The Top Garden Trends in 2019

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Is your garden looking a bit drab and dreary? One of the most popular pastimes for homeowners in the coming months of the year is maintaining and enjoying the benefits of a healthy garden, and in 2019 there are a myriad of different new ideas that you can try in preparation for the good weather.

It doesn’t have to be the Chelsea flower show out there, but gardening might be worth taking a stab at before summer arrives, as it can help you make the most of the outdoors, rather than locking yourself inside all day. For inspiration, take a look at our list of the top garden trends for 2019.

Climate Change Gardening

Climate change and global warming are becoming real issues, with the differences in weather getting more drastic each year, and so it may become even harder to grow and sustain certain plants that struggle in droughts or extreme cold. To combat this obstacle, many gardening experts are recommending some different techniques and plants that can help your garden to become more naturally resilient. 

To best prepare for what might quite literally be an oncoming storm, figure out what sort of garden you might have, and how your chosen plants will fit in with the space. For example, if you have areas of soil that can become dry too quickly or overly waterlogged when raining, choose a plant that would suit. Lavender, for example, can cope well with slightly dryer soils, and it will allow a little bit more of a hands-off approach.

Inviting the Outdoors Indoors

Providing you’ve taken your antihistamines, inviting the summer into your home is not only a growing trend in 2019, with natural colours and aesthetics proving popular, but there can also be health benefits. Plants are often favoured in an office environment, as they are proven to reduce toxins in the air, optimising productivity in the process.

City-centre living is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, meaning that a lot of people don't necessarily have direct access to their own gardening space. There are many unique and innovative ideas to look to if you fall into the same category, as incorporating the garden into the city is an idea that is being adopted widely. Property investment company RW Invest, for example, feature rooftop gardens in their Sky Gardens apartment building, and a rooftop spa in their Parliament Square offering, both fitted with luxury furniture and a brilliant view of the city, making the most of the natural light. 

Self-sustaining Garden

One thing you could try this summer, if wanting to get a little bit more hands-on with your gardening, is growing your own fruit and vegetables. Not only is this trend becoming increasingly popular due to veganism, which has (quadrupled in the UK within the last five years), but it's a rewarding way of beginning to become self-sustainable, and it can be a fun learning activity to do with children.

Again, for those working with restricted space, you could do some research on the types of foods that grow naturally in boxes and compact spaces. Tomatoes and herbs are some examples of foods that don’t need an excessive amount of room. Make sure to keep an eye for any signs of pests around your food, as pests are often attracted to vegetable patches. In the case of this happening, make sure to contact a company that offers pest control erie pennsylvania way, or wherever you are based, to get the issue resolved. 

Inviting in Wildlife

Making your home more accommodating to natural wildlife is not only good for the environment, giving insects and animals more safe places to stay, but it's an excellent way to make your garden a bit more lively and exciting. Bird boxes and baths, for example, are relatively inexpensive, and can attract a variety of different exciting patterns and colours of bird that you may have never seen before.

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