Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child

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Practising mindfulness is a fantastic way to tune into moment-by-moment thoughts, feelings, and experiences, rather than focussing on things that have happened in the past or worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future. Studies have found that people who practise mindfulness tend to feel more accomplished and are able to enjoy life to a greater degree, because they appreciate every moment. Parents can help their children become more mindful with the following tips from an independent school in Hitchin, which will help them appreciate the little things in life.

As with anything new, practising mindfulness may seem quite daunting, but it’s actually pretty simple. You can practise mindfulness with everything you do, like taking a walk or hugging someone. The trick is to really tune into how the experience makes you feel. For instance, it might feel nice to stretch your legs and get some fresh air whilst you’re walking. Prompt your child to think about these things whenever they are doing something, until it starts to come naturally to them. Ask them about their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis so that they learn to tune into them.

When you’re out and about with your child, ask them to have a look at their surroundings and talk about some of the things they have observed. For instance, what can they see, hear, smell, feel or even taste? You don’t always have to focus on positives; it’s also important to recognise unpleasant sensations so that they can be avoided again in the future. Understanding how the mind and body responds to certain experiences will help your child to feel grateful for the good and prepare for the bad.

There is lots of information on the internet about mindfulness and how to practise with your child but try not to force it if it doesn’t come naturally to them. It would be better to try again in the future. You can always contact your child’s teachers if you would like some additional support, as the school are always very forthcoming when it comes to helping parents with their child’s wellbeing.

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