How to Create an Effective Study Space for Your Child

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How to Create an Effective Study Space for Your Child

It’s important that your child has a dedicated space in your home where they can complete homework successfully. There are lots of things to consider when setting up this space, and you might not be able to tick all the boxes; after all, we don’t all have home offices with a nice big desk and bookshelf, sometimes the kitchen table has to suffice. However, it’s important to try and provide some, if not most, of the elements of an effective study space, as explored by a private prep school in Surrey below.

One of the most important things to consider is that your child’s study space is free from distractions. Basically, it should not be in the same room as the TV or their games consoles. If someone is watching TV in the background, your child will find it harder to focus on the task at hand which will lead to mistakes and will also mean that they’ll be stuck at their desk far longer. 

You should also consider the lighting. Try and encourage your child to do their homework close to a window so that there is enough natural light for them to see clearly. If there is not, they may be at risk of suffering from eye strain and headaches. If natural lighting isn’t an option then be sure to encourage your child to take regular breaks so that their eyes can adjust to different light and distances.

The environment should be as neat and tidy as possible. Again, if the space is cluttered, your child will struggle to concentrate. You may need to invest in some storage boxes or a shelf to keep things organised, but this will help your child feel more in control, so is certainly worth it. Keeping things in an orderly fashion will ensure that your child knows the whereabouts of all of their books and other school supplies, so that they don’t have to waste valuable learning time searching for things each day.

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