What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

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What to Expect When Your Child Starts School

September marks the start of a new academic year in the UK, and many parents are probably feeling anxious about what to expect from their child, especially if they’re just starting out in Reception. It’s a massive change in the family dynamic and you will need to make a conscious effort to help your child adjust, especially at first. Here’s some information from a prep school in Hertfordshire to help ease your nerves. 

Your Diary Will Explode with Events

Once your child starts school, you’ll probably find yourself constantly adding school trips, bake sales, playdates, extra-curricular activities, non-uniform days, parents’ evening, and a range of other events to your diary or calendar. It’s a lot to keep on top of, but doing so will show your child that you are truly committed to their school life, which should encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities.

Your Child May Ask Some Difficult Questions

As your child starts to meet lots of new people at their new school, including older children, they may start to ask you some difficult questions, like what happens when you die or where do babies come from. Try to be as honest as possible with your youngster, without scaring them or overloading them with unnecessary information.

There Will Be Lots of Stains

You’re probably already prepared for this one, being the parent of a small child, but the chances are they will come home with a new stain on their uniform almost every day. Food, paint, grass stains, pen ink – you name it, you will have to clean it!

Your Child Will Probably Be Exhausted

Getting up early for school and spending hours using up their energy on different activities will lead to tiredness, so try not to nag your child after school. Let them chill out and consider moving their bedtime a little earlier so that they have enough time to recuperate, especially for the first couple of months when they’re getting used to their new routine. 

There Will Be Homework

Even in Reception, children are given homework to test their understanding. Don’t let this slide, as homework is important. If you get them into a routine of prioritising their homework from such a young age, it shouldn’t be as challenging when they’re a teenager tackling their GCSEs and A Levels.

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