Is It Time To Upgrade Your Shower?

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Tips to upgrade shower

A few upgrades could make your shower more comfortable, more economical and easier to maintain. Below are just a few examples of ways to upgrade your shower. 

Go electric

Many people run their shower off the taps. Installing a separate electric shower unit can have many advantages. If your water heating is gas-powered, an electric shower unit could save you huge amounts of money on your energy bills. Electric showers are also easier to adjust to a specific temperature and some come with added pressure controls. It’s important to read reviews before choosing an electric shower - some electric showers will last longer than others and encounter less faults. 

Upgrade your shower head

Shower heads come in several different styles. A popular luxury option is a rainfall shower, which rains down water from high above. Rainfall showers can be used in conjunction with handheld shower heads. This provides you with both a stable fixed shower head and movable shower head. When choosing shower heads, read reviews to determine how reliable they are and how easy they are to clean. Most shower heads are designed to look modern, but you can also buy vintage-style shower heads, which can look great in period bathrooms. 

Opt for a glass door

While some people prefer shower curtains (they’re easier to clean and come in all kinds of designs), glass doors tend to give a bathroom a smarter look. They can also make a bathroom feel bigger and can also allow light in while you take a shower. Glass shower cubicles that are completely sealed off can meanwhile trap in heat and reduce condensation throughout the rest of the bathroom. This can make them an excellent choice. Most glass doors are transparent, but you can also buy frosted glass doors. 

Install shower panels

Shower panels are often made of acrylic or a similar synthetic material. They can be a good alternative to tiles because they do not contain grouting, making them easier to clean. Shower panels typically take on a smooth white design, however you can buy panels in all kinds of other colours and textures. This includes designs that are made to imitate natural stone like marble or granite. You can even buy shower panels designed to look like tiles. This diversity - combined with the fact that they are cheap to buy, easy to install and easy to clean - makes them a popular solution in many modern bathrooms.

Improve air extraction

Extraction fans are a necessity in all rooms with showers. They can help to pump out moisture in the air and prevent issues like mould growth. The best place to install an extractor fan is directly near the shower to help maximise dehumidification. When doing this, it’s important to choose an extraction fan with a suitable IP rating so that it won’t be damaged by splashing water. Extraction fans can be triggered to turn on whenever the shower is in use. Some are even designed to run permanently. Decide what you think is the best option.

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