5 Birthday Party Ideas for Children

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5 Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Struggling for ideas for your child’s next birthday party? Here are 5 ideas you could try out with your child that can get them out of the house, or begin to use the house more creatively.

Treasure Hunt

Getting your child outside and exploring will give them a lot of confidence and it’s a cost-effective solution that will get all the kids out and playing. The first ones to find all of the clues to get to the treasure will get a special present.


A great party idea is heading out to the swimming pool and having a good chance to play in the water with their friends. A pool party is always a good shout and can be put together very easily at your local swimming pool. Why not try this swimming pool in Northwood?

Baking cakes together

While children love to have a cake in front of them, you could flip it on its head and get all of the kids to make a cake together. Buy a range of icings and mixes to put together a range of different cakes, or just make cupcakes!


A classic with kids is bowling, as anyone of any age can really appreciate it for what it is and how fun it can really be. It’s a great way for children to try out something new as well; it can often be something not everyone has tried out before. Bowling parties are regularly organised and held all across the UK.

A party at the soft play centre

If your child is younger and still appreciates those play centres, you can hire out a soft play area for a few hours with your child’s friends. You can always bring your own food and drinks (if allowed) and get them involved in the making of the food, or just let them enjoy as much as they can!

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