Braving the Cold: Style trends for a Winter City Break

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Winter city break ideas

A winter city break early in the year is just what you need, to get over the craziness of Christmas - and to perk you up after returning to work and putting the Quality Street away. While exploring a new city is always great fun - whether you’re staying on home soil or jetting overseas - you’ll want to look good while doing it, right? Read up on how to brave the cold but the style trends to keep in mind this season, whatever type of city break you have planned. 

Nightlife in Berlin 

The nightlife scene in Berlin is unmissable - perfect for a weekend break with your mates. According to Trip Savvy, if you’re looking for a good time in the German capital you need to head out well after midnight and when it comes to style anything goes. For night time fun, try this outfit on for size, wherever you end up: 

Leather jacket - Add a rebellious edge and stay relatively warm when you leave early hours of the morning. 
Straight leg jeans - A little smarter than your regular skinnies, pick up a darker, navy pair to give the impression of more tailored trousers. Check out the Superdry range this season for slim fits that work whatever your vibe. 
Print shirt - Collars are best when it comes to enjoying the Berlin nightlife, some of them like the guys to make an effort. Look for a strong print to keep things interesting. 
Brogues - They’re smart, look good and abide by any shoe policy. 

Exploring Dublin 

Dublin is the destination for a guys weekend but you’ll need to dress for the occasion. Ireland isn’t the warmest country - even in the summer months, the average is only around 16°C. That means a good jacket is essential. Here’s an outfit you can replicate each day, just swap your top half with a cleaner version the next morning. 

Parka coat - Padded, long and usually with a decent hood, a parka will see you through a Dublin weekend getaway and some. Choose a brighter colour to stand out from the group, strong reds and blues are on the menu this season. 
Skinny jeans - Inoffensive and always good looking, a pair of dark blue or black skinny jeans are all you need for the weekend, day or night. 
Long sleeve t-shirt - Grandad shirts look good for scouting out pubs in the day and hitting up the late night bars once it gets dark. Burgundy and darker green shades ensure if there are any spills no one will notice. 
Boots - A decent pair of leather boots will keep the rain out, look for a tan pair that work with everything in your wardrobe. 

Sampling the Menu in Paris 

Paris is a foodie’s dream! If you fancy nothing more than trying everything this city is serving up then a trip on the Eurostar is on the cards. Hit up a restaurant where you can have a laugh while eating meat or cheese fondue but try to book a table prior to your visit to avoid any queues. If you want to fill up for the day, line up outside HolyBelly 19 to try their pancakes and scrambled egg breakfasts. There’s no set menu when it comes to style in Paris but try this on for size: 

Bomber jacket - A suede material with a sherpa collar is very chic for this stylish city. 
Turtleneck jumper - A simple, black roll neck looks sharp wherever you choose to eat. 
Skinny jeans - Comfy, casual and good looking - black works with everything. 

Where are you heading off to on your winter city break? Try these looks on for size and stand out from your mates.

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  1. These are fantastic ideas, thank you. I never realised Dublin was so cold, I'd still love to visit there though so I'll take your ideas onboard!

  2. I'm not actually doing a winter break now until November to Vienna and I'm sure I'll be in skinny jeans, doc martens and a jumper x

  3. It has gone so cold here at the moment! I would love to visit Dublin - I didn't think about it being so cold! Kaz

  4. Oooh I like this post! I never thought of going for a certain look based on where I'm travelling! x

  5. I find that sensible shoes and layers are the best thing, that way you are prepared for whatever the weather throws at you

  6. These are great ideas for different cities! I really want to visit Dublin


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