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Botany Bay Kent
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I’ve spent 4 beautiful years of my life in Kent, the Garden of England which also happens to have some of the most amazing beaches in the country. Being a local, I got a chance to explore various beaches within the county but my favourite has always been the Botany Bay in Broadstairs.
Botany Bay Kent

It’s always relaxing to listen to the sound of the waves, and watching the water splash on the shore just makes one forget all worries and pains. It isn’t just soothing to the eye, but it’s also a brilliant day out with kids and family or with friends both in terms of being a budget friendly destination and keeping everyone entertained. 
Botany Bay Kent

Since beaches are free to visit we can spend as much time as we want, the only cost that needs to be incurred is the cost of the food and entertainment at the beach. If we talk about staying within the £20 budget, the first thing to do, is head to any of the pound shops to grab some sand toys for kids, a hat and sunblock are essential too. The next thing is to get the food and snacks for both adults and little ones. Sandwiches are generally mess free, quick and easy to make, and everyone loves them. I generally also add a packet of crisps, some soft drinks or juices and some brownies for everyone to enjoy. Generally, we all have a picnic mat at home, so we just take that. A football is also one of our favourite things to take, for everyone to play with at the beach. 
Botany Bay Kent

Some beaches offer free parking, some don’t. However, all day parking near Botany Bay in summertime can cost £5. Breaking down the cost of visiting the beach, you can use £10 for food & drinks, £5 for parking and £5 for buying other essentials such as toys or sunblock, if required. That’s your day out with the family for £20, definitely one of the best pocket friendly fun activity for all. 
Botany Bay Kent

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