Top 10 Essentials New Parents Should Get for Newborns

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Top 10 Essentials New Parents Should Get for Newborns

Becoming a parent is not just a beautiful feeling but it can also be an overwhelming experience at times. I know everyone can have a different opinion because something that works for some parents might not work for the others, but I’ve complied a list of essentials that most new parents can find useful for their babies. 

Sleep Suits and Body Suits

Depending on the season the baby is born, parents can choose from either sleep or body suits. It’s best to opt for organic cotton and to choose the material of the clothes wisely to prevent the child from developing any skin conditions and to avoid eczema from escalating. 

Organic Baby Massage Oil

Massages have a very positive impact on the growth and development of the baby and they’re also brilliant for soothing them especially before putting them to bed. 

Personalised Towel and Blanket

I personally liked personalised products, either with a name or an initial of the baby. Baby towels with hoodie and blankets are an absolute essential, which definitely every new parent needs to buy. 

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Baby Nail Clipper with Nail Catcher

Nails of the newborns grow very fast and are also very sharp and as baby skin is extremely soft and sensitive, the parents have to make sure they’re trimmed so they don’t scratch their skin. Although a baby nail clipper is very important, one with a nail catcher is not essential but it’s better to have one to store the nails rather than having to take care of them while trimming.

Scratch Mittens

Babies love to scratch their skin, and scratch mittens are really handy for the first few months, at least until they learn to remove the mittens themselves. They are great in preventing the babies from bruising their soft skin, as they have nails that seem razor sharp. 

Soft Cuddly Rattle

Just as the baby turns a few weeks old, they start gazing here and there and get attracted to sound. It’s better to get a cuddly rattle than compared to a plastic or wooden one because while holding it, they can also hit themselves on the face which parents would definitely don’t want. 

Feeding Bottles & Milk Pots

Some mothers opt to breastfeed exclusively while some opt for bottle feeding. Moreover, some mothers also go for a combination feed. Even breastfeeding mothers sometimes prefer expressing milk in a bottle to feed the baby especially when traveling. Bottles are therefore extremely essential. The milk pots have sections in which dry milk can be stored according to the quantity needed. 

Insulated Water Flask

This is really handy for preparing baby milk either at home or while travelling. Since the liquid in the flask remains at the same temperature for a good few hours, the parents don't have to bother heating the water to prepare milk every time the baby is hungry. 

Baby Pillow 

The baby head shaping pillow has been designed in a way that it has a hollow part where the head goes and it’s great for shaping the baby's head. It has also been designed to cater to flat head syndrome and for baby's brain development. 

Cot Mobile

For the times when parents are absolutely exhausted, the cot mobile works great to keep the babies distracted and to keep them entertained. Meanwhile, the parents can just relax for some time or use their phones in peace. 

Top 10 Essentials New Parents Should Get for Newborns

If someone is looking to buy gifts for newborns, then luxury baby hampers are also a great idea. They don't just look presentable when gifting new parents, but they can also be customised according to the wish list of the new parents and most of these essentials can be included in them as well. 

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