How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style

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Every child absorbs information and learns differently, which is partly the result of their environment and also because of their genetic profiles. Understanding your child’s learning style will help you shape their educational experience and make the most of their journey through school. It's said that there are three main styles of learning: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Observing your little one whilst they’re at work will help you identify their learning style. Taunton School, a preparatory school in Somerset, offer the following advice on what to look out for.

Children who learn in a certain way will also display the same style when expressing themselves. For example, if they are visual learners, they will likely express themselves using facial expressions, while auditory learners will be very talkative. Kinaesthetic learners use body language to display their emotions and tend to imitate others and touch everything. 

Your child’s interests are just as important as their behaviour when helping you to determine their learning style. Do they like to listen to music a lot and easily remember all of the words? If so, they might be auditory learners. If they prefer to read, watch TV or browse old photographs then they’re probably visual learners. Visual learners tend to have a wide-ranging vocabulary and have vivid imaginations, as a result of all of the reading. Kinaesthetic learners are usually quite sporty, as they like to keep busy and struggle to sit still for long periods of time. 

Finally, consider how your child solves problems. Even as adults, when we’re stuck in a sticky situation we use our strengths and skills to help get us out. Children do the same; auditory learners often talk through the issues and possible solutions, while kinaesthetic learners tend to use their body language, such as counting on their fingers. Visual learners are good at noticing things that might be out of place or unusual. 

Of course, whilst your children are at school, you won’t be able to observe all of the aforementioned behavioural clues. With that said, it’s worth talking to their teachers and other people who interact with them on a regular basis, as they might have picked up on things you may have missed.

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  1. I'm a very visual learning and like some interactivity too. I think finding out about your childs learning style can really help them progress in education

  2. I love posts like this, we are a home ed family so I will share this to our local group page.

  3. Every child learns in a different way, finding their way can be difficult but once you do it is wonderful to see them flourish

  4. Every child is different and it is so important to find out their learnign style, so you can adapt what you are teaching them and help them learn in the most comfortable manner. Mich x

  5. Great post, I always find it fascinating how children and adults all learn in different ways. My daughter is definitely much more of a visual learner.

  6. This is a great post and I think it’s great that people are realising we all learn differently and hopefully this will make a difference with children in school

  7. I think this is so interesting. Even as adults, myself and husband learn/remember stuff in different ways.

  8. Great post here and so interesting to think about how different each childs learning style is. My kids are very different full stop!


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