5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

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5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

Christmas is the most wonderful holiday of the year! The snow is falling, everyone is wrapped up their fluffy scarves and mittens, drinking tea and enjoying the view. Everything seems to be more magical under the wonderful white snow. 

If you are planning on changing your Christmas celebration this year, there are many wonderful things you can do and so many lovely places you can see. Every festivity on this list has something special it can offer to you. Depending on the type of Christmas you are planning to celebrate we selected some great destinations you will surely enjoy!

Christmas Party at Wolverhampton

5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

All you need is four words for a fantastic shared Christmas party! Christmas work party Wolverhampton. Ending the year with your colleagues can be a pretty fun experience. You’ll get to know them a little better and maybe even create some new bonds. The Christmas spirit will take you over in a wonderful festive atmosphere! Shared Christmas parties can have a lot of benefits. 

You won’t have to worry about all of those big festive preparations. Like cooking massive meals or baking cookies for hours. 

Everything will be set for you! The only thing you will have to do is have fun! Wolverhampton has an annual Christmas vintage craft&gift fair where they will take you back in time with its magical atmosphere! This wonderful cozy city was named after Lady Wulfruna who founded the town in 985AD. The name Wolverhampton derives from 'Wulfruna's town on the hill'. 

Mousehole Harbour Christmas Lights

5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

The small village of Mousehole has a tradition of lighting up delightful Christmas lights, making the town look absolutely magical! This small cozy village will absolutely win you over with its granite houses and its harbour which is the place where the light show happens. 

There are plenty of wonderful gift shops, galleries, restaurants and the local favourite Ships Inn where you can watch the boats sail off while munching on fish and chips. They also feature a beautiful Christmas special choir the Carolaire Choir. The light displays are free of charge and will hopefully stay that way in the future. 

Winchester Christmas Market

5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

Christmas markets, wherever you go, just have that special Christmas spirit surrounding them. Those small beautifully decorated wooden chalets with the scent of mulled wine in the air bring those cozy feelings we all love. Everyone is joyful and there are crowds of people enjoying their holiday and having the time of their lives! 

The Winchester Christmas Market is one of the most visited in Europe for several reasons. This festivity was inspired by traditional German Christmas markets with a touch of the bustling British atmosphere making it absolutely unique. It’s held in front of the Winchester Cathedral. You will find wonderful exhibitions, Christmas gifts, British craftsman and all the festive foods and drinks you can imagine! 

St Nicholas Fair

5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

If you want to feel like you’ve stepped into a Charles Dickens book, then York during the winter holidays is the perfect place for you to be! York is really a town that embodies all those from Georgian and Tudor architecture to all the beautiful Inns and crocked shop windows. You’ll most certainly feel the old world Dickens charm that surrounds York. 

St Nicholas Fair is the heart of Christmas festivities in York. Each year there are more and more tourists joining in the celebration of the most wonderful holiday there is. You’ll be able to experience over one hundred wonderful traditional style chalets with twinkling fairly light all over the major streets in York! How lovely! 

Norwich's Tunnel of Light

5 Festive Places for a Joyful Christmas Break

If you want to snap a perfect Instagram photo and be swept away by the beauty of lights, then you should head straight to Norwich! This has become an annual tradition besides the classic Christmas market offering mulled wine, gingerbread and all sorts of arts and crafts. 

This marvellous tunnel has more than 57000 LED lights! Strolling through this magical tunnel will surely get you in the right Christmas mood. When you are finished taking your perfect photos, visit the traditional Christmas market and soak in the magical Christmas atmosphere. Cheerful Christmas tunes, lovely decorated wooden chalets, and the smell of mouth-watering food and drinks will surely make you merry. 


Wherever you choose to go remember that Christmas is a time to be with friends, family, colleagues and all the people that matter to you the most. It’s a holiday of sharing, joyful laughter, and cozy fires. Share with all the people that matter to you your love, caring, and respect. There’s not a more lovely gift for Christmas than a gift of love! But surely some of those hand made traditional crafts you pick up during your visits to Christmas Markets will find their way to the people that matter to you. 

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