Ultimate Eid Gift Guide & Eid Party Decoration Ideas

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I know how toilsome it is, to ponder and decide on the best Eid gifts for our family and loved ones. So, I've produced this ultimate Eid gift guide, to make the process facile for you. Below are some of my favourite brands, and I myself own products from most of these Muslim brands, who are working hard to bring themselves up to your expectations. 

Mini Muslim Playground 

The brand offers a range of Muslim educational toys and books, which are really helpful in teaching Islam to the children. You can read about some of the toys BabyN' has from Mini Muslim Playground, here. Allya from Mini Muslim Playground has also launched Eid clothing for kids, you can see BabyN' wearing it here, and the brand's website here

A Muslim's Mini Gratitude Journal by Ayeina 

The idea behind the Alhamdulilah For Series is to make us aware and acknowledge the blessings bestowed upon us by Allah (God) and to spread gratitude towards Him. Alhamdulilah, an Arabic word meaning ‘Praise to be Allah (God)’ has been stressed throughout the book, so it's great to introduce it to kids because the illustrations help in making our job easier. Read the detailed book review, here.

Halal Goodies

The beauty and self-pampering box from Halal Goodies is fantastic for women. I've myself got one of these, and I have to mention that the natural, organic and Halal products in the box are great! Read my full review, here.

Skarf UK

The brand sells quality scarves and hijabs in different colours and designs. They're perfect for summer, light weight and I'd say no variation in the product as they're as good as seen in the photos. I also love the fact that they're big enough to style in any way I like! I've been using these hijabs since almost 9 months, and they still look fresh. You can check out their Instagram page, here

Islamic Moments 

The brand sells Eid gifts, decor items, notebooks, cards and a variety of other products great for Eid. Read about the products shown below - here, and here. You can also check out their website, here. Oh, and if you're looking for Eid decorations, then they sell those too! In 2018, the brand has come up with new additions to it's collection, please see here

Eid gift guide Islamic Moments UK

Muslim Stickers

I was so glad to have come across these Muslim Stickers activity books for children! The sticker activity books are great for letter formation, vocabulary building, for developing colour & number recognition skills in kids, and are especially focused on Allah & the religion. Also had a look at their catalogue, they've also covered other things such as Eid decoration! You can check out their website, here

Islamic Pixels

If you're looking for frames, gifts, hampers, clothing & other home accessories, then check out their website, here. They have gifts for both adults and kids, and I've just discovered on their website that some products are on sale too, so that's definitely going to be a BARGAIN for you!

Atelier Finds

The brand mainly deals with mini tasbihs and oud pouches, which are ideal, not only as favours but also as Eid gifts. You can choose from the variety of colours, and oud scents which are suitable for both men and women. They also sell unique and wearable hijab pins (real gemstone hijab pin & minimalist geometric pins), which are also great and can be added in a gift hamper. You can check out their Etsy page, here. (Image: Atelier Finds)

Gifts & Crafted

The brand trades over three platforms - eBay, Etsy and on their own website, and mainly sells products such as bangles, necklaces, watches, bookmarks and bracelets. Most of their products can be personalized, so these would make great gifts for little girls and teenagers,(Image: Gifts & Crafted)

Silver Lining

I've been having a look at their products since quite some time and these two below are my personal favourites. Haven't bought them yet, but I am thinking of getting these. Moreover, they also have many more cute products, that make amazing Eid gifts. Currently, they're having a 10% off offer, along with free UK shipping but that ends on the 23rd of June. You can check out their website, here. (Image: Silver Lining)

Word United

These flash cards are from a British independent publisher, Word United that publishes language books and educational resources along with multilingual support not just for kids, but for adults too - aiming to make learning not just accessible, but also fun for all. In order to make the product engaging, the brand has worked hard and stressed on the illustrations. You can read my review on this product, here
word united english and arabic flashcards

Word United has also launched the 'Let's Read' phonics books that includes a set of 8 books and are great for kids to learn by starting to recognise initiating from simple phonics. The set is perfect for children 3 years and over, and the bestseller is priced at £37.99. The idea is to enhance the communication and observational skills, literacy and their reading and understanding of the words. It's an easy way of enabling children to recognise letters and sounds while keeping the young learners focused and engaged. Since there is a set of 8 books, it's easier to begin step-by-step starting with mini words before moving onto the bigger words, and then introducing the double letter phonics, advanced phonics, split digraphs and the silent letters. The colourful illustrations are great for the kids to remember what they see, and learn spellings. You can purchase the Word United 'Let's Read' phonics books, here

word united lets read phonics books

Kube Publishing - Books for Children

Alhamdolillah BabyN’ is really fond of reading books & I’m so glad that entities like Kube Publishing have made the availability of children’s books really easy. The recent addition to his book stash ‘Allah Made Everything - The Song Book by Zain Bhika, is a nasheed book that highlights the creations of Allah in a very interesting way, and enables me to make him learn about all the areas covered in the book. Also, the glossy pages, colourful and eye-catching illustration by Azra Momin grabs his attention and keeps his eyes glued to it. This book could definitely make a fabulous Ramadan or Eid present for the little ones around you!

Allah Made Everything - The Song Book by Zain Bhika

My First Book About the Quran written by Sara Khan and illustrated by Ali Lodge, has been written for toddlers and young children. The title makes it quite apparent about what to expect in the book. The author has highlighted the important things the children need to be aware of, at this stage of their lives. I do read the book to BabyN' myself along with providing an explanation and referring to the pastel coloured illustrations and he recognizes most of the things and teachings, but there are still a few things that are new for him, and may take a bit of time to provide him a proper understanding. You can read full review of the book, here

My First Book About the Quran

Islamic Books for Children by Lote House

Lote House publishes Islamic books for children in a unique way by blending the classical with the contemporary. The entity aims to bring together the Islamic scholarship which is visualised with professional illustrations. The Tale of a Tiny Droplet by Ally Daanish, a 32 page book selling for £5.99 focuses on the Islamic values and teachings and the website also offers free activity downloads for the readers. The story of a tiny droplet has been narrated in a rhyme and narrates the story of a tiny water droplet that takes it's journey to a kingdom from a stormy cloud, and makes new friends on the way. The idea of the book is to inculcate trust in Allah. 

Islamic book for children

Muslim Homeware

Muslim Homeware, a new Muslim brand mainly focusing on products for Muslim festivals such as Eid and Ramadan, offers an impressive range of Eid and home decor items, toys and games for children and party decorations. These include block letters, prayer mats for children, toys such as Arabic puzzles and handmade dolls, and party decoration includes balloons, buntings, badges, banners, cards and gift boxes, lighting, tableware and hanging decorations. Read my review of their products, here

Muslim homeware uk

Wrapped in Ribbon

Wrapped in Ribbon delivers themed party decorations and supplies and create ready made party packages styled around fun themes. Depending on the theme and group size, you'll be sent a party box that includes everything you would need for a party - from dinner and cake plates, cups and cutlery, napkins, straws, table confetti, balloons and banners and cupcake toppers. Wrapped in Ribbon has added an Eid party box with a beautiful colour theme - marble, rose gold and peach. You can order your Eid party decorations box, here. 

Wrapped in Ribbon Eid party box

Wrapped in Ribbon Eid party box

You can also read my previous post, 'Mini Eid Buffet on Wheels' for snacking ideas and goodies to serve to guests who come over to greet you on Eid. 

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  1. I love those printed SKARF designs, too bad their store is down. Thanks for putting together a list that has something for almost everyone - except those hard to shop for guys.

    1. Yes, I did check the link earlier and probably it's down now. For guys, you check the men's tab on the website of Islamic Pixels. They have some clothing on sale. (http://islamicpixels.co.uk/product-category/clothing/mens/)

  2. Some really nice gift ideas. I really like the kids games from mini muslim playground and the gratitude journal. #MuslimahBloggers

  3. Lovely gift ideas sister! such a lovely range of gifts for the whole year around, the halal goodies box is my favourite.
    Will come back for gift inspiration as I have some birthdays coming after Eid :-)

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