidying Up" I did one room and it felt so good I kept going. It took all of 2016 to make it through the whole house and it's amazing. Thanks for a great post!

  2. I am an organizer extrodinaire. Everything has its place and I sort by size and colour etc. etc. I am on mobile and couldn't read the info graphic on Leo or zoom in but interested in what it has to say...

  3. Oh my goodness. According to my sign (Scorpio) I am an organized hoarder! The funny thing is, I'm the exact opposite. Maybe it is referring to my tendency to hoard garden seeds. I do hoard those :) I am super organized though and keep them all neat and tidy arranged by type. I can't stand clutter!

  4. omg I'm a Sagittarius so definitely constructive chaos describes my level of tidiness

  5. I am a Libra but I am not tidy by any means. I do like organizing books though x

  6. I am a capricorn and this doesn't really tell me all that much. I am organized with paperwork and to do lists but not always tidy at home x

  7. I'm Aquarius and dang so true LOL. I am typing this comment ON a desk that's not really tidy BUT IT WAS TIDY when I opened my computer circa 1 hour ago haha!!


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