What is 36Mb fibre broadband? Is cheap fibre fast enough?

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What is 36Mb fibre broadband? Is cheap fibre fast enough?

Having lived in various parts of the UK, I’ve experienced the broadband services provided by lots of different providers operating within the country. There are some known broadband providers across the country that everyone is aware of, but there are also some local providers that are only available in certain areas or towns. In new developments, where those ‘big names’ still haven’t reached, the users are generally facilitated by the local broadband providers. The local ones also happen to provide better speeds at lower rates, but the most important part for me to get services from any brand is customer service, that ensures that customer issues are dealt with priority. 

The entry-level download speed offered by most of the broadband providers averages 35Mbps but this can also go higher or even lower, with some providers. When these providers advertise for speeds, they also mention about what these limits are good for and what type of usage can be made. That’s the reason why the first question the customer service officer asks before recommending a package is the number of users that will be logging on to the internet and what it needs to be used for. For households, the most basic speed limits of even 30 Mbps are sufficient, especially if there are 2-3 users. However, this differs if the service needs to be used by an organisation with more than 10 users. 

36Mpbs is good for browsing the internet, using it for emailing, online banking or even for shopping. Moreover, it can also be easily used to stream videos, for gaming and for connecting up 6-10 devices, when the need arises. 

Answering the question whether 36 Mbps is fast enough or not needs to be determined by the factors mentioned above. However, to conclude, I’d say one needs to keep all requirements and factors in mind before opting for a particular speed limit. Also, you can compare fibre broadband services against prices to ensure you get the best deal for yourself.

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