Say Hello to Beautiful Hair with my Top 5 Hair Care Tips

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top 5 hair care tips

(Disclaimer: Sponsored Post) Without any doubt, hair plays a major role in an individual’s entire look as the type of haircut we opt for, or the hairstyle we make can make or break the entire deal. Definitely, all of us have our own personal choice for everything, including the option to choose the way our hair should look. However, I personally ask for opinions from the others and seek for advice on what kind of haircut or a hairdo would suit me best. In such situations, hairstylists are best to approach, but friends can also be of great help in giving their input. Below I’m sharing my top 5 hair care tips. 
Top 5 Hair Care Tips

Weekly Head Massage with Oil 

Make sure to massage your hair with hair oil at least once in every two weeks. I personally try to massage my hair with a warm nourishing hair oil once every week. It not only adds a shine and sheen to my hair, but also feels relaxing. You can read about my hair care routine, particularly how I oil my hair in a previous post, here

Do not Condition Hair too much 

I use a conditioner just twice a week, and prefer not to use it every time I wash my hair. Moreover, there’s a way of conditioning and a local hairstylist in Kent suggests conditioning in a particular  way. Read about how to condition your hair, here

Restrict use of Dryers, Straighteners & Curlers

I only use a hair dryer when I’m in a hurry to go outside somewhere. Otherwise, I just try to let them dry naturally. That is the best ways to prevent the hair from getting too much heat. Personally, I do not ever use a curler or straighter but using it one or two times in a week should be fine. 

Do not comb hair when wet 

Hair is weak when wet, and there are higher chances of hair to break. It’s best to wait until they dry. Gently comb the hair with the comb or a brush, whatever you prefer using. Comb suits me better after washing my hair but otherwise, I use a hair brush. 

Avoid dyeing hair very often, or using too many hair products

I’ve never coloured my hair, and the only hair products I use are my hair oil, conditioner and a shampoo. I've thought of dyeing hair quite a few times, but I always turn down the thought thinking about various factors. However, I might get them dyed and would love any suggestions from you all. 

One of the easier options available nowadays is opting for a wig as there are many choices available, and is one of the best ideas to keep our hairstyle updated without putting too much pressure on our own hair. It’s even better that there are loads of options available for us to choose wigs online from Divatress. That's indeed the best way to follow latest trends and jazz up your look with your favourite hair colour and that way, there would be no pressure on your hair. Also it’s a much more economical option because it's pocket friendly and will allow you save more! The company offers a fantastic variety of wigs for each one of you, along with several options to choose from the products that look just like real hair, so make sure to check our their website. 

What are your BEST hair care tips? Please share them in the comments below.

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  1. I love doing oil massages and honestly my hair feels and looks so much better for it every time I do it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I do most of the things you listed. I do protein treatments monthly too. My scalp feels better and my hair seems to be healthier.

  3. These are some great tips! Following one out of the five as of now. :p

  4. These are some awesome tips. All the basic hair care in one post. Great job.

  5. I am a true believer of oil massages and not harming your hair further when weak!
    The only thing I will add to this list is deep conditioning once in a while - I do it at my local salon once every few months.

  6. Thanks for sharing these tips! Sometimes wearing hijab makes it hard to take care of our hair but it is such a beautiful part of our existence. I definately agree with not colouring hair too often!

    Aishah x

  7. Like you, I'm worried about the effects dye will have on my hair. Everyone that I ask about it tells me to avoid dyeing it because it will need loads of maintenance, and there's enough to do already without adding another thing to my list! I really need to get into the habit of oiling my hair regularly.

  8. I’ve never used a wig, but I agree that it can help in keeping the hairstyle updated according to the latest fashion.

  9. I’ve never curled my hair and haven’t straightened them in ages! These are great, helpful tips for healthy hair!

  10. Luckily, I’m also blessed with beautiful hair but I do like to change the hair colour often. I know it’s not good for the hair and I’ll try to reduce the number of times I dye hair annually.

  11. Fascinating information I haven’t been experienced such information in quite a long time.


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