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A week ago when I was having my evening tea (well, just a sip from my husband's tea-cup), the idea struck my mind. The idea of promoting the talented women! The women who because of ten thousand reasons cannot go out and work or those who cannot have a formal business set-up because of another hundred thousand reasons. 

"The Monday Series: Discovering New Businesses & Women Entrepreneurs," is therefore dedicated to the extremely talented women who have everything to be THE women entrepreneurs but are tied with lots of household responsibilities. 

This is the first post of the series and I have chosen 5 women entrepreneurs from KarachiPakistan. The idea is to promote their businesses and create brand awareness of their products brands. (A small CSR activity and a gift to them by BLOGS BY FA). 

So, the first one is ...

Sabz Creations Kholapuri chapals karachi
Sabz Creations offer a wide-range of stunning customized Kolhapuri chappals (Indian hand crafted slippers that are tanned using dyes). Also known as open-toed, T-strap sandals, these originate from Kolhapur located in India. 

"For us, every pair and every customer is special, and we work very closely on every order to ensure its quality at reasonable prices," says the owner and creative mind behind Sabz Creations. 

Sabz Creations Kholapuri chapals karachiSabz Creations customizes Kolhapuri chappals in specific designs and sizes as per the needs of our customers. The Kolhapuris are available in different shade of colors and designs. These are comfortable to wear and are designed using various embellishments and bead works. As these kolhapuris are durable, they are able to withstand any rough and tough conditions.

Special Features:

  - High quality with fine finishes 
  - Affordable prices with unique designs 
  - Product delivery in 4 days 

Customers can choose and buy from a wide variety of kolhapuris, which they can match with any dress. These are ideal for formal functions and family parties and are never out of fashion and ensure you get noticed!

Saba further added, "Sabz Creations work with special emphasis on the desires and emotions of our customers, because you deserve the best. We believe you're beautiful and deserve shoes to match!"

Check out the collection on their Facebook page, click here

I can't wait to grab a pair... These sandals look so cool!  

Zaitoon's Hair and Beauty Studio hair and makeup 2
Zaitoon's Hair and Beauty Studio specializes in make-up and hair styling. 

Operating since quite some time, the owner says, " Your desire to look fashionable will be certainly met! If you’re looking to pamper yourself with an overall makeover, Zaitoon’s Hair and Beauty Studio is the place to be."

The idea is to make the clients fulfil their quest to appear trendy, beautiful, glamorous and uber-cool. 

She further added, "Make sure to stop by our home-based studio, if you think you hair needs garnishing or you’re looking for a reformation, for the better!"

Zaitoon's Hair and Beauty Studio hair and makeup 2

Check out their Facebook page for further details, click here.

I really liked their work and hope to get my new hairdo from Zaitoon's on my next visit to Karachi! 

ZS SPARKLES INDIAN JEWELLERY ZS Sparkles is an online jewellery store and was established in 2014. The jewellery store deals in gold plated casual and formal Indian jewellery. 

The owner described, "Formal jewellery is arranged on demand since it is a home based business and it wasn't started with a huge investment. By the mercy of God, we have got a great response."

ZS SPARKLES INDIAN JEWELLERY When I asked her about the most hit product, she said "The most hit jewellery pieces in our collection are changeable rings and earrings." Wow! That's really cool! This means you can buy jewellery that you can actually customize colours off to match your dress. 

Check out their collection on their Facebook page, click here.

I love Indian jewellery, it is so traditional and intricate. 

Pakistani hand made productsEnigma the Knot, is the company which provides a platform for the promotion of Pakistani hand made products and offers a wide variety of dresses, clutches, bags, jewellery and much more. In order to revive the beauty of Pakistani culture, every product is carefully selected from all the provinces of Pakistan and prepared by the experts who are in their respective field from generations. 

When asked about the idea behind the conception of the business, the owner added, "The company's main motive is to spread the beauty of Pakistani culture all over the globe and to support the local vendors who are preparing the products."

Check out their collection on their Facebook page, click here.

I really like hand  made products, they have so much effort and love in them and the best part of Enigma is their motive to promote the Pakistani culture and support the locals, which is extremely admirable.

Burgerlicious Burgerlicious is an exclusive master food which tantalizes your taste buds.  

When asked why do your customers prefer Burgerlicious over other fast-food chains, the owner said, "Juicy and big patty, fresh vegies and herbs are just a few reasons why people love it. The creamy and well balanced sauces make it an exceptional and delightful experience. You just have to try it once, and you will order it again and again!"

Royal Burger Series:
- Jalapeño Mushroon Bang
- Cordon Bleu Chicken Burgers 
- BBQ Sauce enriched Chicken Burger.

Check out their  Facebook page for menu, click here.

I love burgers! Would love to try Cordon Bleu Chicken Burger from their range.

So which of these businesses you liked the most and would recommend to your friends? If you or anyone else you know would like to be featured in the Monday Series, feel free to email us.

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The pictures in this post have been used on the consent of the business owners mentioned. 

I have not personally tried their products or services and my comments are based only on the judgement after viewing them online, the idea is provide them free exposure through my website.


  1. What fantastically talented women you have in Karachi! I think its wonderful that you are supporting them in this way :)

  2. Asalamoalikum Fatima,
    Great idea and Good job,
    Keep up the good work

  3. This is so cool! I love learning and hearing about entrepreneurial women - #girlpower YES 💪

  4. It's great to see that your promoting other women's business, keep up the good work :)

    P.s. Burgerlicious sounds delicious! 'juicy, big patty, fresh veggies' - my gosh! I should just fly over to Pakistan to eat that ;)

    1. Haha ... Even my mouth started watering when I was writing about Burgerlicious.

      Thank you, Umme Hafsa! :-)

  5. When creativity meets entrepreneurship, great things happen. I'm happy to read about sisters making such wonderful things happen with their talents.

    Baarakallahu feek.

    Thanks for putting this together.

  6. Love the support of not only small business, but of small businesses owned & run by women!! This is great!

  7. Such stunning works of art. Thank you for giving these women a space on your blog!

  8. Fatima, this is such a great post! I appreciate your effort to encourage and motivate others. Also, I am observing a lot of improvement in your blog designs and its inspiring me a lot. Great work and keep it up!

    1. Thank you, Nyda. Your comments are always lovely to read.
      See ya around:-)

  9. That's great you're supporting and promoting women entrepreneurs in how about promoting fellow online women entrepreneurs..hint hint wink ;) (kidding)

  10. It's really great to see that your promoting other women's business!

    Great work and keep it up! :)

    Mmmm....That Burgerlicious looks really delicious!

  11. Yaaaay :)))) this is so great you dupport someone this way :)
    I like the jewelery so much

  12. I love this idea! Great to help others.

  13. Tabarak Allah this is brilliant!

  14. Great pictures, and I love that you are promoting these entrepreneurs! It's inspiring.

  15. What a creative bunch !! Truly inspiring. and I love those kolhapuris ..

  16. This is such a wonderful idea! Its so important to support and promote each other.

  17. I always appreciate when someone appreciates local crafters and artists. They put their heart and soul into their work and their work is totally inspired by love! Its always great to support local talent.

  18. Loved this post. It is an awesome idea to feature other women in business. So many times women can not support each other because of competition. Featuring other women helps everyone and encourages community over competition.

    1. Hi Erica :-) Thank you for appreciating the post.

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