Spring in the UK – Where to Go and What to Do?

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Top places to explore during spring in UK

Spring is finally here in the United Kingdom and it’s not a moment too soon. Winter really took it out of us, although we didn’t endure the torrid conditions of last year’s Beast from the East, it’s never nice having to scrape the car first thing in the morning.

The sun has reappeared and the temperature is slowly making its way back up to something bearable to venture outdoors. Soon we will have heat waves and that will make us long for the cold days to return, I'm sure!

As spring kicks in, so does our sense of adventure. We often overlook the UK when it comes to our ideal travel destinations, but there is a lot to be discovered on this little island. Whether you are a parent with children looking for a break at the end of term holidays, or simply looking for somewhere you can get away for a day or more, please you can definitely consider the suggestions below. 

Explore Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Dales make for a fantastic and ideal location if you want to get outside and experience the fresh spring air. Picturesque countryside and miles upon miles of routes suitable for hiking, running and cycling if any of that is your cup of tea, you can get lost (in a good way) with a weekend away in Yorkshire.

Quaint villages give you a true feel of life in the north, away from the busy and hectic life in the big city. If a quiet and relaxing few days away is the top of your agenda, you simply can’t go wrong exploring ‘God’s Own Country’, as the locals affectionately refer to the county.

Yorkshire Dales


A caravan holiday probably isn’t for everyone, but neither does it mean sitting in a small and cold piece of scrap metal, either. Many holiday parks incorporate a range of fantastic luxury static caravans which, in all honesty, aren’t much different from staying in a well done up cottage.

Parks can be found in a variety of places around the country, so whether you want to stay close to the coast or in the heart of the country, you can make use of a holiday park. The bonus here is the convenience of having all the facilities at your doorstep - this may include restaurants, shops and play areas for children – music to the ears for parents. Some families really enjoy the lifestyle of staying in a caravan park and because of that, they stay at such locations several times in a year. Residential parks often close for a month or two (normally in the winter), with residents living on the park for the rest of the calendar year.

Yorkshire Dales

Family Days Out

Nothing beats the sense of adventure like getting in the car in the morning and heading off to the places where the road takes you. Planned days are great, but there isn’t anything like a little bit of spontaneity to get the juices flowing.

When was the last time you went out for the day completely unplanned? With technology making it easier than ever to plan every last step of a day out, some might argue that we have forgotten the positives of getting ‘lost’ along the way. That’s when we discover some of the best things.

As parents, we love taking the kids out on an adventure where we can explore new surroundings together as a family. Long walks out in the open are good for both mental and physical health, as well as being a great way to bond together without any screens causing  distraction!

This spring, why not earmark a weekend or two where you can get out and appease your sense of adventure? You won’t regret it.

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  1. Oh we love Yorkshire and have had some amazing spring days out over that way. We love to visit Bolton Abbey in the spring time.

  2. We're heading up to explore Yorkshire in May and we're very much looking forward to it. Mich x

  3. Yorkshire is such a beautiful county, I can remember enjoying some wonderful school trips there.

  4. We have a lot of family days out planned which involve a fun 25 mile bike ride in June! I do want to visit the Peak District though as it’s on my door step and I’ve never been

  5. Yes, Spring is finally in the air ...our most favourite time of the year and we are already making a list of places to go and visit so these shares are simply amazing, thank you

  6. We're on the other side of the Pennines but do love Yorkshire. There's some beautiful places for a day out.

  7. Yorkshire is high on my list, I am excited to be visiting it this summer its on my UK bucketlist

  8. I am excited to be visiting Yorkshire this summer, its a place I definitely want to visit.


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