The Importance of Pastoral Care in Schools

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The effectiveness of the pastoral care department within a school will determine the overall attitude and atmosphere amongst the pupils. Pastoral care basically describes the dedication the staff have to helping all students develop on a spiritual and emotional level, along with the genuine display of interest for their growth and wellbeing. I have teamed up with a private school in Surrey to explore the significance of pastoral care in further detail.

Pastoral care and parenting have many parallels. Both roles involve protecting children and resolving any issues they are faced with, from bullying and friendship troubles to problems with academic performance, and any other issues that might cause anguish. Unlike parenting, however, pastoral department is required to care for a whole school, not just a few children, which is what makes it so complicated. With that said, there has to be various policies and procedures in position to guarantee that the department is effective in achieving its goal. 

Effective pastoral care connects each and every child within a school so that they feel like part of a wider community, but while being a team member in a greater whole, their individual needs are always met. One of the leading pastoral carers at a school is the form teacher, who interacts with the students in their form group at least once daily. They provide a link between a child’s home life and school life and can observe every child’s overall development. After all, if something is going wrong in one aspect of a child’s life, it is likely to impinge on the other areas of their life. 

Ultimately, the real indication of terrific pastoral care is that pupils learn to intuitively care for themselves and for their friends and family. They will leave school with the ability to make sensible decisions and contribute to their community in helpful and supportive ways.

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