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I've recently had a proper haircut after almost 18 months. Previously, I've always opted for layers because I have long hair and I believe that there are just a handful of options for those with long hair. My previous cut was inspired by the haircut Dakota Johnson had in 50 shades of Grey but this time I opted for full layers throughout the hair and got the length of my hair a bit shorter. 

Obsessions Salon in Ramsgate (Kent) is the town's leading hair dresser for men and women, an expert colour specialist and not to forget, a Paul Mitchell signature salon. Besides hair, they also do nails and their collection of nail paints is amazing! Depending on the stylist you choose, the price for the cut ranges from £38-£58.

My super hair transformation day started off with a quick warm welcome followed by a short hair consultation session during which Jennifer, the owner of the salon discussed about my hair goals and concerns. Having a look at the texture of my hair, she made a few suggestions and immediately after that, I was guided towards the place where magic happened to my hair. 

Although I had already shampooed my hair the same morning, (you can say, less than 2 hours ago), I was suggested to get it washed to remove the layer of silicon the shampoo had left on my hair so they could be ready for the cut. I agreed and that was the best decision because I totally loved the experience. Obsessions hair salon has the BEST massaging chairs! It was not just super relaxing but an amazing experience. 

While my hair were being shampooed with Paul Mitchell's mint and lavender hair shampoo, I was also given a head massage. Closing my eyes and living in the moment was more than amazing especially during one of those days on which I badly needed to relax. A total treat for a momma! Right after the hair was washed with warm water, the tips of my hair were conditioned. Read ahead to know how to do it the right way.

Hair Tip: Conditioners are really hard. Never use them on the roots but only on the hair tips and comb your hair a couple of times before washing.  

Right. The next step was the haircut itself. After getting onto a gown, I started enjoying my caramel latte which was served with a caramel biscuit. A total luxury experience! 

Once the haircut was complete, a hair serum was applied before my hair were blow dried. I was totally in love with my hair at this stage as they were so soft and silky. A heat resistant hair spray was then sprayed before the GHD straightening iron was used to curl my hair. This was the first time ever, I had gotten my hair curled and I was really happy with the result. 

Paul Mitchell's new hair straightener has now been launched and it's completely made of titanium which is best for the hair because of stable temperatures and is heat controlled because of which it conducts heat better than ceramic. Also, titanium is a light weight and corrosion resistant metal that helps in making the hair shiny without you having to put in much effort.

Oh, and Obsessions hair salon has free WiFi in case you want to check-in and make your girlfriends jealous? I totally loved my experience and would highly recommend it to you guys as well. Both boys and girls, YESSS! For me, the experience was like a mini hair training in which I did not only get a fantastic haircut, but also got to know hair tips, the right way of using products on my hair and about the products I need to use. 

That was not all, I also received a loyalty card with a star which I can use every time and avail 50% on my 7th visit for cut and style. A few days later, I also received a link to complete a survey with regards to my experience after which I was sent a £5 voucher to be used on my next visit. Obsessions really have their customer retention strategy in place! 

Obsessions Salon Location: 16 York Street, Ramsgate CT11 9DS 

What is your current haircut and what are your hair goals?

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  1. There is nothing as blissful as a good head massage while the conditioner is doing it's thing. This sounds like an absolute treat!

  2. Oh my god sounds like the best salon experience ever! I like that they gave you a massage as well!

  3. This sounded like such a lovely experience. I'm glad your curls turned out so well! What a nice salon!

  4. This salon sounds amazing! I am currently letting my hair grow out after having it short for a few years. It is taking much longer than it used to take but I guess that comes with age. That latte looks amazing by the way.

  5. They definitely know how to make their customers feel special! Love the extra services! This is such a relaxing place, you're going to feel pampered all throughout.

  6. Phew! Its so nice to know I'm not the only one who lets their hair grow out for months before a trim/cut. The hairdresser always gives me so much guilt. I just like my hair to grow out! Plus the procrastination.
    Thanks for sharing... nothing like a good head massage.


  7. One of the things that I really love when I go to get my hair cut and dyed is the washing up. I love just sitting on that chair while the hairdressers shampoos my hair and massages my head. Isn't this one of the best feelings in the world? :) I like that you received extra care and even a coffee. I love it when you also get free WiFi, as in my case, a visit can last up to 3 hours and I get bored.

  8. Looks a great place! My current hair style is medium long and straight. I would still like to have ombre colouring but will probably go to one colour next time - which is btw after two weeks.

  9. My hair goal is to have more!

  10. Oooo this looks nice! I always used to get my hair cut at home by a mobile hair dresser, and now I get mine done at a salon and I love it! This place looks nice!

  11. Love this! I cut my own but haven't dyed it myself since highschool! haha!

    Holly | www.styledbyholly.com

  12. This place sounds cool. I cut my hair every 2-3 months. I can't wait though I love long ones.

  13. I'm losing hair so I find it kind of depressing reading this lol, I miss the old days where I was a regular client.

  14. wow! sounds like a great place to go for a haircut.

  15. Looks like an amazing salon. It is nice to be pampered when you get a hair cut, as a busy mum I don't go enough

  16. The hair massage. . The latte...the wifi... I am craving for one!! This sound spike a pretty wonderful place.

    Haven't gone for a haircut or self care after delivery. I think I should go for one soon!

  17. I desperately want to find a nice hair salon, but one that is hijab friendly, like in the sense, one that is exclusively for ladies. This salon looks really cool with all the free wifi and the extra relaxing environment. Looks like you enjoyed the experience a lot!

  18. Looks like a good saloon and you had the best experience.

  19. Oh my God!
    This salon is so good like extremely good.
    I wish I could visit it too but I have to find one here like this.
    -Team Ayeina

  20. Wow sounds like an amazing Salon experience! I've never heard of receiving a latte while you get your hair cut!

  21. Like Wait! This salon is goals! I wanna get my hair treated co'z it's my sister's wedding knocking!


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  23. Wow, this does sound like an amazing salon! Since I started wearing hijab, I haven't found a salon private enough to get my locks chopped. I do miss that lovely head massage experience!

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