Helping Your Child Become More Independent

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Many parents struggle with the idea that their child doesn’t need them anymore, but helping them become more independent is important for their overall development. They need to be able to take on certain tasks without you and handle responsibility, otherwise they won’t have the confidence to cope with things when you’re not there to hold their hand. So, how do parents help their child become more independent? Here are some tips from an independent school in Potters Bar.

Give Your Child Some Chores

Nobody likes chores but asking your child to help out around the house will help them with their independence and show them that they are trusted to handle certain tasks. They will eventually become masters of the responsibilities you task them with, which will help them feel confident in their abilities. 

Encourage Your Child to Make Decisions

Making their own decisions is a strong part of being independent. With this in mind, ask your child for their opinions on things and offer them choices, rather than making decisions on their behalf. For example, if they join you on your next trip to the supermarket, ask them what they would like for dinner rather than choosing for them. 

Promote a Growth Mindset

If your child has a positive, optimistic attitude, they will feel more comfortable with their own autonomy. With this in mind, don’t let them dwell on mistakes and setbacks; remind them that our failings are a lesson that we can improve from. 

Let Them Go

As mentioned above, it’s hard to watch your child grow up and not need you anymore, but it’s all par for the course and you should try and give them that freedom. Give them space to solve problems without you, rather than jumping in and saving the day all the time.

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