Top 5 Things to See in Toronto, Canada

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Top 5 Things to See in Toronto, Canada

I had been yearning to visit Canada ever after I first heard about it's mesmerizing natural beauty and greenery. Looking at the photos my cousin from Canada sent, I further developed the urge to visit the place and was lucky enough to have a place to stay and someone very dear to have around and offer the sightseeing services for free. How thoughtful and kind of her! 

I was living with my husband in Dubai when we decided to visit Canada and after a several hours long flight, finally reached our destination and were welcomed by happy faces. Anywhere that I go, I feel good food is really important and since we only look for Halal options, it was truly a blessing to have many available at hand. Although Toronto was our base city for the trip, I was lucky enough to see places such as the breathtaking Niagara Falls, Kingston (1000 island tour), Wasaga beach and some more places. Toronto itself is full of so many places to explore and my trip got even more interesting with a local family hosting us and driving us to places. In my opinion, below are the top 5 things to see in Toronto.

Niagara Falls 
I won't hesitate to say that the Niagara Falls is one the MOST beautiful places I've ever witnessed with my eyes! You can read a detailed post I wrote earlier on the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, here.

niagara falls toronto

Toronto Islands
Due to a storm in 1858, the sandspit was separated from the mainland and resulted in the formation of a cluster of islands and a peninsula. We took a short ferry ride to reach the island where lots of recreational activities can be enjoyed by people from all ages. After having a picnic at the island, we also went to the beach. However, the water was really cold, so we didn't dare to dip in it. Toronto island is beautiful and is also great for bike riding, paddling and kayaking. 

toronto islands

CN Tower
Originally, the CN Tower was built to broadcast the signals for the railway but today the architecture has made it a must-see place in Toronto. The tower is also, a great place for an unforgettable dining experience, that can be accessed through an elevator within a minute. Edgewalk has been developed for the trill-seeking visitors and SkyPod gives the best view of the city, but it's not for the faint hearted.

cn tower

Toronto Zoo
The zoo has more than 6 miles of walking trails, and has more than 5000 animals that the visitors can see while in the zoo. There are also many other activities which you can check on their website for latest news and updates.

toronto zoo

Ripley's Aquarium 
The aquarium has more than 16,000 animals and lots of interactive displays that feature sharks, horseshoe crabs and other sea animals. It also has an underwater viewing tunnel and has daily dive shows that kids and both adults can enjoy on their visit. 
Ripley's Aquarium

I'm hoping to visit Canada again in future and aiming to explore more places within the country but since I've already seen quite a few, I would now also like to travel to the United States. Some of the most popular cities I have in mind that I would like to visit are New York, Chicago, Hawaii, Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Generally, on tours I prefer either a hop-on hop-off bus or any tourist bus that makes traveling easy. Now however, I've also come across companies such as Vacation Pass that provide tourist passes for visitors to experience an extensive range of the most popular attractions at discounted rates. This not just saves money, but saves time and just a single pass can be used everywhere (all places on the list). Don't you think that's fantastic? 

What's the MOST beautiful place you've ever been to? 

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  1. Nice article. Wish my kid see the zoo and Ripley's acquarium.

  2. Thanks for sharing, of I'm ever in Toronto I'll have to check out these land marks

  3. Its awesome! I really want to visit canada one day mainly because of niagra falls and ripley's aquarium.

    And the sky with scattered clouds in the pic of CN tower wa awesome!

    thankyou for sharing it.
    I live in cayman islands and I love the white sandy beaches here :)

  4. It looks amazing! I'd love to visit Canada one day. I hope you enjoyed your time!

  5. Well till I read your post the only thing that I knew about Canada that appealed to me was Trudeau. Ahem.
    Oh the falls look soooo gorgeous. Really neat pics!

  6. My husband has friends in Toronto and they keep saying come visit. Really want to go but they want us to stay in their house but I would prefer a hotel so can relax properly ( I don't know them at all!)

    In sha Allah will go one day!

  7. I really enjoyed Toronto. It's a great base to explore that side of Canada.

  8. I'd love to visit Toronto one day! or Canada full stop! It looks like such a beautiful place x

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