Top Five Money Saving Tips

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Top 5 Money Saving Tips

You all would agree that money saving in today's era is what everyone feels is something almost impossible to do. However, with some wise planning and determination, one can achieve our goals, and below I've listed some of my top money saving tips that I personally apply in my life too.

Limit General Shopping & Reduce Food Wastage 

The major chunk of the hard earned money we possess goes in shopping. Now that can be all kinds of shopping activities, but we spend the most of it on food products. Generally, it's due to impulsive buying purchases that our bills soar especially when we see promotions or any offers. Lots of people purchase frozen foods rather than making fresh, and the food wastage seen on documentaries and in researches is quite a lot. The best thing is to control your urge to shop because that often results in shopping extra which the exceeds the budget. It's always better to consume the leftover food rather than throwing it away and there are many recipes that have been complied to help consume the leftover food and prepare a new dish using those ingredients, such as the shepherds pie. 

Another option is to explore different stores available in your local area and shop accordingly. It's not always necessary that good quality comes with big prices, so you don't have to go to the high-end or bigger brands all the time. I've personally tried and tested products from all stores and didn't find much of a difference in the quality of some products such as milk and bread, but the prices charged by some stores is much lower than the high-end ones. So, I always shop from different store and never do all my groceries from a single store. Nowadays, websites available on the Internet even compare the prices of products sold at different stores which is very handy because you can get your groceries done from the store that helps you save the most. 

Top 5 Money Saving Tips

Restaurants & Drinks 

Generally, the a la carte menu at the restaurants costs higher. Some restaurants also offer deals, that are pocket-friendly and saves money. Dining out at restaurants cost a huge amount, especially if one is eating out at fine dining restaurants regularly. It is advisable especially if you want to save money, to only dine at such restaurants on special occasions rather than keeping it regular. Similarly with drinks, if you invite your friends over and share a store bought bottle then the cost you spend at a bar would reduce instantly. 

Use Coupons & Vouchers 

Often, the stores have their own club cards and it's mostly beneficial to the consumer as they can avail discounts and deals which can help them save better. Big departmental stores such as Tesco accumulate points on their club card and then, depending on the amount spent, they mail discount vouchers to the customers. I receive these vouchers often and there's no harm is saving a few pounds this way. There are also many restaurants and coffee shops that have club cards so if you're a regular customer, then make sure to subscribe to those too. 

Buy from Money Saving Websites

Websites such as Groupon offer goods and services at discounted rates. I've personally availed lots of deals from hotel stays to restaurants and even electronics, which always helps me save a good deal of money. 

Invest in Saving Schemes

Make it a habit to keep aside an amount and invest it either in National bonds or any saving scheme available in the country. Although I can't really say if you should also expect a prize by investing in the national bonds, but at least an amount is kept aside for future use and you might just get lucky and might win something too!

Top 5 Money Saving Tips

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What's your best tip for saving money?

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  1. Good money saving tips. Make a good shopping list when going to the grocery store and stick to it.

  2. That are some really good tips and we totally agree!

  3. Awesome tips to keep in mind! Sometimes we forget that little things do have a great impact in our finances.. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I don't remember the last time I bought something without first googling to check if there was a discount code available for them first, always have a look :) great tips!

  5. I'm so with you on food waste. It's quite shocking how much we throw away. On a personal level, being careful with the food we buy can save a lot of money.


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