Can your home in London pay for your holiday? Yes, with Leavy UK

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Leavy UK

Many of you have been asking how to make extra money on the side to be able to afford to travel more. Well, now I have an answer for you. If you have a home (flat or house) in London, you can rent it out for the duration of your holiday. Can your home in London pay for your holiday? Yes, with Leavy UK!

How to rent out your property in London when you’re going on holiday?

If you’re wondering how to rent out your property in London when going on holiday, it’s very easy. First, you need to know if you’re allowed to sublet your property - ask your landlord or if you own the property, if you have any restrictions in your contract. Secondly, you need to decide, whether you’re going to use private groups and contacts or use a company like Leavy. Finally, you just sign a contract or agreement, acquire a second copy of your keys and go on your holiday. 

Leavy UK

The best websites to sublet your property in London

If you’re looking for the best websites to sublet your property in London, you can, of course, use different Facebook groups or Airbnb to find tenants. However, you would need to clean your flat before and after the guests, handle the keys and bed linen and get your property insured. Moreover, you won’t be able to rent out your property to more than 1 person, unless you ask your friends and family to help. That’s why different property and Airbnb management companies gained a lot of popularity in London - most of the things are taken care of.

What is and why is different from other Airbnb management companies? is a travel tech startup that started in Paris in 2017 and expanded to London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Rome a couple of months ago. Unlike other Airbnb management companies, Leavy has a community of over 60,000 happy leavers, hosts on demand and city explorers and its business model is completely different. For instance, other Airbnb management companies in London require a minimum of 4 weeks or even 6 weeks availability of your flat, so it’s impossible to use them if you’re going away on a short holiday.

With Leavy, you don’t need to commit for so long. You can become a happy leaver with Leavy even if you’re going away for a long weekend or 2 nights. Also, you get paid a fixed fee regardless of occupancy and you don’t have any management or signup fees. Moreover, Leavy takes care of all the linen, cleaning, keys and insurance, so your home is safe with them.

Is there a catch? Well, you could potentially earn more by listing your property on Airbnb directly if you were to have 100% occupancy and were to do all the cleaning yourself. However, if you want safety, security and no hassle at all, you can use Leavy!

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