My Ultimate Spa Day!

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My last spa day was with mum when I had gone to visit her in another country, where she lives. BabyN' was just four months old and babies weren't allowed inside but I had no choice but to take him along, because I had to feed him. I was hoping that I could spend some me-time in peace while my sister was babysitting him in the waiting lounge but right in the middle, when I had my face mask on, he needed his mum and there I was, sitting on the spa bed feeding my little one.

We all deserve spa days, especially mums who work hard all day! I've just realised this after myself becoming a mum, it does require lots of energy and patience helping these tiny humans grow. I've had lots of spa days earlier and all of them have mostly (99% of the time) been with my dear husband and yet again, if I'm given a choice of selecting my spa partner, I'll go with him again. 

Spas offer lots of treatments that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right one. However, the luxurious spas always get a form filled to know about our concerns and suggest the type of treatment that would suit us best to avoid any kind of repercussions. I've had luxury facials and massages at high-end hotel spas in different countries and trust me, the experience of being at the there with a loved one has always been amazing! There are some spas however, that do not have the facility of treating your spa partner  in the same room. 

For me, the best experience of a spa day so far has been on a holiday we went on my husband's birthday. We stayed at a luxury hotel and right after checking in, headed to their spa where we were supposed to get the treatment. The spa had been designed thoughtfully and the architectural work was amazing because just stepping inside gave a very relaxing feel. The inside temperature was perfect and in the waiting lounge, they had detox water for guests to enjoy.

We filled in our details in the form and opted for Swedish massage with lavender oil. The massage room was really lavish and big with two spa beds ready for us. They provided us good quality bath robes, slippers, towels and even disposable under garments from Ellisons to ensure that our own clothing remained clean. That one hour massage was relaxing, and time flew like magic and I wished it lasted another hour! The oil had been warmth to perfection, the music was soothing and the lighting was perfect with some scented  candles flickering around. There was a decent sized shower room right inside the massage room so everything was private. I felt like a queen! 

Our next stop was the steam room after which we relaxed in the hot Jacuzzi. I really really love sitting in the Jacuzzi and relaxing for long. Really wish to have one in my home too. We were offered a hot drink after the massage from a choice of some options and was served with some nuts. It was really my ultimate spa day, I had a nice French Vanilla and a red velvet cake and a mini chicken and cheese patty.

Tell me in comments, about YOUR ultimate spa day!

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  1. Sounds lovely, which hotel was it at, you never said!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It was the Cove Rotana Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE 😊

  2. All i need most times is a massage. I never get enough. Oh bliss!

  3. We all need such days.. so true

  4. I've only ever been to one spa in Turkey and the treatments were so rough they put me off for life. I wouldn't mind a massage and a head rub though. Mommy life can be exhausting but alhamdulillah

  5. I've never had a massage as I don't like the idea of being touched, but your post has made me think that maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

  6. I have NEVER had a spa day...I think I really need to treat myself. The most I have ever done is a facial on our holiday in Turkey.

  7. SPA....its been ages....since the time I moved to new city...I could not find time and then the place where I live is quite far from the city....forget about spa...sometimes it is difficult to get fresh veggies...but now I need spa time by reading your post...

  8. Iv only gone to Spas with my friends (I think of it as me time /girl time) to get away from the husband haha!

  9. This sounds so relaxing! The last time I had a spa day was before my wedding. I'm long overdue!

  10. We all need to find time to relax and unwind. I like to set atleast one day a month to relax properly, where I don't have to worry about anything. Even if you don't like going out, you have an alternative choice of treating yourself at home. We're all soo busy sometimes that we forget to spoil ourselves. This was a lovely post to read :)
    Lots of love,
    Ramsha | Rose

  11. I have never had a spa day because I think I don't need it at this age I guess or maybe I am wrong,idk.
    But it looks like you enjoyed alot & now I can't wait to go through this experience too❤


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