Revision Tips for Your Teens

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Revision Tips for Your Teens

School exams can be a stressful time for teenagers. They may feel overwhelmed with their revision and anxious about their results. This is not only hard for teenagers to deal with, but it is also difficult for parents too! If you want to support your child’s exam revision, but you don’t know where to start, here is some helpful advice from Brampton College.

Make a Plan

Help your child to prepare for their exams as early as possible, by creating a revision schedule.
This could be in the form of a simple hand drawn poster for their bedroom wall, or you could create one on your computer or tablet. This schedule should clearly display the days and times your child needs to dedicate to revision, along with ‘free time’ slots to relax and reward themselves.

It is important to advise your child not overdo it when it comes to revision and to take regular breaks. This will prevent your teen from feeling tired and stressed.

Learning Style

We all learn in different ways. By identifying which learning style works best for your child, you can really make a difference to their revision. Auditory learners prefer to talk things through or read aloud. Visual learners retain information better when using diagrams or videos, and kinaesthetic learners enjoy learning through physical activities, such as role play or experiments. How does your child like to learn?


Help to keep your child motivated by demonstrating a positive attitude towards learning. Also remember to let your child know how proud you are of their hard work, to help them feel encouraged. By helping your child to prepare for their exams you will also help them to feel more confident, which will help them to perform at their best.

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