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BabyN' is really fond of reading books and although he can't really read the words himself as he's still little, he's able to recognize them through the imagery in the books and can pronounce them quite well. Nowadays, the Muslim authors and publishers are working hard to create print material targeting the Muslim children worldwide and I'm really glad to know about this initiative because that just makes things easier for mothers. 

I remember being younger, my grandmother taught me lots of things because we were in the same country then and it was also easier because I was living in a Muslim country, so seeing things being done the right way and listening to the Azaan/Adhan (call to prayer) was fantastic! I'm now living in a non-Muslim country which does make it a bit challenging to inculcate our values and traditions in my child but books and other print media especially toys, are definitely improving the scene.

We were recently sent My First Book About the Quran written by Sara Khan and illustrated by Ali Lodge, written for toddlers and young children. The title makes it quite apparent about what to expect in the book. The author has highlighted the important things the children need to be aware of, at this stage of their lives. I do read the book to BabyN' myself along with providing an explanation and referring to the pastel coloured illustrations and he recognizes most of the things and teachings, but there are still a few things that are new for him, and may take a bit of time to provide him a proper understanding. 

My First Book About the Quran talks about the oneness of Allah, and about the world and the things HE created, it has also talked about how we as Muslims should behave and the rules we must follow. I believe, this is an absolutely great start to introduce BabyN' to the Quran and it's teachings.

BabyN's favourite pages in the book are pages 9 & 10, the one which has animals on it. He is extremely fond of animals, as much that he picks up an animal from the toy section every time he's in a store! Another of his favourite page of the book is where it talks about taking care of our friends (page 13) as the image shows a few friends holding hands and are portrayed playing ringa ringa roses. As soon as he sees that, he holds my hand and makes me play with him. The author has highlighted some of the significant pillars of Islam such as the prayers, hajj, fasting and zakat. In the end, there are a few more points that have been mentioned but I'll wait for a few more month's time to read that out to BabyN' to ensure that he understands them well. 

I love the fact that the book has a hard cover and pages because the child can't tear the pages until and unless he uses the teeth to chew them. It's easy to wipe and has lovely pastel illustrations that serves the purpose well.  My First Book About the Quran selling for £4.99, can be purchased from Kube Publishing and if you sign up to their website, you can also avail a 10% discount on your first purchase.

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  1. Jazakillahu khair for sharing review on this book. I am always looking for good religious board books.

    It is available on amazon too but on pre-order: My First Book about the Qur'an - for those who prefer amazon.

    1. Thank you for sharing the link. Amazon might be a better option for some!

  2. MashaaAllah what a beautiful book, Something every kid should have.

  3. This book looks great! What a fantastic way to introduce the Qur'an to young children.

  4. This looks so colorful and catchy.. am sure the kids would enjoy even looking at the pictures too. Also like you said, living in a non Muslim country and nuclear families, having such resources are of great help.

  5. Nice review. Especially loved the way you presented it connecting to your own storytelling experience. It is glad to know more of these type of books are being available now.

  6. Not seen this one before....looks like a lovely one for the little ones!

  7. Masha Allah. .It is a very good book for kids to teach them about Quran.

  8. Looks like a great book Masha Allah!

  9. The word 'Islam' comes from Arabic word 'salama' meaning peace, purity, submission and obedience. Islam in a religious point of view means submitting yourselves to the will of ALLAH( swt)Quran

  10. Loved the pictures! The book is so colourful. Any child would be attracted to it :)

    Thanks for the wonderful review :)

  11. I love how colourful this is - and any book that gets a child excited about certain pages, activities in it that they wait for or look forward to - is one that has been written well in my opinion!

  12. Aaw. Thank you and Jazakallah to all your lovely comments here! I just came across this and seeing all this positivity and interest really means a lot to me as My First Book About the Qur'an is my very first published children's book. If you're interested in receiving updates about this or future projects, and being part of my journey, please follow/like me on any of my accounts:
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    Love and Duas,
    Sara 😊📚💕


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