Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Be Smart About Strangers

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Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Be Smart About Strangers

Stranger danger is really important to be aware of at a young age. Here are some tips from this independent boys school in London about how to keep your child in the know when it comes to strangers. 

Point out safe spots 

When heading home from school your child could be walking home or catching the bus or train. Either way, there are going to be a number of risks for them to be aware of. Make them aware of these spots and how it can come to be a useful resource if they’re in trouble. 

Know where your child is at all times 

At a young age you’re going to need to know where your child is going to be throughout the day - whether that’s at school, with friends or another place. Keep your child in the loop with what you’re doing as well, so that they know where you are if they need help. Your child should also become aware of who they can best contact in situations where they will need you or another member of the family. 

Teach them about stranger danger 

Children will know about stranger danger in school and how important it is to keep an eye on who you spend your time with, but this should also translate to their time in school as well. Have your child become fully aware of what they need to do to keep themselves safe and make sure they know to not ever accept anything from someone they don’t know. 

Give your child the tools to trust their own instincts 

Being aware of your surroundings is key at any age, and so your child will need to have the skills to give them that understanding when they’re on their own or with friends. Trust your child’s instincts as well - they will have to learn to be careful around others they don't know through all walks of life. They will slowly learn about this as they get older.

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